Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 397

Chapter 397: The Revenge of Ah Meow

Seeing Li Du holding the two pikes as they got out of the car, Hans laughed, "Oh my godwith the fish and the meat, Im pretty sure well enjoy the party tonight."

Li Du said, "This is not for the party."


He put the pikes into the canals, and they immediately started swimming swiftly around the water. Pikes were a common freshwater fish in North America. These showed a renewed vitality; it seemed that pikes could stay alive even after being thrown into a trunk without any water.

Seeing Hanss feet soaking in the water, the two pikes swam over to them. They opened their mouths, moving to bite his toes.

The pike was one of the most carnivorous fish among all the freshwater fish. It not only attacked other fish, but frogs, rats, and wild ducks. Hanss toes looked like tempting meat, delicacies in their eyes.

Seeing two pikes with their open, duck-like, flat mouths swimming forward, a terrified Hans quickly pulled his feet away. The pikes jumped out from the water, attempting to bite their food. Their aggressiveness also shocked Li Du.

The two fish were big, at least a foot and a half long. Their spindle-like bodies were brown with some white spots dotting their tops. They jumped out from the water like two soaring rockets. Their significant strength was truly imposing!

Hans was scared to death and he exclaimed, "F*ck f*ck f*ck. Li, are you trying to kill your partner?"

Li Du laughed, "I didnt realize they behaved like that."

Ah Meow was dozing off in the branches. His eyes lit up immediately.

The sleeping position of ocelots in trees was very interesting. They would lie on the branches with their limbs and long tails hanging down. Seeing the two pikes, Ah Meow stood up and looked at the water with sparkling eyes. He licked his mouth softly with his pink tongue, drooling.

Big Quinn noticed. "Boss, please look after Ah Meow. Im worried hell jump into the water after the fish!"

"Its okay," Li Du said. "We did not intend to eat them. Let Ah Meow eat them if he wants."

Big Quinn said helplessly, "No, boss, Im afraid Ah Meow will be eaten by the pikes!"

Li Du was shocked. "Don't you think youre worrying too much?"

Turis shook his head and said, "Not at allpikes are the king in the water. An ocelot might not be its worthy opponent."

Both of them told Li Du facts about the pikes. They were fierce, cruel fish that acted exceptionally fast, agile, and could swim at least a mile per hour.

Pikes were not only extremely fierce, but also crafty: as soon as there was food in the water, they would immediately attack it in a variety of ways, and the methods they used were lethal.

This was related to the structure of its lateral line. The lateral line of the pikes was the system of sense organs in their vertebrates, and it was used to detect movement and vibrations. They not only allowed the detection of vibration but also served an essential role in predatory behavior.

Pikes also had keen eyesight, which helped them spot prey very quickly.

But Ah Meow didnt know any of this. He only knew that there were delicious fish in the water, aiming at the quiet pike from the tree. He suddenly jumped into the water!

Ah meow was athletic, with very agile reflexes and extremely sharp claws.

But he still missed. At the moment he jumped into the water, the pikes swiftly swam out of the way.

Ah Meow waved his claws, leaving wounds on their bodies. However, they did not seem hurt.

The two pikes were scared, but they did not escape. Instead, they swirled their thick tail fins and rubbed the sand on the bottom to quickly murk-up the water.

The pikes became still and hid in the murky water. Seeing this, Big Quinn and Turis became very anxious. They shouted, "Hurry, pull Ah Meow from the water!

Ah Meow knew how to swim, but ocelots did not like water. Once their fur got wet, they would lose their flexibility and the strength. Ah Meow was wet, and he didnt catch the pikes, so he was unhappy. He started swimming back to the shore.

When he was getting close to the pikes hidden in the muddy water, the pikes suddenly pounced on Ah Meow and bit his thigh!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Li Du didn't respond immediately while Ah Meow screamed and was being dragged into the water!

However, the ocelot was still the king of the jungle. As brave as the tiger, as agile as the cat. Ah Meow started tearing at them with his claws!

Ocelot claws were extremely sharp, and Ah Meow tore up the mouths of the pikes. They quickly went into hiding again.

Li Du finally reacted. He quickly pulled Ah Meow out and checked his leg. The pikes had left two wounds on his leg with the sharp tooth. His thigh was bleeding.

Li Du felt distressed and quickly shouted, "Godzilla, go get the medical kit!"

Ocelots had extremely tough skin. Although they looked like cats, they were physically stronger. In terms of their fighting strength and bodies, they were more similar to leopards than they were to house cats.

The wound left on such tough skin showed just how terrible the pikes were!

Ah Meow was fierce. He was not afraid, but angry.

He was struggling to leap from the hands of Li Du to the ground. He did not meow but instead growled like a little tiger.

But he also looked embarrassed; his short hair was all sticking together and his leg was bleeding. Crippled by the injury, Ah Meow wasnt as powerful as before.

Crispy Noodles was a good brother: he had seen his brother being attacked, and immediately ran over to see what he could do to help.

Ah Meow walked around the canal. The turbid water cleared slowly and the pikes appeared again.This was, after all, not a real river. The water was shallow and the pikes very long: they couldnt hide their bodies well in there.

Ah Meow crouched on the shore and put his long tail into the water again after hed found the pikes.

Seeing this, everyone became interested. Olly sipped his beer and asked, "Oh my God, what is this little guy doing?"

Li Du said, "Ah Meow wants revenge!"

The ocelot was swinging his tail in the water joyfully as though it were a big worm. The two pikes spotted it and immediately swam in his direction.

After putting it in the water, Ah Meow could observe what was happening around his tail with his long twisted body.

The pikes swam toward his tail and opened their mouths, ready to bite. In the fraction of a second before they could, Ah Meow pulled his tail out from the water.

The pikes instinctively jumped out of the water to follow. They opened their big flat mouths and revealed their sharp teeth. It seemed like the pikes were about to bite the long tail of the ocelot!