Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Save a Life

Li Du did not know the significance of the house, but based on what the tourists had said, it seemed to be Thoreaus former residence.

Thoreau had enjoyed good standing in America. According to Big Quinn, when Boston Massachusetts had its 220th state celebration in 2008, the Boston media held a poll for the public to vote for the 50 most famous people born in the state.

Topping the list was Franklin, a great inventor whose image could be seen on the 100-dollar bill. This was followed by five presidents, including Kennedy, and then there was Thoreau.

Since Steve was staying in Thoreaus former residence, then he definitely would be from some large, important family. Not just any regular family.

As Li Du pondered over the other partys identity, he pressed the doorbell.

In the end, the doorbell rang a total of three times, but still no one came to the door. He then gave Steve a call three times, but no one answered.

Something was not right. If this had happened when he had just gotten the check, then he would have thought Steve was a con artist who ran away after giving him a fake check.

But then, he had already cashed the cheque; the other party was not a cheat, for sure.

Then why would he not open the door to him? Could it be that Steve did not want to see him?

This reason did not make sense. Steves upbringing would definitely not allow for him to do that. He was also not someone who would go back on his word: it was he who had invited Mr. Li to stay as his guest.

Li Du contemplated for a while and then released the little bug into the house.

If Steve and Elson were in the house but did not open the door to him, it meant that he was regretted his earlier invitation and did not want to entertain him anymore. In this case, he would not force it and instead take the initiative to leave.

If there were no one in the house, then there was no point in beating a dead horse. He would have to wait there patiently.

The little bug flew into the living room and went straight to an oil painting of birds hanging on the living room wall.

Needless to say, this painting was very precious, as it had contained time energy for the little bug.

Li gained control and got the little bug to fly through the wall into a room behind the living room.

This was a bedroom. Once in there, the little bug charged straight at a lifelike golden sculpture.

Li Du continued to control its ability; he was getting frustrated. Steves home had too many valuable itemsit was simply heaven to the little bug.

As it flew on, the little bug went through the ceiling to the second level, into a spacious room.

It looked like it could be Steves study room. In it were many bird specimens, drawings and sculptures. Li Du could not take a closer look at them, however, as he discovered that Steve was lying on the carpet!

Recalling Steves health condition, he quickly retrieved the little bug in shock.

But he could not just break the door down to save him. How was he going to explain his discovery of this emergency?

After thinking about it, Li Du thought of a plan. He frowned and said, "Why is no one opening the door?"

Big Quinn and Godzilla exchanged glances, and shrugged to indicate they also had no idea.

Li Du said, "How about this? Godzilla, you step on Big Quinns shoulder and peep in through the window to see if anyones home. If theres someone and theyre not answering the door, it means that we are not welcomed and should take our leave."

Godzilla nodded and indicated for Big Quinn to squat down.

Big Quinn asked doubtfully, "Is this necessary?"

Godzilla said, "It is if boss says so."

Big Quinn shrugged wordlessly and squatted so that Godzilla could step on him.

The whole of the houses second level had been converted into a large collection room; one would be able to see Steve lying on the carpet no matter which window one peered into.

Indeed, once Godzilla looked into the window, he said solemnly, "Boss, Mr. Steve is in trouble!"

Li Du asked in a panic, "What is it?"

"Not sure, fainted."

Without another word, Li Du kicked the door and sent the two wooden panels flying.

Then, a siren sounded in the villa.

Li Du brought Big Quinn and Godzilla upstairs. He did not dare move Steve but just used his finger to ascertain if he was still breathing. He was, but very faintlyit was an emergency.

He gave instructions as he continued checking on Steve. "Big Quinn, call nine-one-one. Godzilla, call Sophie."

Godzilla passed the phone to Li Du after he connected the call. Li Du gave Sophie a quick description of the situation. Sophie told him, "Dont move him. Check if theres any medicine on him or around him."

Li Du touched his clothes, and took out two small bottles from his pockets. He hurriedly told her, "Entresto and Corlanor, whatre these?" He had never heard of these two types of medicine.

"Heart attack. Quick, put an Entresto in his mouth, best below the tongue. Crush a Corlanor as fine as you can and put it in his mouth."

Li Du had a good impression of Steve: he was well-to-do but yet humble and friendly. As he felt the two of them had clicked well, he felt desperate to save him.

He used the little bugs "Time Deceleration" ability, and then quickly put the first pill under Steves tongue. He then crushed the second pill with his mobile phone before pouring the powder into his mouth.

At this time, two vehicles arrived. A few thick-waisted security officers got off. With weapons in hand, they split into two groups: one group to shield as the other group attacked.

Li Du did not want to cause any misunderstanding and so asked Godzilla and Big Quinn to hide. Their looks were too intimidating and theyd appear a threat to the security officers.

When the security officers got to the second level, he hurriedly said, "My friends in trouble, hes having a heart attack. Quick, help him!"

A black officer who was leading the way responded immediately, "Mr. Steves had an attack? D*mn, where is Mr. Elson?"

"I dont know," Li Du shouted. "I saw this when I got back!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone in the house rang.

Li Du dashed to the receiver; Elsons anxious voice could be heard: "Whos this? What happened?"

Evidently, the security officers had also informed him of their arrival.

"Its Li. Steves had a heart attack. The security officers are here, but they may misunderstand that Im an intruder."

Elson asked him to pass the phone to the security chief who nodded after speaking to him.

After the phone call, the security chief did not treat him with any animosity. "The doctors on his way, and a helicopter as well."

Li Du heaved a sigh of relief and whistled for Godzilla and Big Quinn to come out from hiding.

Upon seeing the two of them, the security officers immediately grabbed their weapons. Some retreated, wearing fearful looks on their faces.

Li Du said with a wry smile, "My bodyguards."

In sudden realization, the security chief asked, "How do you do? May I know how I should address you? Its fortunate that I did not restrain you earlier. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to make amends."

Needless to say, he had also assumed that Mr. Li was a scion from somewhere.This was not surprising, since Li Du was with Steve and had such aggressive-looking bodyguards. Many would assume that he was someone of importance.

Li Du did not bother to explain. Steve made a slight movement, and so he squatted down next to him and asked, "Buddy, how are you?"