Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 392

Chapter 392: This Is My Territory

Upon hearing Li Dus words, the few treasure hunters were instantly delighted. "Really?"

Hans shrugged. "What Li Du said."

Li Du nodded. "Everyone, lets get ready. First, weve heard news that there are valuable electronic items in the units. Take note of these things and pay attention if you see them."

Since he had no interest in the storage units this time due to their low value, he might as well do them a favor and share some newshe should not be the only one benefitting all the time.

The treasure hunters nodded, with confident looks on their faces.

Frank had noticed the change in the treasure hunters moods and sniggered, "What assurance have you guys gotten? Seems like youre all happy about something."

Li Du could not be bothered with him; a response would definitely result in a war of words. The war of words could mean nasty comments, which could lead to a meaningless fight.

A clap required two hands; an argument required two people. Since there was no reaction from Li Du, Frank and York thought there was no point in speaking further and so shut their traps.

Soon after, the auctioneer arrived. It was someone they knew: Aiden Humphrey. He was responsible for auctioning off half the storage units in Flagstaff.

On seeing Li Du, he greeted him, "Heard you got your hands on some mahogany? And to have actually gotten the real stuff among the fakes? Incredible."

The auctioneer was even more well-informed than the treasure hunters. Li Du gave him a modest smile. "Just good luck."

Turis and the rest perked up on hearing that:

"You really got hold of mahogany in Holbrook? Holbrook?"

"Werent there only fakes? That dumb*ss Rick was in a sorry state after being duped."

"Boss Li, you really dont miss any shots. Dont tell meyou really have a pair of X-ray eyes?"

"How is that possible?" Li Du laughed with them. "I dont have those eyes. I only know how to pass through walls, and I enter the storage units to look through the stuff."

The treasure hunters laughed.

There was quite a crowd at this auction; Li Du even spotted Dog Tail Reginald, whom he had not seen for some time.

Hans saw him too and waved. "Hi Dog Tail, heard you went to New Mexico. Whyre you back?"

"Its tough out there, Big Fox," Reginald chortled. "I think its better at home."

He greeted the rest of the treasure hunters and soon noticed Frank and York. He ran over to them immediately. Evidently, he knew how formidable they were.

He said something, and Frank started laughing. York placed his hand over Reginalds shoulder and started chatting animatedly with him.

Such a welcoming gesture motivated Reginald further, and caused him to be more eager to please the two of them.

Turis folded his arms. "Im disturbed. Why does Dog Tail like to hang around peoples behinds?"

Olly answered, "If he doesnt do that, why would he be called Dog Tail?"

Li Du nodded. "This fellas nickname really suits his image."

Humphrey took out the auction materials, then waved. "Come over, everyone. The auctions about to start. Please queue up as the first unit is opened."

Li Du and the rest stood at the back. He was in the last position, the prime spot for viewing.

Frank had his eye on this position too. All treasure hunters liked this position, but not just anyone could have it.

In Flagstaff, Li Du was the Treasure Hunting Tycoon. The local treasure hunters had no objection to him standing at the back of the line.

Frank was not local, and yet he stood behind Li Du nonchalantly, whistling in an arrogant manner.

Li Du glared back at the man. "Im last in line."

"No, Im last. I dont want"

Li Du could not be bothered to speak and dragged him to the front of the line, before saying icily, "Nobody cares what you want. This is Flagstaff, not LA."

The treasure hunters burst into laughter and gazed at Frank mockingly.

Having been pushed by Li Du, Franks face darkened. "Son, you have the nerve to make a move? Auctioneer, someones playing rough here."

Humphrey glanced at him and said, "Buddy, dont cause trouble, okay? I know fairly well what Li is like. Dont provoke him. Lets keep the peace, alright?"

The auctioneers words had riled Frank, and triggered his anger issue. He hollered, "What do you mean? Are you blind? He was the one who challenged me"

Humphrey glared at him. "Do you not wish to participate in this auction?"

In an auction, the auctioneers role was like that of a judgehe had to maintain his authority, and not let it be disregarded.

York held on to the explosive Frank and said, "Okay, okay, everyone stay calm. Well just stand at the front. Theres a reason behind our friend wanting to stand at the back, hope everyone can understand."

"What reason?" Reginald asked, acting in concert.

York said, "Because my buddy sensed dangerhes afraid that Li will covet his *ss."

Hans pointed at his face and said, "You sissy, what crap are you spouting?"

York said in all seriousness, "Im not spouting crap. Weve heard a piece of news since we got to Flagstaff. Li, you like men right? Heard you even got the HIV virus?"

Reginald appeared shocked. "Oh, what a poor chap. Such unfortunate news."

The Flagstaff treasure hunters looked at Reginald with icy glares. Someone spoke out, "Dog Tail, youve got a problem?"

Treasure hunters had a strong sense of territory as well as unity. As everyone was counting on the items in the storage unit to make money, no one would have any gains if outsiders got all the storage units instead.

This was also why Frank and Li had not seen eye-to-eye in LA. Local treasure hunters usually did not get along with outsiders.

The crowd was annoyed by Reginalds behavior and he was being treated as a traitor. Even the local treasure hunters who did not have a good impression of Li Du and Hans abhorred his behavior.

It had been fine for him to butter up to the Rick father and son pair, as they were from Flagstaff. Many treasure hunters had even supported Reginald. The conflict between the Rick father and son pair and Li Du was an internal conflict within Flagstaff; everyone could take sides as they wished.

But when it came to Frank and York, it was another matter altogether.

Olly, who had previously been terrorized by the duo in LA, stood out and poked his finger at Reginalds chest. "Has your stay in New Mexico made you dumb? Or do you think you are now New Mexican?"

Turis suddenly aimed his pistol at Frank and York. "If youre here to cause trouble, just say it!"

Big Beard Carl added, "Arizona is not California, and were not the soft sissies you know. Dont blame me for getting evenyoure the one who insulted my buddy in such a manner!"