Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Committee of 100

Li Di had no idea what was the deal with the two types of medicine; he only knew that most medicines for heart attacks contain nitroglycerin.

But evidently, the young masters medicine was superior to medicine with nitroglycerin, like the kinds from China had. He had only taken it a short while ago and it had already taken effect.

Faced with his questioning, Steve was a little dazed, and only answered after some hesitation, "What happened?"

He came around very quickly, and said with a wry smile, "Oh God, did my heart failure act up again? D*mn, this time it happened so suddenly that I had no time to react!"

Li Du asked, "Can I help you up?"

Steve did not answer but instead asked, "Who gave me my medicine?"

Li Du asked, "If youre referring to those two bottles in your pocket, it was me who gave them to you."

Steve was shocked. "One under the tongue, and one to be crushed. How did you know?"

Li Du explained, "I asked a doctor and she told me to do that. Why?"

Steve looked at him with a surprise, and held onto his wrist. "Oh nothing, just thought of something irrelevant. Give me a hand, I havent any strength..."

Li Du then helped him over to a chair. Seeing that he was fine, the security officers left.

Another vehicle arrived and a man with a white coat walked in briskly. Almost at the same time, there was the sound of a helicopter hovering in the skythis was the emergency helicopter.

The doctor brought Steve on board the emergency helicopter. Li Du was left sitting silently in the collection room, with the million-dollar dodo specimen placed on the table in front of him.

"If I were a thief," he muttered, "then Id become a multi-millionaire today."

It was as though no one gave a hoot about him. After a while, old Mr. Elson rushed back and seeing him, took his hands and said gratefully, "Thank you, Mr. Li. Thank you so much, you have saved me!"

Li Du gave him a forced smile. "Dont get so agitated, old fella. Youre too tense."

Elson shook his hands and continued speaking frantically, "No, no, nonothing I say now can adequately convey my gratitude to you. Mr. Li, youve saved Steve, which is equivalent to saving me."

Their hands were clasped together, which somehow reminded Li Du of the famous oil paintings by the Jinggang Mountains masters.

Elsons reaction was not the least exaggerated. After a while, Steve called him. "Li, you saved my life."

Li Du replied, "It was the right thing to do. No big deal."

Steve said, No big deal? You saved my life. The doctor said that by the time you got to me, there was not enough blood going to my heart. If it had been 10 or 15 minutes later, I would be brain-dead!"

He was not over exaggerating the crisis. According to the doctors diagnosis, he had suffered heart failure very quickly this time because hed been in a state of excitement after receiving the dodo specimen.

Unlike previous attacks, he had not experienced the stage of dizziness, and could not react in time to take his medicine before passing out.

It was fortunate that Li Du had appeared. If he had appeared any later, given that Elson was not in the villa, it would have been game over for Steve.

Steve sighed into the phone, "This was why I didnt go Flagstaff and asked that you come to Boston instead. My heart has been problematic lately, so I am not able to take a plane or travel long distance."

Li Du consoled him, "Dont say anymore, buddy. Get some rest, the matter is indeed over. Youre fine now and will be fine in the future too."

"Yes," Steve laughed. "God would not be so cruel to me. After this calamity, I should be safe for a while. But, youre in trouble."

Li Du asked, "What?"

Steve said, "Elson said to save me, you kicked the door open? And one of the panels was kicked off by you?"

"Did I? I didnt notice."

"Yes," Steve said, "youre dead meat. This house was a famous mans former residence. I only reside in it, and do not own it. The state government has ownership"

"No way," Li Du interrupted, and then took in a gasp of air, as it had suddenly occurred to him what the problem was. "Am I going to get charged for destroying a building under the countrys protection?"

Steve laughed, "Yes, the state government would do that."

Li Du was disturbed. "Why do I feel like you are gloating over my misfortune?"

Steve laughed, "No, Im laughing happily."


"Because a devils living in this malfunctioning heart of mine. He has always wanted to destroy this house that has been under the state and city governments strict conservation orders. Youve done that for him, so he is delighted."

Steve was, of course, joking with him. He had indeed destroyed property under the governments protection, but Steves family would take care of it.

What caused him regret was that he was not able to host Li Du to dinner that night. For the next few days he needed to remain in the hospital for observation.

Steve invited Li Du to stay in Boston for a few more days, and said that Elson would make the necessary arrangements so he would feel at home.

Li Du was unable to stay, however, as he had many things to do back in Flagstaff. He needed to take care of Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, visit Ah Ow, and also settle those mahogany pieces.

Hearing his explanation, Steve sighed, "Alright, then I owe you a very, very big favor."

Li Du said, "Dont think too much of it, buddy. You dont owe me anything. I was only doing what was right, like a man should. But if you still want to buy me dinner, then I will see you after you are well and have been discharged from the hospital."

Steve chuckled, "Haha, its set then, we will have dinner next time!"

"As we Chinese put it, till we meet again!" Li Du said.

"Till we meet again!"

Elson arranged for him to stay in the guest room that night, and even sent him to the airport personally the next day.

On the way there, the old man muttered, "Li, youre Chinese? As in from China?"

"I am Chinese, unable to apply for citizenship yet," Li Du answered.

Elson asked, "Then are you interested in immigrating? If youre applying for citizenship, there could be some areas in which we could assist."

Li Du said, "Ive not made up my mind about this."

Elson advised, "If you dont mind, I suggest you proceed with the immigration and then join the Committee of 100."

Li Du was astounded. "Join the Committee of 100? How could I possibly join the Committee of 100?"

The Committee of 100 was an organization that many Chinese-Americans had heard of. It had not been established for long, only for about 20 years. However, it was well-regarded as an elite Chinese-American organization that served to bridge the cultures of China and America.

Although known as the Committee of "100," there were more than 100 members: currently, there were 130.

Among the founders of the organization were Chinese collectors, sculptors, Masonic member Ou Zhenyuan, musician Song Peng, and other members with wealth or of extraordinary status.

Li Du may have earned quite a bit of money, but in terms of position or social status, he was miles away from the status of a committee member!