Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 372

Chapter 372: You Shut Up

After Li Du reached the parking lot of Vendetta Storage, he realized that there were over fifty big trucks there.

He jumped out of the car as he said, "This many people came to the auction today?"

"Its spring," Hans said. "After the rain, sprouts will germinate"

"Its already autumn, buddy." Turis popped out of the truck beside them. "Soon, the autumn rain will fall."

"Hey, bro," Li Du greeted him. "Youre early today."

Turis bumped fists with him and said helplessly, "No choice but to come early and prepare more. Theres something good today. I was worried that I might miss it if I came late."

"Mahogany furniture?" Li Du said.

Turis didnt hide it. This piece of news could not be kept secret anyway. He nodded and said, "Correct.

Li Du laughed as he said, "If you trust me, then listen when I say you need to be careful during the bidding."

Turis was a seasoned treasure hunter. He immediately understood once he heard what Li Du said, and asked, "Theres something dodgy about that mahogany furniture?"

Li Du said, "Theres a lot of dodgy stuff in there. Honestly, I recommend that you dont participate. I will, but Ill be extra careful, because its going to be a dangerous auction this time!"

Seeing them, other treasure hunters butted in.

Hearing what Li Du had said, one of the treasure hunters said in a dissatisfied tone, "There are always risks involved when making money, buddy. If you want to make a profit, then you gotta risk it!"

There were also other treasure hunters who didnt want to give up. "We brought enough money today, so well surely be able to get at least one unit, right?"

Li Du shook his head. "If you guys believe me, then dont make a move so easily!"

Someone curled his lips and said, "Boss Li, are you trying to claim all the units for yourself? Youre exaggerating too much."

"Leave me some leftovers, Boss Li. Youve already made enough money. Youre even in the Hundred Thousand club. What about us? Weve got nothing!"

"I wont step down from this auction. Im going to make myself some money."

Seeing such, Li Du said with a bitter laugh, "Alright, then just pretend that I didnt say anything."

Turis hesitated and said, "I trust you, Li. Youre a loyal guy. Is there really no chance of making money in this auction?"

Li Du said, "Perhaps there is, buddy. But honestly even I cant be sure. What Im sure of is that this auction will be a bloodbath!"

Big Beard Carl smiled. "Then, let us get some experience. Lets go, guys."

The autumn sun was high in the sky. With the sunshine beating down, the people still felt that it was hot and gradually, they went to hide under the shade of the trees.

Some treasure hunters went to the entrance of unit 41. They laid on the floor and tried to peep through the gap at the bottom of the shutters, but it was difficult to see anything.

Li Du had officially become a leadership figure amongst Flagstaffs treasure hunters. The tree he was under had gathered many treasure hunters from Flagstaff: about twenty of them.

Hans had Big Quinn buy some cold beer, and said, "Feel free to enjoy, fellas. Whether there is any profit to be made or not, have a drink first."

"I like your attitude toward life, Big Fox." A treasure hunter raised his beer. "Cheers."

The Rick father and son pair got out of their truck, and this scene was the first thing that greeted them.

Seeing the crowd of treasure hunters gathered around Li Du, the pairs faces instantly darkened.

They were once the people at the center of attention. Now, they had been replaced. Replaced by the two people who pissed them off the most.

Harris walked to their side and asked, "Seeing someone else take your place, how does it feel?"

Ricks eyes shined with an uncontrollable hatred as he said, "It feels great, Mr. Harris. I feel great!"

He hated Li Du, and he hated Harris too.

Once, Harris and he had been good friends. The two gambled, skirt-chased, and drank together frequently. Although there was an age gap between them, they were close.

However, once money and personal interests had become involved, Harris tore their friendship apart. Since then, Rick had been calling him "Mr. Harris," instead of "my brother Harris."

Most people liked being at the center of attention. Li Du was also enjoying the experience of being in this position.

However, he didnt let it get to his head. He understood what such a position meant. Thus, he gave a final piece of advice to the crowd: "Everyone be careful at the auction later. If the price goes over an acceptable range, then back out!"

The treasure hunters nodded. It was about then that Lil Rick came over and said with a friendly smile, "Hey guys, what are you all talking about?"

The crowd smiled back, but no one replied.

They knew that the father and son pair were in volatile moods. The pair was also in a tight spot. The treasure hunters didnt dare provoke themthey could easily get bitten.

Li Du had to put himself forward. He went up and easily said, "Nothing much, just some auction tips."

Lil Rick gave him an exaggerated smiled and said, "Wow! Wow! Discussing auction tips? Buddy, are you the one imparting those techniques on everyone else? Now thats interesting. How long have you been in this business? Half a year?"

"About that," Li Du said.

"And do you know what we call those who have been in this business for half a year?" Lil Rick asked.

"I dont," Li Du shrugged.

Lil Rick looked to one of the treasure hunters and said, "Carl, answer this."

Carl forced a smile. "Haha, I dont know. You know, I"

"Of course I know," Lil Rick interrupted. "I know that youre pretty stupid. Youre brainless and dont know anything."

"Stop spouting nonsense, man. What are you trying to say?" Li Du exclaimed.

"What am I trying to say? Im saying, that youre still a rookie! With only half a year of experience, youre a rookie!"

"You think Im a rookie?" Li Du smiled.

"Of course, what do you think you are? Dont just think because youve made a few lucky deals"

"Then having participated in the same auctions with a rookie like me," Li Du interrupted, "and not making as much as I did, what should we call you?".

"Dont get too full of yourself, rookie. You were just lucky," Lil Rick scoffed.

"Im not getting too full of myself. Im just asking: for someone like you who couldnt match up with a rookie, what should you be called?"

"What did you say?" Lil Rick glared at him with another exaggerated smile. "Youre saying that Im below a rookie?"

"No, dont misunderstand," Li Du shook his head. "Im not saying that its just you. Im saying that both you and your dad are lower than rookies!"

Those words enraged Lil Rick. He pointed at Li Du. "Take that back, you son of a b*tch. Dont make me!"

"Im just speaking the truth. If youre upset, then how about we have a bet?"

As he spoke, he glanced at Rick and Harris, and shouted, "Hey, fellas. Your young master here wants to have a bet with me. What should we bet on?"

Hearing that, Ricks eyebrow twitched.

"Alright," Lil Rick started, "well bet"

"F*ck you and your stupid bet!" Harris ran forward, giving him a slap. "Shut up, kid!"