Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Just Scram

When the group arrived at the office, they wanted to just barge in.

Li Du made a loud snap with his fingers. Godzilla and Big Quinn stopped the disgruntled treasure hunters. He said, "Dont be rash. Ill go in with Big Fox first to find out whats going on."

They opened the door and saw Frank and York.

The office of the storage company was just a small room with one vertical air conditioner. There were some tables, and a few people sat around one table chatting and drinking some beer.

Frank, York and Rick were seen together with two white middle-aged men. Both of them had beer bellies and similar features; one of them was wearing a dark blue policeman uniform.

The moment Frank and York saw Li Du, their faces showed a contemptuous sneer, whereas Rick was expressionless. He just glanced at Li for a while and turned away.

But Li Du could feel Ricks viciousness and hatred toward him. Li couldnt understand why Rick was always targeting him.

The beer-bellied white man asked, "Hey pal, whats up? You want to lease a unit or youre looking for trouble?"

The one wearing the police uniform laughed, "No, hes not looking for trouble. Theres no way he would mess around with the Pratt family from Derta."

Li Du asked, "Whose storage company is this?"

The beer-bellied man answered, "Its mine. What about it? What do you want? Since when do yellow people come to Derta? This is the first time Ive seen one of you."

The rural areas of the United States tended to be more conservative. It was especially true for the remote areas. Some towns had only white people residing in them, and they rejected anyone who wasnt white.

Before Li Du had come to America, he had learned that the United States was a liberal country of equality. However, when he arrived in Flagstaff, he realized that racial discrimination in the United States was still a very serious thing!

Because of the law, media, and other various reasons, one could not be openly racist, so many of people like this became quiet and built up their unhappy thoughts. These resentful thoughts secretly fermented in peoples minds without being addressed, so the problem was still very serious in the States.

If Li had not had Big Fox supporting and helping him along the way, he would have been forced to work in another industry, as racial discrimination among the lower class was far more serious.

Li Du looked around the office and there was no one else besides the five of them, and remarked, "Your storage companys folding soon?"

Frank slammed the table and stood up. "What do you mean?" said Frank in agitation. "Are you cursing my buddys company? Boy, you better shut up, or you're going to eat dog sh*t today!"

With Franks lead, the two middle-aged men stood up as well and glared at Li Du.

Rick stood up too and said, "Kellan, just get this fella out. Hes here for trouble, we all know himFlagstaffs most irritating Chinaman."

"Yeah, drive him out, this fellas an *sshole who likes to use racism to create trouble for people," chimed in York. "Hes a really detestable person. I cant even drink my beer anymore after seeing him."

Li Du looked at the three of them and said, "Dont be so impatient, I will leave. Seems like the people outside are saying the truth. The three of you collaborated with the storage company to scam your fellow treasure hunters?"

Frank replied disdainfully, "Who are my fellow treasure hunters? You and that group of idiots?"

York hurriedly said, "What did you say? Scam our fellow treasure hunters? We didnt, were just drinking beer with our old friends and doing some catching up. Right Kellan?"

The beer-bellied Kellan shrugged his shoulders. "Of course. Were old friends."

Li Du ignored them and turned to Rick. "Youre worse. Not only did you collaborate with the storage company, you also collaborated with outsiders. Looks like you dont want to stay in Flagstaff anymore."

"Youre still making threats?" Frank said impatiently. "Think about your own safety first." He turned to the two white men and said, "This mans a bad person, hes a thief just like all other Chinese. Kellan, be careful, he might steal your stuff."

York added, "Officer Pratt, I suggest you arrest him for an investigation. Maybe youll find something."

The police officer seemed moved by Frank and Yorks words. His eyes cried of ill intentions.

Li Du stared at two white men and said, "You wont do that, will you?"

Kellan said coldly, "Maybe not, but who knows? You can go now. My brother and I will pretend that we didnt see you. If you stay here any longer, then its a different story."

As he spoke, he waved his hands and added, "Also, when you go, bring all the men outside with you as well. Dont forget to clear the garbage inside the units and make sure theyre clean."

Frank and York cackled loudly, but Rick seemed unhappy with the arrangement. "He entered your private territory. You can get the police to arrest him. This b*st*rds a thief!"

By now, Hans was clear about what was going on, and whispered to Li, "Come on, theres no point staying here. This storage company is closing down soon, he doesnt give a d*mn."

In the current society, one of the reasons that storage auction companies would not set traps for treasure hunters was that the Association had rules and regulations that once companies were exposed for setting such malicious traps, they would be blacklisted.

Although the storage unit company could still hold auctions, it would be blacklisted by the Storage Auction Association. That meant their auction information would not appear on the Associations website.

The Associations website was the treasure hunters main source of information in regards to storage auctions. This was also the reason why everyone tried very hard to join higher-level clubs.

The higher the level, the more resources one could gain access to within the Association.

If treasure hunters could not see the auction information released by the storage companies, their auctions would not be successful.

Even if the blacklisted companies published their auction in the newspapers or on forums, some treasure hunters might also do a search on the associations website on the particular company and would find out about the blacklisting, and would not attend the auction.

Pratts Storage Company had daringly collaborated with Frank and the others to scam the treasure hunters. This revealed that the owner was not afraid of getting blacklisted. Generally, companies that would resort to fraud were either going to close down.

Li Du laughed and whispered back, "I know, but look at them, they are so cocky. You dont want to teach them a lesson?"

Hans was enraged as well but he could do nothing to them. "Of course I want to, but theres nothing I can do."

Li Du replied, "Well I may just have a way. You should go and appease everyone outside first, let them calm down."

Hans nodded and left the small office.

"Hey, what are you talking about? Just scram." Frank waved his hands impatiently at Li Du.

Li Du had a faint, cunning smile on his face. "Is this your house? Why are you calling the shots here?"

Frank said triumphantly, "This is my friends territory. I can at least help him out with this."

Li Du glanced at Kellan and asked, "Is that right, Mr. Pratt? Are you sure you want me to scram? Right, I havent introduced myself. My buddy and I are not really related to those outside. Were interested in your companyif youre willing to change hands, were willing to take over."

Kellan changed his tune when he heard what Li Du said, but he was not foolish. He looked at Li Du in doubt and said, "You want to take over my company? How should I trust you?"

"If the prices suitable, Im willing to take it over," said Li Du with a confident smile. "The American dollar can make you believe me."