Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Adding Another Dose

Having bought unit 46, Li Du stopped participating in the auctions. He did not make any bids for unit 47 and just watched the others compete.

Frank and York had their eyes on him. Having noticed this, Frank felt something was amiss and exclaimed, "That b*st*rds aim was unit 46!"

York seemed to figure it out too. He asked doubtfully, "What else could be inside unit 46?"

"Who knows?" Frank grumbled. "Who knows what that son of a b*tch has found!?"

After seven units of furniture, there were seven other ordinary units, which Li Du was not interested in. He arranged for Hans to make the payment and for Godzilla and Big Quinn to start clearing things up.

Hans returned from making the payment. He then snickered at the current messy situation. "Rick has just been beaten up by Harris. He was paying for his units just now and looked pathetic."

"He knew that the goods that he bought were fake," Li Du said, "why did he still make the payment? Its not a small sum."

"What can else can he do?" Hans said. "And its not just him: Frank has to properly pay up too. Its the rules, unless they want to give up on this business!"

According to the rules, if someone made the closing bid but didnt pay up, it was considered fraud. Their names would be blacklisted and theyd be forever barred from any other storage auctions.

Frank and Rick were both members of the Hundred Thousand Club. They cherished their status and reputation, so they were relying on this business to make their living.

Thus, as long as they were the ones who made the bids, even if the unit was full of sh*t, they would have to pay up.

Li Du bought three units this time. Although two of them had fake furniture, they were still made of dense, extremely heavy wood. Big Quinn and Godzilla were sweating buckets when they painstakingly finishing moving them to the truck.

When it came to unit 46, they were preparing to move large wooden boxes. However, when they tried, both of them wore strained expressions. "God, the things inside are too heavy!" Big Quinn exclaimed.

These wooden boxes were about five feet long and three feet wide. Godzilla opened the lid of one and found that there were two tree trunks.

The two tree trunks were of about the same length, both about five feet. One was slightly thicker and had a dark red color. The other was slimmer, with a violet and black sheen, which looked even prettier.

Godzilla spent all his efforts just to pull the logs out. "Its really heavy," he said with his eyebrows creased.

"These are dense pieces of wood. Quick, lets get them out of the box so itll make things easier."

They dropped the dark red logs on the ground. Some of the wood was chipped off and some sour fragrance emitted.

Big Quinn took a few deep breaths and then said, "Smells pretty good."

The auction had ended. Li Du and Hans returned and saw that they had already cleared up to unit 46. "Nice work, guys. You guys are fast."

"If it werent because of these heavy crates," Big Quinn breathed, "we would have been done already."

Hans entered the unit and then asked curiously, "Theres a fragrance herehave you guys noticed?"

Big Quinn gave a kick to the dark red logs and said, "Its from these guys. They smell pretty good."

Li Du immediately went forward to smell them. He then touched the lines of the wood and said in surprise, "These things seem like real mahogany. Vietnamese mahogany. Look, dont they seem like it?"

"Could these be real mahogany? Cant be, right?" Hans said skeptically.

"Who knows? I just think that they look like it," Li Du said. "Be careful when moving these out. Well call an expert for their opinion later."

This discovery was a pleasant surprise. Li Du whispered, "According to my secret techniques, I found that this was the unit with the best value."

"Youre saying, that these are real mahogany?" Hans asked in a delighted tone.

"Im not 100 percent sure, but theres a high chance of it," Li Du said.

They would need to let an expert take a look. They combined their efforts to move the logs to the truck and drove out. Just when the Iron Knight reached the entrance, a truck suddenly cut brazenly in front of it.

"D*mn it, just ram into him!" Hans roared. "It must be Frank that b*st*rd again!" But he was wrong. The window rolled down to reveal Ricks face.

Rick eyes couldnt contain the hatred he had for them. He said with a grim smile, "I heard that you guys bought three units? How ambitious."

"Where did you get another car? Didnt your son drive yours away?"

"I have lots of cars back at home," Rick said with a cold smile.

"Then how many faces do you have?" Li Du asked. "Best you change into another one, because this one has been beaten to a pathetic state. I cant bear to look at it."

Harris came over in his Hummer. He stuck his head out from the window and shouted irritably, "Stop wasting your breath with the Chinese, lets go!"

"Not only should you guys stop talking bullsh*t with me, but you guys should also stop messing with me. Any tricks or traps that you have for me, you better forget about it!"

Hearing that, Rick paused for a moment, and then said, "What are you trying to say?"

"Dont you understand what I mean?" Li Du said. "Why do you think some Chinese expert would pop up this morning? Also, why did I convince the auctioneer to let everyone near the furniture?"

Rick and Harris revealed shocked expressions. Harris yelled, "D*mn it, what do you know about this?"

"The things you guys did behind our backs, I know all about them."

"Impossible, you cant know about it!" Rick slipped out those words.

"If you could properly discipline your son, then I really might not know. But you cant discipline him properly. He always comes to me to brag. Im not an idiot, its easy to figure out what you guys were planning just from his words."

Hans laughed, "We know all about what you guys were planning, and we used your tricks against you. How was it wasting 200,000 dollars?"

He glanced over, and Big Quinn skilfully turned the steering wheel. The Iron Knight cut in between the Hummer and the truck, riding out the entrance of the storage company and onto the road home.

They were left in the dust. Harris roared to Rick, "B*st*rd, Ive told you two to control your d*mn mouths! You idiot! I swear Im gonna kill your stupid son!"