Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 363

Chapter 363: New Replaces Old

The bar was dimly lit; an old-fashioned disco ball hung from the ceiling. Small light rays brushed over people's faces and bodies as it rotated.

On the stage of the bar, an adult man with long hair was singing ballads in his husky voice: "A girl, oh my God, in a Ford pickup, she slowed down and looked at me..."

Listening to a song that they did not know, chilling with their friends and drinking their low-quality beer, the bars main customers were comprised of mainly the townsfolk. The atmosphere was simple and relaxing, and it actually seemed pretty enjoyable.

Li Du liked the environment, so when he heard what Hans said, he was puzzled. "Why is there trouble?"

Hans sighed, "Look at two oclock, brother. Two oclock."

Li Du turned and saw two familiar faces: the Ricks!

They had been talking about the Ricks only two days ago, and now they were seeing them again only after a short period of time.

There were two slender girls with nice curves over at the father and sons table. The group was chatting together happily. The Ricks did not notice the appearance of Li Du and Hans.

However, the presence of the Ricks was obviously because of the upcoming auction over at Vendetta Storage. Both parties had the same motives and goalsthere would be plenty of chances for them to see each other.

Li Du did not want to cause trouble, but neither was he was afraid of trouble. Since they had come to the bar, there was no reason to turn back and leave the place. He found a table and sat down. "Just leave them alone, lets drink and enjoy ourselves."

Hans gulped. "The two girls over at their table are hot."

Li Du immediately issued a warning: "You know its easy to get in trouble here, so youd better behave."

Hans heaved a sigh of disappointment. "All right, I wont start any trouble. Come, Big Quinn, drink, finish this cuplets get drunk on this wonderful wine."

Although they did not take the initiative to provoke the father and son pair, that did not mean that trouble would not come knocking at their door.

The Ricks did not notice them at first. Nevertheless, the size of Godzilla and Big Quinn was too attention-grabbing: people kept looking at them, and soon enough, tongues started wagging, although still in whispers.

As such, the father and son pair finally noticed them.

Lil Rick couldnt control himself and immediately stood upon seeing Li Du and Hans. Rick said coldly in response, "Sit down! What do you want?"

Lil Rick said indignantly, "I want to teach these two b*st*rds a lesson. Dad, lets go together!"

"Dad?" one of the girls said in surprise. "Hes your dad? You're not partners?"

Lil Rick was stunned for a moment and hurriedly denied, "What dad? Of course hes my partner. Were a team. You must have heard me wrong. Come, lets continue talking about what happened in Las Vegas."

The dark-haired girl with long legs snapped, "You can talk to yourselves. Gosh, both father and son coming to the bar to look for girls? Sorry, thats too much for us. My sister and I cannot accept that. Goodbye."

The other girl was unhappy as well. "No wonder the two of you look alike. I guess you both must be the type to flaunt it if you have beautiful women in your arms. Gross."

The two girls left together. Apparently both of them could not accept romancing with a father and son pair.

Looking at the diminishing slim figures of the girls, Lil Rick was startled for a while before cussing, "D*mn!"

Rick was angrier: he stared at his son who was unable to meet his expectations. In a resentful manner, he scolded, "F*ck, you stupid fool! What have you done? Why did you call me Dad?"

Little Rick became even more upset. "That Chinaman made me lost my senses. D*mn, why are they both here?"

"Obviously, they came for mahogany furniture," Rick sneered. "Thats good newsour plan can be implemented."

Lil Rick said excitedly, "Revenge is a must. Dad, we must avenge ourselves."

When he became excited, he tended to speak louder. The people around them turned to look at them in surprise, as it was rare for a father and son to appear in the bar together.

Rick almost vomited blood. He reprimanded, "Shut up and sit down. Talk softer! Youll be the death of me!"

What irked Rick more was actually Li Du and Hans. If they hadnt refused to help them, he and his son would not have reached such a state. If not for both of you, would I have stooped to work for a bunch of stupid Native Americans?! he thought.

Lil Rick was vexed too. He couldnt contain his anger and kept grumbling, "Thrash them. Lets go give them a good thrashing. This time weve brought men along. We should go get them."

Frustrated by the constant grumbling, Rick glared at him. "Just shut up, do you think I dont want to teach them a lesson? Look at the two big men with them! Sh*t!" He couldnt help cussing as he finished his sentence.

Big Quinn and Godzilla were like nuclear weapons; with the two of them following Li Du around, it would be rare for anyone to try and mess around with themmaybe only outlaws would.

Besides that, Li Dus superb brawling skills were now a hot topic in the circle of Flagstaffs treasure hunters. Someone had witnessed the scene where Li had single-handedly taken on Marate and his friends.

Rick was especially adept at finding out such newsit was how he had earned his nickname "Dog Ears."

It was precisely because he knew about all this he was trying to avoid a violent clash with Li Du.

There were quite a number of treasure hunters who had come to the town for this auction. Some of them were in the bar as well and had noticed the two rival teams: Lis team and the Ricks.

It didn't take long for them to make a choice. Practically every one of them went over to Li Du and Hans and talked to them.

One treasure hunter wanted to go over to the Ricks. "Lets go, theres no one around Dog Ears now. Lets get some news and become acquainted with him."

His partner stopped him. "You silly?" he whispered. "Dont go near Dog Ears. Get close to China Lihes Flagstaffs Treasure Tycoon."

"Yeah, go to Big Li and Big Fox. Even Dog Ears listened to Big Li when we went to LAhes the new star among the treasure hunters."

"Not only that, both Big Li and Big Fox are loyal. If you gain their approval, you will become their friend. They are very generous and they treat their friends well."

With that, more and more people had crowded around Li Du and Hans, which was a stark contrast against the Ricks: the atmosphere around them was cold and empty.

Both father and son could not endure such an atmosphere. They felt disgraced and started to leave, with somber expressions on their faces.

However, Lil Rick was young and impulsive. As he was passing Li Du and the other treasure hunters, he pretended to nearly triphe staggered and knocked a beer onto Li Du.

Hans stood up, followed by Godzilla and Big Quinn.

In front of lil Rick stood the burly Godzilla and Big Quinn. He was now scared, and unconsciously clamped his legs together. He had drunk quite a lot of beer earlier, and now that he was intimidated by the big men, he felt his bladder loosen.

Li Du stopped Hans by grabbing his arm. "Any friend here have a handkerchief or some napkins for me?"

Turis eagerly took out a packet of napkins and handed to Li. "Here."

Li Du nodded at him in thanks and motioned for his team to sit down. "Lets drink, everyone."

Hans glared at Lil Rick then turned to Rick. "Dog Ears, mind your puppy!"

Rick's face was livid with anger. "Mind your dog mouth, brat. Let's go!"

Lil Rick became arrogant once again when he saw Big Quinn and Godzilla sat down. He lowered his head, spat a mouthful of saliva and said, "F*ck, my"

Just as he opened his mouth, a crisp sound was heard. Slap!