Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 393

Chapter 393: Where Popularity Counts

There was no reason for Li Du to hide in the back, since others were sticking up for him.

Hence, he went forward and raised his hand. "Guys, calm down. Everyone calm down!"

Turis, Olly and the rest took the lead to stop talking, and the noise at the entrance of the storage unit quieted down.

Li Du pointed at Frank and York. "The two of you should lay down and sniff the ground. Get it clear: this is Flagstaff, not LA. Better watch what you say, or risk getting your tongues cut out."

Evidently, it was not a good feeling to be surrounded by. Both Frank and York looked uneasy, with nervousness mounting within them.

However, Frank refused to be intimidated and said unyieldingly, "What, are you threatening me?"

Li Du patted his shoulder. "No, not threatening. Just telling you guys a fact."

"Trying to intimidate us since were outnumbered?" York laughed stonily. "Dont think were afraid of you. Go ask around about me and Frank Bollfind out who we really are"

"No need to find out," Li Du interrupted him. "We dont give a d*mn who you guys are. This is our territory, where dragons would have to sit cross-legged and tigers have to crouch! Understand?"

Frank had wanted to respond but Reginald stopped him and whispered, "Forget it, Boss Frank. Were here for the storage unitsdont waste your energy on unnecessary stuff."

The dispute had finally ended; Li Du took his position in the back.

The first storage unit was opened up, and the crowd queued up to view it.

There were two Apple computers in this storage unit. He used the little bug to check on the state of the computers. They were in perfect condition, with the laptops still unopened in their bags.

He estimated the value of the storage unit to be at 4,000 dollars. After viewing it, he walked over to Turis and whispered, "You can make money if you get it for 3,000 dollars or below."

Turis nodded without batting an eyelid, and then made his way to the front of the crowd.

Both computers were under a pile of knickknacks and well-concealed; nothing much of value could be seen from the storage units entrance.

The starting bid was low, at 100 dollars. In order to help Turis get ahold of this unit, he shook his head soon after the auction started, indicating his withdrawal from it.

This way, those who were watching him thought that the unit was worthless and also withdrew from the bidding.

Turis ended up successfully paying 450 dollars for this unit.

The second storage unit up for auction was unit 30, which came with a set of surveillance equipment. This was more valuable than what was in unit 29 the entire set of surveillance equipment probably cost 5,000 dollars.

He looked for Big Beard Carl and whispered, "Valuable if you get it for 4,000 dollars or less."

Other than the surveillance equipment in the box, there were also a few almost-new bar counters in the open, which could possibly fetch some money.

The auctioneer started the bid at 400 dollars. Once again, Li Du shook his head to withdraw from the auction, swaying some treasure hunters at the same time.

However, the bar counters attracted some people to throw in bids. Big Beard Carl waited until the bid reached 600 dollars to shout out his bid of 1,000 dollars.

The crowd hesitated and after the auctioneer shouted 1,000 dollars thrice, the storage unit was Big Beard Carls.

The third storage unit contained a lot of useless household junk. Li Du shook his head at the crowd, indicating that this storage unit was worthless.

Seeing that, the auctioneer Humphrey was displeased. He whispered, "Hey buddy, you cant wreck my party like this."

Li Du smiled. "Relax," he whispered back, "someone will buy it."

Humphrey started to shout out the bids, starting at 200 dollars.

Li Du raised his finger. "1,000 dollars."

On hearing his bid, many treasure hunters were confused; they had just seen him shake his head.

From the outside, they could not tell how this storage unit was worth more than 1,000 dollars. Hence, many treasure hunters still did not participate in the bidding after much hesitation.

But someone had trust in Li Dus foresight, and wanted to give it a shot: "1,100 dollars."

Li Du licked his lips. Frank decided to put in a bid at this time and glared at him defiantly, saying, "2,000 dollars."

Seeing that, Li Du backed off with satisfaction, and then exchanged glances with Humphrey.

The elderly auctioneers mustache quivered as he chortled.

There were carpets in the fourth unit. Many could see the carpets from the outside and so competition for this unit was stiffer.

Li Du winked at Olly, and so he broke out from the crowd to secure the storage unit for 2,500 dollars.

The profit margin for this storage unit was lower, but gaining 1,000 dollars was better than gaining nothing at all.

Having been tricked by him once, Frank was more cautious in terms of bidding after buying the one unit. Of course, he had not really been interested in the storage unit. He had thrown in the bid because of his dislike for Li Du.

Li Du was well aware of this. So hed set up a trap, and waited for Frank to walk right into it.

The fifth storage unit was worthless, and Li Du put in a bid because he wanted to trap Frank again. In the end, Frank did not fall for it: he was not a fool and had learned his lesson earlier.

Ferris got the sixth storage unit. The furniture in the unit was brand new, and all wrapped in tarpaulin.

Li Du estimated that the contents could fetch 2,000 to 3,000 dollars; Ferris had bought the unit for a steal at 500 dollars.

The auction ended and after making their payments, everyone started to pack up.

After a brief sorting, Ferris saw some household items and kept pumping his fist in the air excitedly. "Yeah! Yeah!"

Big Beard Carl also enjoyed a good turnout. He retrieved a camera from inside a box; the next box he opened also had a camera in there...

Frank and York were, instead, down on their luck. The storage unit which they had bought for 2,000 dollars contained junk. Frank kicked a woven bag angrily. The bag, which was not sturdy, broke. The junk inside it spilled out onto the ground.

Reginald consoled the two of them. "Lis storage unit is also worthless. I went to have a look. Hes sure to make a loss."

Frank glared at him and said, "What do you mean by this? Are you comparing us to that idiotic Chinaman?"

Big Beard Carl heard them from the unit next door and charged over in anger. "Californian b*tches! If I were you, I would watch what I say since Im in someone elses territory!"

Frank, who was seething with anger, pushed Reginald aside and said, "What did you say? Country bumpkin, are you looking for a fight? Come, Ill play with you"

Many treasure hunters started to gather around to watch the confrontation between the two men.

Li Du and Hans also came over, and separated the two of them. "Frank, do you feel miserable when you dont cause trouble? Or will you die if you dont?"

Seeing that Li Du was stepping forward, the other treasure hunters also added on:

"Frank Boll, go back to LA to flaunt your authoritydont cause trouble here!"

"This dumb*ss was born with a come-hit-me facewhy is he still hanging around in Flagstaff?"

"Must be to disturb Lidid you not notice how they keep attacking Boss Li?"

Frank pointed at the crowd. "Shut up and get lost! Dont stand in front of my storage unit!"

York grabbed him and shook his head. "Lets leave it like this, we should leave this place. Lets get out of here, buddy!"

As they had brought movers along with them, they did not need to pack their own storage unit.

Amid many treasure hunters jeers and boos, the two of them drove off.