Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Stepping Into the Casino Again

The treasure hunters were reminded of the fact that Rick was now working for the Comanche when they saw the entrance of the casino. The Comanche, led by Marlin, in Flagstaff were notorious!

Someone stopped Li Du and smiled bitterly. "Big Li, we do want to get even with Rick, but is there a need to come to the Native Americans territory?"

Some of them even wanted to retreat. "Big Li, didnt you tell us that we should adopt the tactic of smiling at our enemies and stab them behind their backs? Is it necessary to take revenge on Rick so soon?"

Olly gave these people a shove and said angrily, "What a wuss! Cowards can go back, the tough men can stay!"

Turis also came forward to express his opinion. "Big Lis helping us to seek revenge. If you worry so much and are oblivious to Big Lis efforts, then you better go back. Don't let Big Li get disheartened!"

Most treasure hunters supported Li, which was an indication of his charisma.

"Be clear-headed about this," said Hans. "You got bullied and Li is now helping you get your money back. If youre not supporting him now, in the future if you get bullied again, whos going to help you?"

With this, all the treasure hunters made up their minds to follow and support Li Du.

Li Du smiled, raised his hand and said, "Listen to me, everyone. The tactic to smile at the enemy and stab them behind their back is for handling Frank and York. But for people like Rick..." He grunted with a cold, contemptuous sneer. "There is no need for any tactics. Just watch how I get even with him! Helping others to frame his own friends and buddieshe is a disgrace to Flagstaffs treasure hunters!"

"Get rid of the traitor!" many treasure hunters shouted.

The group of them shouted outright in the parking lot, which attracted the attention of the security guards at the entrance of the casino.

The crowd followed Li Du as he walked to the casino. The security guards got nervous and hastily communicated through their walkie-talkies, shouting, "Gather everyone, a group of people might be coming to smash the casino!"

Li Du and the group of treasure hunters came empty-handed. They cooperated fully with the examination at the doorway, went into the casino and exchanged some chips. Their behavior seemed normal and peaceful.

A few tough-looking Native Americans came running over to the entrance with their batons. The security guard on duty explained to them in embarrassment, "They looked like they were up to no good, but now it doesnt seem so."

"F*ck you!"

Li Du exchanged chips worth 1,000 dollars when he entered the casino. He found a table that played Sic Bo, sat down, and started to place his bets.

The 30-men-strong team surrounded the gambling table. The sight of so many men unnerved the people who had already been sitting their placing bets. The more cowardly ones collected their chips and left the table.

The manager in charge of the table eyeballed the group. He was not afraid of trouble as the Comanche tribe was not the usual Native American tribe: they had lots of able men who could fight very well.

However, when he saw Li Du, his brows started to closely knit together. He left to make a call. "Mr. Marlin, please come to table 14. That young Chinese man is here again."

Being able to own and operate a Casino meant Marlin was someone extraordinary. He was a cautious man; ever since the last time Li Du had come to the casino, he had Lis pictures handed out to all of his subordinates to let everyone know and pay attention to the Chinese guy.

The dealer shook the dice and placed on the table. Li Du bet his entire thousand dollars worth of chips on small.

Turis whispered, "Big Li, why did you bet all the chips? I suggest using 100 dollars to try our luck first."

"Dont worry," Li Du laughed, "just watch me."

The other players also placed their bets. The dealer lifted up the dice cup; the two dice showed two points each, a total of four points, which was under small.

The dealer issued chips to the players who won the bet. In this way, 1,000 dollars instantly became 2,000 dollars.

The dealer repeated the action of shaking the dice and placing the cup on the table once again. This time, Li Du placed all his chips on big.

The group of treasure hunters swallowed a mouthful of saliva. A few of them were staring intently at the bet, not moving an inch.

The dealer lifted the dice cup; the dice showed four points and five points, which was nine points in total. This was big.

Li Dus winnings were now 4,000 dollars from a bet of 2,000 dollars. The managers brows furrowed and he stared at Li Du in a complicated way. There were feelings of admiration, bewilderment, fear, sympathy, and ridicule...

Li Du didnt seem to notice this. When the dealer finished shaking the dice, he placed all his chips and bet under small.

The treasure hunters were now rubbing their hands in anticipation. Many of them were looking at the gambling table intensely. Some even started to chant softly, "Small! Small! Small!"

The dice cup was lifted, and the dice showed one point and four points respectively! A few treasure hunters were so excited that they cheered, "Hooray, its a win!"

Hans glared at the few and reprimanded them in a low tone, "Shut up!"

Patrons were allowed to shout and cheer while playing dice to bet on small or big. This was actually a type of emotional gambling, whereby the more excited one got, the higher the probability of one playing with bigger chips. It was natural that many people would shout out their desired result.

The round ended with Li Dus 4,000 dollars turning into 8,000 dollars.

The other players on the same table looked at the chips in front of Li Du. Their eyes seemed to shine brighter than usual.

The dice cup was put down on the table once again and the dealer motioned for everyone to place their bets.

This time, Li Du did not bet on everything he had. He used 1,000 dollars and bet on big. The rest of the players followed suit and placed their chips on big as well. There were even two of them who placed all of their chips on big.

The dice cup opened: a total of four points. Li Du lost this round!

A few players became upset. One of them even started to cuss, "D*mmit, god d*mmit! Hey young man, whats the matter with you?"

Godzilla and Big Quinn looked at the player, and the thirty other treasure hunters looked at him as well, fiercely. The irate player noticed the unusual situation. He took his coat and left gloomily, not saying a word more.

Another round started, the dice cup placed onto the table. Li Du placed all of his remaining chips into small again!

The treasure hunters were tense, they stared with their eyes wide at the dice cup.

The dice cup opened, showing one point and three points. The total was four points, which meant it was small!

Seven thousand dollars became fourteen thousand dollars!

The treasure hunters hands were trembling with excitement. Although they would come occasionally to the casino and play for a while, they had never won so much money beforesome had never won any money before!

After this win, Li Du did not continue playing. He stood up and motioned for everyone to come to him. He took out 4,000 dollars worth of chips and most treasure hunters received about 200 dollars worth of chips.

Turis was puzzled. "Whats this for?"

Li Du smiled, "Come and play."

Olly said in excitement, "I want to sit in your seat. Theres good luck there. I want to earn 10,000 dollars today too!"

"Im not asking for much, just 2,000 dollars will do!"

"Quick, open up. Geez, I cant wait!

The dealer shook the dice again, put down the dice cup and motioned for everyone to place their bets.

The treasure hunters started to hesitate. Dickens asked Li Du, "Big Li, which one should I bet on?"

Li Du shook his head and said, "The one who gambles will decide which to bet. Youre on your own now, I dont know which one to bet either."

More treasure hunters wanted to ask him questions. He shook his head and gestured for everyone else to play without him. Then he smiled and looked to the aisle.

Marlin appeared with several men, walking towards Li Du, looking solemn.