Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Visiting the Daughter

On the journey back, Hans asked, "Hey, buddy, wont this expose everything that we did during this auction?"

"Yeah, so what?" Li Du replied. "Weve achieved our goal of screwing Rick and Frank, those two b*st*rds, up. We didnt hurt anyone else. So what if were exposed?"

"We should let everyone know so others wont dare to mess with us anymore," Big Quinn added.

"It wont just serve as a warning," Li Du said. "Weve created friction in their relationships, worsening the bad blood between Rick and Harris."

When those two were working together, it made Li Du feel unsettled. Rick was a veteran of the storage auction business. Harris was an underhanded man. With the combination of these two, Li Du could be at a terrible disadvantage.

Needless to say, everything that had happened today was Li Du and Hanss doing.

Having known that Rick wanted to use fake mahogany to set him up, Li Du coincidentally met up with Liu Jian Guos family. Li Du had an idea, which was to make Liu Jian Guo impersonate a mahogany expert to commence his counterattack.

After discussing his plan with Liu Jian Guo, Hans went to spread the news the next day, saying that mahogany had been found in the storage units, and that the company wanted to sell seven units after having experts validate them.

Soon after, Hans found someone to arrange Liu Jian Guo and the supervisor of the storage company to have a meal together. The location was at Frank and Ricks hotel.

Those methods were employed by Li Du to confuse the other party. Finally, after confirming the situation, he used another trick, which was to convince the auctioneer at the second unit to allow everyone to have a closer viewing.

He knew that the furniture in the second and third units was nearly indistinguishable from the real deal. Through Facetime, pictures, or some vague descriptions, no experts would be able to identify that they were fakes, no matter how good they were.

After successfully tricking Frank and Rick, he had started revealing the truth from the fourth unit onwards. That was because he needed to take unit 46 at a low price, as he was unsure of what those logs in unit 46 really were.

He had bought units 44 and 45 to deceive his opponents into thinking that he was interested in all the units. If he had suddenly made his move at unit 46, someone might have deduced his real intentions. If someone had disrupted the plans at that point, things could have gotten troublesome.

The plan had worked smoothly. He had successfully obtained the wood in unit 46.

The Iron Knight drove along the highway. By the time they left, it was already night. It was nearly midnight when they reached their storage site in Flagstaff.

Li Du gave Godzilla and Big Quinn 500 dollars each, saying "Big Quinn, hurry back home. Take the Hellcat."

Big Quinns wife was waiting for him. On the way, he hadnt had anything to eat either. Waiting to return home for his wifes home cooked meal was difficult for him.

He smiled after taking the money. "Thanks boss."

"Be careful on the way back, the Hellcat is very fast," Li Du said, patting his shoulder. "Dont do anything foolish. Get home safely!"

"Alight boss, Ill drive carefully." Big Quinn beat his chest.

Hans laughed, "Do you know what you looked like just now?"

"Oh, Big Fox, I know I look like a gorilla," Big Quinn said with a dry laugh.

"Not a gorilla. King Kong. Youre full of power," Li Du said with admiration.

Big Quinn gave a hearty laugh. "Are you sure youre trying to help me?"

He drove off. Li Du wanted to leave too. He wanted to visit the female doctor and see his little Ah Ow.

However, it was already very late. If he were to visit, he could easily be treated as a someone with the wrong intentions.

At daybreak the next day, Li Du gave Sophie a call to ask if she was working today. Sophie knew what he was trying to do, so she told him that she would bring Ah Ow to work.

Li Du drove to the hospital. Nurse Kanali greeted him. "Its the father of the puppy. Are you here to see your child? Come with me."

Some people were waiting near the entrance of the consultation room. Seeing Li Du entering the room, a young man said unhappily, "Why doesnt he need to wait?"

"Oh," Kanali said, "hes not here to compete with you guys. His kid is in there."

The group of people quieted down. Li Du didnt know if he should laugh or cry about what she said as he went into the consultation room.

Sophie was examining an X-Ray slide. After seeing him, she nodded with a smile and gestured him with a look to go behind a medical screen.

Li Du smirked as he walked behind the screen. He felt as if he were a man having an affair hiding behind the screen.

Behind the screen was a bed. There was a box underneath the bed, where Ah Ow was sleeping soundly. The immune system and motor system of the puppy were not fully developed, so she needed long lengths of sleep, just like a human baby.

Li Du had just come close to her when Ah Ows ear twitched a little. She then opened her eyes. With a small yawn, she looked at Li Du in a groggy state, her blue eyes full of confusion.

Soon, she identified that it was Li Du. She chirpily wormed closer to him and made soft cries of "Ow, ow!"

Sophie immediately cleared her throat loudly.

Li Du embraced her and picked her up. He gave her a kiss and whispered, "Did you miss me? Come, let me have a good look. Have a good look at me too."

Examining Ah Ow, he found that her bones were very thick, meaning she was developing well. Clearly, Sophie had done a good job of taking care of her. However, something was puzzling to Li Du. Ah Ow was very friendly. She liked to nibble and lick others, but she didnt wag her tail like other dogs.

Since hed met Ah Ow, she had never once wagged her tail. Li Du felt that this was unusual, but hed never had a wolfdog. Perhaps all wolfdogs were like this.

American doctors tended to be busier in the mornings. It would slow down later. Their work volume was relatively small, unlike the clinical doctors back in China, where the work volume was insane.

Once there were no more patients waiting, Sophie removed her clinical gloves and came over to ask, "How is it, hows the condition of this child?"

"Pretty good," Li Du smiled. "Look at her bones, theyre firm and strong."

When Ah Ow spotted Sophie, the puppy stumbled over to her. After giving two licks to her hand, she then stumbled back to Li Dus side.

"Youre a bad child, Ah Ow," Sophie said. "Ive done so much for you, but once you see your dad, you forget all about me. Ah Ow, youre terrible."

The puppy stared blankly at her. She then lowered her head and played with Li Dus hand.

That was why the first imprinting was so impressive. Li Du was the person Ah Ow had seen the first time shed opened her eyes. From her simple way of thinking, Li Du was the most important person.

The teeth of the puppy were very sharp. While she was nuzzling Li Dus hand, she nibbled a few times and accidentally scratched the skin of his palm.

"Its bleeding, should I get a rabies shot?" Li Du asked.

Sophie laughed, "Of course not. A month-old puppy would never carry rabies. Because its an extremely fearsome virus, once infected with it, a puppy would soon die."