Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Investigation

The security guard smelled something wasn't righthe wasn't an idiot. He crossed his arms, deliberately showing off his pecs. Using an arrogant voice, he said, "What is it? I'm still on shift, so let's just talk here."

"Nothing big," Hans said. "Come on, follow me outside."

Li Du was watching the whole scene from the parking lot with a telescope. He sneered when he saw how the security guard reacted.

That guard is definitely guilty, he thought. He even showed off his pecs when facing a weak-looking guy like Hans. Obviously, he was scared that Hans would cause trouble for him. That's why he tried to intimidate him.

The security guard didn't try to do it on his own; he called out his colleague and said to Hans, "Don't waste my time and speak now! I don't wanna get caught by my boss!"

Hans realized that the security guard was not going to do what he asked. He took out his phone and said to him, "Well, we'll see about that. Look at this videoyour boss won't catch you slacking off, but he will know that you took a bribe, right?"

In the video, the security guard was accepting the cigarette offered by him and Li Du so that they could enter the storage facility. The quality of the video wasn't high, but one could still recognize their faces.

The security guard panicked after watching the video. "D*mn it!" he shouted. "What the hell was that?!"

"I think you know what it was. So, come onif you don't want your boss to see this, follow me now."

The other guard that was being called out felt helpless and said, "Russell, you've got no choice. Just go with him. I don't think he'll do anything to you. The others are here too."

The security guard had no choice but to follow Hans to the parking lot with a grim face.

Li Du snapped his fingers; Godzilla and Big Quinn responded by getting out of the car. They also had their arms crossed.

Their pecs were much bigger and stronger than the guard. Their pecs looked like giant melons; like grenades that could burst at any moment.

The security guard, who had acted cool up until now, revealed his true face right when he saw those two big guys; he looked especially afraid of Big Quinn. He said, "Hey bro, I really don't know what happened just now"

"I haven't ask you anything yet, have I?" Li Du looked at him with cold eyes.

The security guard looked stunned, and the next second he looked full of regret. He knew that he had betrayed himself.

The parking lot was empty. Hans pressed the security guard against the car and raged at him: "Just now you saw it too, right!? My brother was beaten by them! Now, be a good guy and tell me what exactly just happened!?"

The security guard stuttered, "I have no idea, bro. I'm sorry, I really don't"

"F*ck it!" Godzilla was furious too; he clenched his fist tightly and ran towards the guy.

Big Quinn stopped him and gave a big, grim smile. "Let me do this! Ever since I left the Rikers Island Prison, my fists haven't tasted blood. They're very hungry and thirsty!"

The Rikers Island Prison was the most brutal prison in the USA. In the 1990s, it was called "Beyond Hell" due to its accommodation of many heavy criminals.

Those criminals at Rikers Island Prison were notoriously violent. Even after entering the prison, they wouldn't change their ways. They stabbed people with knives they'd find, killing other criminals, even attacking their cellmates and the prison guards. This sort of thing happened frequently, but since the situation was complicated, they wouldn't get punished for these kinds of crimes.

In 2008, the prison was in the news due to a rumor saying that the prison guards were holding an underground boxing club. They made the criminals fight each other and gained profit from the gambling activities. One of the reports revealed that there was an 18-year-old criminal beaten to death during the fighting, but the prison guards turned a blind eye to it.

The scandals about the prison never ended for almost two years. Everyone in the country was paying close attention to it. Big Quinn was only trying to scare the security guard with its influence.

Normally, people won't believe this easily; once someone entered Rikers Island, he wouldn't be getting out for the rest of his life. At least for half a century.

However, with his bog body size and dangerous appearance, Big Quinn could fool him. He was definitely as vicious-looking as the people who were in that prison. Li Du believed that the first impression others had when seeing Big Quinn was that this guy had just gotten out of prison, or that he was going to enter one soon.

His plan was successful, as the security guard was scared to death and said, "No, no, nojust tell me what you guys wanna know. I'll pour everything out for you guys."

"So, what was with those guys just now?" Li Du asked.

"I don't know. They were treasure hunters, and they gave me a cigarette saying that they wanna go explore the surroundings"

"Hey butcher, break one of his ribs!" Li Du ordered impatiently.

Big Quinn and Godzilla didn't know who Li Du was referring to, but it was definitely one of them. Both of them reacted fast and started to stroke their fists.

The security guard cried out, "Sorry, sorry, my mistake. That was you! You guys did that."

"Now answer me!" Li Du shouted angrily.

"They were ahead of you guys. They gave me 200 bucks and asked me to let them in. They also said that you guys would come later, and try to let only you go inside."

"In the end, you're the one who sold me out?" Li Du said.

The security guard was frightened. "No, broI didn't know that they would do that. I swear to God, I didn't know that they would beat you"

"A bunch of people went inside first, and asked you to let only one person go inside after them. What did you think they would do? Treat him to a meal?" Hans ridiculed.

The security guard covered his eyes. "Please," he begged, "I really had no idea."

"So you're saying that when I was beaten by them, you had no idea they were planning on doing that? Why didn't you come in and stop them?"

"Well, I" The security guard held up his head and looked at them pitifully.

"If you lie one more time," Hans interrupted, shouting, "I swear I'll beat you up and send the video to your boss!"

The security guard gave up hope and told them the truth: "I did see it on the surveillance video, but they mentioned that they wouldn't go overboard, that they only wanted to scare you"

Hans felt like kicking him after hearing this. Li Du stopped him in time and said, "Don't rush. We must show our trustworthiness. He'll be alright if he cooperates well."

"Tell us everything you know! I mean everything! Hurry up! Don't make me wait! I'll beat you to death!" threatened Hans.

The security guard immediately blurted out, "I know one thing, bro. I heard something from them. I'll tell you what it is, but you have to promise that you will delete that video!"

"You dare bargain with me?" said Hans.

The security guard was scared, but also cunning; he had to grab this opportunity. "Well, you guys can beat me to death, but I won't be telling you anything. This info would definitely be useful to you."

Hans wanted to punch him, but was stopped by Li Du once again. Li Du stared at him with a cloudy look. "Alright, you'll speak. I'll delete the video if the info is useful."

"You swear?"

"I swear it!"

The security guard was relieved. "Before you guys came in, they were chatting outside the guard room, so I heard something from them"

"What was it!" Hans glared impatiently.

The security guard grinned and said, "'Every Time before an auction starts, that China guy,' no, 'that Chinaman will always go checking at the storage, and will always get some useful information. I bet he has ways to do that. We have to know how he did it.'"