Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 394

Chapter 394: The Slaying

Back at the motel, Frank swept the table lamp onto the floor angrily.

York grabbed his shoulder. "Frank, buddy, listen to me. Stop losing your temper and calm down!"

"I cant calm down!" Frank hollered. "That Chinaman needs to die! Im gonna kill him! D*mmit, I gotta destroy him, I must destroy him!"

York said calmly, "Well destroy him. One day well destroy him, but not now. Flagstaff is their territory and there are too many obstacles here. Weve gotta return to LA!"

Frank pushed him away and said angrily, "No, Im not going back. I must destroy him now!"

York stared at him, helpless, not knowing how else to dissuade him.

The two of them had gone to Phoenix for valuables such as the silver. They had come to Flagstaff just for Li Duto ruin Li Du.

Back in LA, Li Du had b*tch-slapped them in their own territory. Frank was someone very concerned about his reputation, and had been bearing a grudge ever since hed been humiliated in front of the group of treasure hunters he knew.

A month ago, Frank started to form the thought of coming to Flagstaff to seek revenge.

York had tried fervently to stop him, and had hoped that the anger and hatred in Franks heart would dissipate as time passed.

In the end, instead of forgetting about the matter, the anger and hatred had continued to brew within his heart, reaching extreme levels.

With no choice, York had come to Flagstaff with him to find a chance to seek revenge.

He was anxious to head back, as their silver had been deposited with the insurance company in Flagstaff. He did not mind the deposit fees, but he could not set his mind at ease as long as so much wealth was kept with an external party.

But Frank had refused to go until he destroyed Li Du.

York had not even wanted to go Smith Storage Companys auction, as they had confirmed there was nothing valuable in the storage units.

Upon finding out that Li Du would be attending the auction, the two of them had decided to go as well. This was also why they had thrown in a bid when Li Du started to bid.

In the end, theyd been tricked by Li Du again. Frank could not tolerate this; York knew his anger was out of control by how easily hed been provoked by Big Beard Carl earlier.

As the two of them were brooding in the motel, there was knocking on the door. Bang bang bang!

Frank shouted, "We dont need any toilet paper, dont need any b*tches, dont need any weed! We dont need anything, get lost if youre selling anything!"

The knocking stopped for a while but soon started again. Bang bang bang!

Frank was enraged. His face darkened as he stood up and howled, "Ill show you!"

He opened the door, only to see a pitiful face.

This mans face was pitiful-looking because there were purplish-black bruises everywhere, and band-aids adorned the corners of his mouth and eyes. There was also a bandage around one arm.

Frank was shocked. "Dog Ears? How did you get yourself into this terrible state?"

In his shock, hed forgotten to be angry. The annoyance hed felt from the knocking on the door vanished just like that.

It was Rick; he didnt answer Franks question but instead teased, "You sure you dont need anything? I think you guys need friendship, and someone to help you deal with that d*mn Chinaman!"

York was just as stunned to see him, and also asked, "Buddy, wh-wh-what happened to you? Wh-who beat you up?"

"Its nothing," Rick said evasively. "Dont pay attention to this. We should focus on how to deal with that Chinaman instead! Dont you think we need to combine forces?"

Both of them were not focused on that, and so Frank did not answer him. He looked at him with pity and asked, "You got beaten up by the Native Americans? Why didnt you make a police report? Those *ssholes are just as bad as the Chinamanall of them deserve to die!"

Indeed, Rick had been beaten up by a Native American, after he had been beaten up by Harris.

Upon his return to Flagstaff, Marlin had gone ballistic when he realized that they had lost more than 100,000 dollars buying a pile of lousy furniture. He had personally taught Rick a lesson on the pretext of beating some sense into him.

York could tell that he did not wish to talk about this and so pulled Frank back, as he said to Rick, "Your earlier suggestions a good one: we should join forces. Its not gonna be easy dealing with this Chinaman."

Frank was stubborn as a mule. "Not easy? How not easy? Its just that this is not our territory. Otherwise, hed be begging for mercy by now!"

"Yes," Rick agreed, "this is not your territory, so your way doesnt work here. You gotta team up with someone from here."

York asked, "We team up and then what do we do about this matter?"

Frank would not let it rest. "Why do we need to team up? Buddy, we can take that guy down on our own without any other help!"

Rick was well-prepared for his visit.

Hearing Frank, he scoffed, "Now, you guys dont only have the Chinaman to deal with. Hes got people to help him already, there are many around here whove been charmed by him. That means that to deal with him, you need to deal with all the idiots herea whole bunch of idiots!"

York patted his shoulder. "Youre right. Frank, this fellas right. We gotta admit itoh, sorry"

His pat had landed on Ricks injury, causing him to wince in pain with clenched teeth.

Frank said, "Alright, but even if we do, why would we want to team up with you? Look at youit doesnt look like youd be much help."

Rick said, "Whats wrong with the way I look? Does this affect how we deal with the Chinaman? Other than me, do you think you can find anyone else to deal with Li?"

York waved his hand. "Alright, stop arguing. We should be friends, not enemies! Frank, get our buddy a bottle of beer. Dog Ears, tell us your plan."

With York as the middleman, Frank and Rick began to warm up to each other.

Frank was, however, a troublemaker. Li Du was right: it seemed as though this fellow would be miserable if he couldnt cause any trouble.

He took out a bottle of cold beer from the motels refrigerator for Rick, and said, "This bottle of beer is the coldest. Itll be perfect."

"Thanks buddy," Rick said, "but its not like its that warm today."

Frank gave a weird laugh. "No, Im not asking you to drink it. This is for you to soothe your wounds. Ice cold beer can help reduce the pain, didnt you know?"

Ricks expression change; he was about to curse and swear.

York shoved Frank and said angrily, "Frank, can you stop fooling around? We need to come up with a plan!"

Then he looked at Rick again. "Dont mind him, buddy. This *sshole is like a kid. Come, tell us, what plan have you got?"

Rick said seriously, "My plan for dealing with Li Du is to first eliminate his helpers. To slay those short-sighted dumb*sses."

"Right," York agreed, "those treasure hunters around him are all jerks. We have to destroy them. Do you have a plan?"

Rick sniggered confidently, "Of course!"