Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Revenge of the Native Americans

After they left the casino, Li Du handed the 10,000 dollars to Big Quinn. "You help me distribute the money to them. Earlier on we calculated the information of the ones who got scammed and their losses. Give them the whole of their scammed amount. You and Godzilla can split and take the remaining balance."

Dickens rubbed his hands together and said, "Li, is this really okay? We got part of the compensation from you already. "

Li Du placed a hand on his shoulder and explained his actions. "Youve been scammed and have suffered because of me. I will not tolerate that. You can treat the sum of money I gave you all earlier as the profits you got from the auction."

The treasure hunters were moved and excited by what Li Du said. Olly cried out, "Big Li, thank you. If not for you, Id be finished!"

Li Du smiled and waved his hand. "Go back and sleepdont go back in there. Did you all learn something from that 4,000 dollars worth of chips?"

Turis nodded. "Yes: entering the casino is equivalent to giving the Native Americans our money, and we cant win money there."

This had been Li Dus hope. He wanted to use Marlin to deal with Rick and that meant he had to make a trip to the casino and transfer the losses to the Native Americans.

As he had first-hand experience dealing with Marlin, he knew that Marlin was vengeful. Now that the casino had lost 10,000 dollars, Marlin wouldnt let Rick off easily.

The treasure hunters were cheated closeto but less than10,000 dollars. He only needed to win 10,000 dollars and gave the extra winnings to the treasure hunters to let them lose the money back to the casino.

He had two motives for doing so. First, he wanted to show goodwill to Marlin to let him understand that he was not there to win money but to seek revenge on Rick. Second, he wanted to let the treasure hunters understand a simple fact: Never ever go to casinos.

Just before they parted ways with one another, Li Du remarked, "The day after tomorrow might be cloudy? The weather wont be so scorching hot. Well have a birthday party for Big Fox. Everyone must remember to come and well be inviting Frank and York."

"What?" The group of treasure hunters was taken aback. "Big Li, did we mishear you?"

"No," Li Du replied, "you heard correctly. Well be inviting Frank and York."

"But why?" asked Olly resentfully. "You want to invite them over and then well beat them up together?"

"Of course not," laughed Li Du. "Just remember my advice: change our attitude and treat them politely. Otherwise, if they get intimidated and run back to California, we cant avenge ourselves."

The group of them agreed with Li and nodded their heads. "Big Li, youre right."

The subsequent actions of Marlin were within Li Dus expectations.

When he left the lounge, the dark-skinned muscular guy, Black Leopard, entered and asked, "Boss, thrash him?"

Marlin considered it for a moment before shaking his head. "No, dont touch him."

Another muscular man, Dutas, urged, "Black Leopard, dont use violence all the time. We need to be careful with this young man. Boss, we suggest we do a background check on him."

"Hmm, I agree we should check his background," said Marlin. "But do we have our people in China? That countrys not easy to get in."

Dutas took a deep breath and said, "No, its not to investigate his situation in China, but Mexico. He had a Mexican Cartel member working for him.

"Are you sure?" Marlin asked, stunned.

"The eagle and the red dahlia," explained Dutas, "thats what the top fighters of the Mexican Cartel tattoo on their body. People dont dare just tattoo that on themselves for fun."

Marlin gave it another thought and came to a decision. "Tell everyone to stay away from this lad. Especially Harristell him to wise up! As for Dog Ears, teach him a lesson!"

The Native Americans were fast to execute Marlins orders. Black Leopard gathered a few men and they piled into a Toyota business car.

While in the car, Black Leopard gave Harris a call and asked, "Wheres Joffrey Rick?"

Harris replied, "Well talk later, I have a girl whos dead drunk here, let me have some fun."

"F*ck you Harris! Im acting under Bosss orders. Wheres Joffrey Rick? Hes caused us some trouble!"

When Harris heard that, something inside his pants went soft. He asked, "D*mmit, Rick caused trouble again? Why is he always causing trouble? What happened?"

"He infuriated the Chinaman with terrifying gambling skills. That guy came to the casino and won back the amount of money that had been scammed by Rick. Boss wants us to teach him a lesson."

Harris was enraged. "That Chinaman is too arrogant. Why didnt he show that Chinaman what hes made of? Let him know"

"Shut up! That Chinaman may have some backing, and Boss wants him to work in the casino. Tell me Ricks address!"

"Where are you now?" asked Harris. "Ill rush over immediately. Well go together."

"Didnt you want to have some fun with a girl?"

"D*mmit, she can go to hell!"

Indirectly, Li Du had saved a woman from the hands of a devil. It was a pity no one knew his chivalrous deed.

Harris rushed over to meet up with Black Leopard. "Do ask what happened first before you beat him up. Buddy, you gotta be calm!"

"What the f*ck!" spat Black Leopard. "Ill only execute what Boss has ordered me to do!" He completely ignored what Harris said.

At this time, Rick was having a meal with Frank and York in a restaurant.

The table had a pile of empty glass bottles and the three of them were drinking merrily. Rick took a gulp of the beer and said, "Well done my friends, weve finally taught that Chinese son of a b*tch a lesson!"

"Hmph, weve only dealt with those idiots following behind that *sshole," said Frank. "We havent touched him yet."

"In a way, we did teach him a lesson," laughed a smug-looking Rick. "See who else still wants to follow him around. Once hes alone, hell be easier to deal with."

York, however, could not stop feeling anxious. "But what we did today needs to be handled with caution. Pals, if everyone knows that we colluded with the storage company to scam our fellow treasure hunters, well be in deep sh*t."

Frank was unconcerned and said, "Just push everything on that d*mned country bumpkin. Whats his name again? What Pratt?"

"Kellan Pratt, from Pratts Storage Company," replied York. "We can only handle it this way, and be fast about it."

"Well settle this tomorrow," said Rick. "In any case, weve won this round. How is it, pals? Do you feel good now that we got back at them?"

Frank laughed heartily. "No, this is still not enough. We need to give him an unforgettable lesson for life. That f*cking Chinaman... I hate that Chinaman!"

"No matter if we have vented our anger or not, weve pulled off the tactical effect, "York said enthusiastically. "When we left the place, they didnt have the courage to stop us. Obviously theyre afraid of us."

The other two cackled merrily at Yorks words.

As they were chatting excitedly, two cars stopped outside the restaurant. Harris got out and shouted, "Joffrey, look what youve done! Come over and explain to me!" He hadnt even finished his words when Black Leopard gestured for a go-ahead to his men.

Rick gaped at them in shock. "Hey pals, whats going on?"

"You *sshole, go and ask God!" Black Leopard dashed forward and gave Rick a flying kick!

"Ahhh!" A desperate scream was heard!

Harris cussed in frustration. "This impulsive idiot! Oh wellnow we have another period of time where Rick will be unable to work!"