Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Deal With Them One by One

On the return trip, Hans slouched in his seat in a comfortable manner and asked, "Hey, bud, how did you do that?"

"What?" asked Li Du casually, playing with his mobile phone.

"How did you convince the Pratt brothers to get rid of those three? And why did they believe that youd buy their company?"

Hans had been outside the office for part of Lis conversation with Kellan. And when he came back, he heard the Pratt brothers shoving and chasing Frank, York and Rick out of the office; he was very curious about what had happened during his absence.

"I told them I was going to buy their company," replied Li Du. "The value of the company compared to the money they made from the scam is so much more, right? Its only normal theyd get rid of those b*st*rds for me."

"They believed it?"

"Of course," smiled Li Du, "I told them a lot of information about the companys history and operations as if I had investigated them, and the two idiots believed me."

"How did you know about such information?"

Li Du handed his mobile phone to Hans and the screen showed detailed information about Pratts Storage Company which was listed on the Associations website.

"Okay, how did you know I have an invalid checkbook?"

Li Du replied impatiently, "Im not blind, Ive seen it several times. Every time you hit on girls, youll show that useless checkbook on and off. Im quite sure you have it with you all the time."

Hans had applied for the checkbook issued by Citibank. But when hed been scammed in LA, his bank account and checkbook were all frozenthe checkbook was useless.

Hans always took it with him as it was especially useful when it came to hitting on girlsit was a good prop for him.

After reaching their destination, the group alighted and they still seemed confused and full of doubts. Li Du proceeded to return the money to them in proportion to how much they had paid the storage company.

The treasure hunters gathered around him, curiously inquiring about the questions Hans had just asked him not too long ago.

Li Du explained the matter once again.

There were loopholes in his words, but as long the answers sounded reasonable and satisfactory, the group wouldnt carefully scrutinize what he said, as they were just curious. After all, they had gotten most of their money back.

Olly, who had suffered the most losses, said with displeasure, "Big Fox, if you hadnt stopped us, we certainly wouldnt have let those *ssholes leave the company in one piece."

"Well, it wasnt me," said Hans. "It was Lis idea."

Upon hearing that, the treasure hunters stopped their grumbling. They had put Li Du on a pedestal in their minds.

Li Du gave an explanation: "Do not use violence with them. If you want revenge, youll have to endure. Not only that, you also need to treat them nicely."

"Why?" The group of treasure hunters was baffled.

"The best way to seek revenge is not violence but to smile at them and stab them in their backs. We need to smile at them."

Turis nodded his head. "Right, I understand now, Big Lieventually they will let down their guard around us."

Dickens was puzzled. "Will that work? I know Frank well. Although he has anger issues, he is also very thoughtful and scheming."

Frank was certainly good at plotting and setting up traps, for the group got scammed.

"Im not scared of anyone when it comes to traps or schemes," laughed Li Du. "Just wait for my news, I will help all of you seek revenge."

He needed to seek revenge because the three of them plotted against other treasure hunters, which could cause worse social consequences than if they had directly come for him.

Flagstaff was his territory and the local treasure hunters followed his lead. Those three had fixed Turis and the others. If Li Du did not stand up for the group to seek revenge or get back at his three enemies, he would not be Flagstaffs Treasure Hunting Tycoon. He would lose some followers.

Hans knew the stakes involved. "This might not necessarily be Franks idea. My guess is that it was that b*st*rd Rick. Hes got a lot of bad tricks up his sleeve!"

The mention of Ricks name made the treasure hunters agitated and they started hurling verbal abuses again. Words like "spy,""lackey," and "traitor" were used to describe him.

"To think that I used to admire him. D*mn, I must have been blind!"

"F*ck, this *sshole is going to hell for scamming his own people. Hes disgusting!"

"He should eat some dog sh*t. Well teach him a lesson sooner or later, right Big Li?"

Li Du also hated Rick. Rick was a real devious man to come up with this plan, but Li was not afraid of him. There were plenty of ways to deal with that guy.

He clapped his hands for everyones attention. "Everyone, lets go to my cabin tonight. I want to show those scumbags what theyre up against by dealing with Dog Ears first."

"Tonight?" The treasure hunters were both startled and surprised.

Li Du nodded his head and affirmed, "Yes, tonight. I have a plan in mind now."

"Are we going to give them a good bashing?" A treasure hunter started to fold his sleeves up. "Ive wanted to do that all day. Haha! Im going to break their ribs tonight!"

"No, we wont be doing that," laughed Li Du. "Rick will get beaten up, but not by us. And Ill get back all the money that all of you have lost."

The group of treasure hunters showed incredulous expressions. "Really?"

Li Du pointed to the money that the treasure hunters were holding in their hands. "This is only interest. Youll get back your principal amount tonight. Dont worry, everyone, I wont let anyone lose a single cent!"

"Hooray Big Li!" Olly instantly gave a loud cheer.

When the group arrived at the cabin, Hannah, Stephen and some others were waiting for them. Sophie and Rose were there too. Li Du had invited them over for the gathering.

The original small gathering had now turned into a big party. They were fortunate because there were a lot of steaks and lamb chops in the freezer that could be used for barbecuing. No one would go hungry.

Sophie laughed, "Wow, so many people?"

"Sorry, something has cropped up," said Li Du. "We wont be celebrating Big Foxs birthday today. I was too caught up in the afternoon and forgot to inform you."

The lady doctor shrugged her shoulders. "It doesnt matter, theres still a party and a cake to be eaten. Not much difference from a birthday party, right?"

The treasure hunters had thought it was Hanss birthday party and were raising their beer bottles and toasting him, wishing him happy birthday.

Li Du waved his hands and said, "Tonight is just a party for ourselves, not Big Foxs birthday party. His party will be held in two days. Ill make it up to him."

"Oh, so todays not my birthday party?" Even Hans was confused.

"Ill make up another party for you," laughed Li Du. "Your party is going to play a great role. Its just a casual gathering tonight. Well go teach Dog Ears a lesson later."

"Teach Dog Ears a lesson!"

"Hooray Big Li!"

"A toast to thank Big Li!"

Li Dus popularity was growing. The treasure hunters had acknowledged him as their leader.

After their dinner at the cabin, more than 20 people got in their vehicles and headed to the city.

With the Hellcat as their leader, the convoy of trucks stopped at the entrance of a Casino.The treasure hunters saw the words of the signboard, "Comanche Casino," appear before them.