Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 417

Chapter 417: A Happy Gathering

Hans laughed bitterly after hearing what Li Du said. "Bud, youre wrong!"

Li Du asked, "Why?"

Lu Guan immediately spoke before Hans could. "You gave Big Caen 10,000 dollars because he told you some information and you wanted to take this opportunity to gain trust so that everyone will supply you more information?

"Youre wrong, because everyone will supply you information, a bunch of information, countless information.

"And among this information, there will be a bunch of f*cking fake news that if you believe, youll be miserablevery miserable, I swear!"

Godzilla, who was beside him, exclaimed, "Oh my God, do you have an engine inside your mouth?"

Big Quinn asked, "What do you mean?"

"He can talk so fast!" Godzilla was envious.

Li Du laughed out loud in amusement. "Okay, I understand your concerns. Big Fox, you wanted to say the same thing right?"

"Although I dont want to admit it, its true," said a piqued Hans. "D*mmit! Young fella, could you not act like youre close to us?"

Lu Guan shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "When did I do that?"

"Then why are you interrupting our conversations?"

Lu Guan replied as if stating a fact, "Because Im close to Li."

Hans was speechless.

At this time, two people entered the site. The chatting crowd immediately talked amongst themselves:

"Sh*t, its the f*cking Californians."

"Shut up, you forget Big Lis words? Come, smile, give them a smile!"

"Frank and York... theyre like celebrities in the storage auction industry. Ive heard that they have a poor relationship with Big Li and Big Fox. Why are they here?"

Reginald followed the two behind like a stooge. He spoke in a low voice, "I dont think its a good choice to appear here. Pals, if you want to teach Li and Hans a lesson, this is not a good time."

Frank rolled his eyes and spoke in a supercilious manner, "Just shut that disgusting mouth of yours! Because of your smelly mouth, I think Im going to throw up my breakfast. Who said that were here to teach them a lesson? Were here to make friends!"

He clenched his teeth when he spoke the last sentence. The reluctance and resentful emotions within him almost exploded.

Li Du waved at them warmly. "Hey Frank, Jim, come over here. Oh, Mr. Dog Tail is here as well? Come over here."

York was carrying a box and he gave it to Hans. "Happy Birthday, pal. Hopefully you have a great year!"

As a Chinese saying goes: "One should not be harsh to a smiling face." Moreover, Li Du had already told Hans and the treasure hunters beforehand to smile at the two. Hans returned an even friendlier smile and said, "Thank you, thank you pals. Come, we were just talking about you two. Youve come at the right time."

"Talking about what?" York asked.

Lu Guan replied, "Talking about California culture, people, LAs hot sexy girls, Kobe Bryant and his Lakers team. The Lakers are going to win this year, right?"

Frank answered in a chilly tone, "Sorry, we are fans of the Clippers."

Los Angeles had two NBA basketball teams: the superstar team, the Lakers, and the other one, which was a perennial loser, the Clippers.

Clippers fans hated Lakers fans the most because they took all the fame and limelight.

Li Du let them sit down and laughed, "Weve also been discussing all those bad things that have happened between us. Really just misunderstandings, pals. If not for all these misunderstandings, we would have been good friends by now."

"Yes," York snigged, "thats right. Li, maybe God didnt want us to be good friends the moment we met because he would be jealous of what we could do working together."

Many people came to party bringing presents with them. Hans and Li Du were busy receiving them as hosts.

Li got Turis, Dickens, and the group, and winked. "Treat the two of them nicely. Im serious."

"Is it really necessary?" Big Beard Carl said reluctantly. "I think theyre chatting nicely amongst themselves.

When Li Du and Hans had left to receive other guests, Frank and York huddled close together and spoke very softly so that only the two of them could. They seemed to be in good moods with their animated expressions.

After Turis and rest of group left to help make the rest of guests feel at home, Lu Guan came up to Li. "Those two Californians arent friendly to you two at all. So, are you really serious about befriending them?"

Li Du instantly pulled Lu Guan inside the cabin and asked, "What did you hear?"

Lu Guan shrugged his shoulders. "One fella said if they werent here, theyd pay someone to drop a bomb so the world could be quiet and peaceful again. Another one said youre a bumpkin, and that the party was held in a boorish and unrefined way."

Li Du laughed, "Okay, fine, dont tell anyone else about this, just between us, okay?"

"Am I stupid? Why would I want to spread this?"

Just before Lu Guan made his way out of the cabin, Li Du suddenly had a question. "Hey dude, since your ears are so sensitive, is it be painful when you hear sounds with high decibels?"

"Oh, of course, but Im used to it," the young man snickered. However, Li felt that laugh was forthright, revealing a free personality that he admired.

The golden retriever also smiled like its owner. It saw Ah Meow high up in a tree and Crispy Noodles who was at the bottom of the tree. It slowly crept over to the tree, then jumped out suddenly and barked at Crispy Noodles.

The little raccoon was frightened. Its reflexes made him turn around to scratch.

Ah Meow, who was lazily napping in the tree, didnt notice the big dog creeping close either. The sudden bark also scared him, which caused him to flip and fall from the branch.

It was fortunate that ocelots were agile animals. He quickly stretched out his paws and caught a different branch, avoiding the fate of falling to the ground.

The golden retrievers mischievous act provoked both Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. Ah Meow leaped onto the dogs body, and gave a scratch on its face. Crispy Noodles executed a set of his raccoon fists, coupled with scratching and biting.

The big golden retriever knew it was in big trouble and was howling in pain as it ran to seek refuge from Lu Guan.

Not long after, the playboy Akkalou arrived driving his Ferrari. His trunk contained two thick beef legs.

Li Du "wowed" when he saw the two beef legs. "Holy cow, are these the legs of the bison?"

"Youre good," nodded the Playboy. "These are bison legs, I got them from a friend. Its the real American bison. You cant just buy these from anywhere. "

That had been a casual guess; Li Du didnt expect to be correct. The two beef legs really looked impressive.

Big Quinn, who was responsible for food storage and preparations, walked over to check out the two beef legs. "Okay, leave it to me. I need to marinate it fast. However, its impossible to eat this today."

"Why?" exclaimed the Playboy. "The meat has been frozen. Cant we roast it or something?"

Big Quinn laughed and explained. "We cant. The bisons muscle fibers are very thick. They have very little fat and their meat is very dry, which means the meat is very hard to chew. To enjoy eating it, we should preferably marinate it. Not only that, the olive oil or animal oil content inside the sauce should not be less than 30 percent."