Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Worship The Ancestors

They left on their motorcycles. Pickel was left alone facing the forty strong men, of which there were two enormous men

In this case, a line from "Fight Club" appeared in his mind which was: "Are you trying to be a coward for a lifetime or are you going to be a hero, if only for a few minutes?"

Pickel decided to be a coward without any hesitation. He bowed down and walked to the storage company.

Hans said, "Hey, stop."

Pickel pretended not to have heard anything and walked even faster. He went directly into the security guard's room in front of the units.

Li Du and others walked over, but the security guards stopped them and asked, "What are you guys doing here?"

"To destroy everything and to take away all your jobs," Olly said sourly.

Immediately, the security guards became nervous. The leader even took out his cell phone and threatened them, "Leave now, otherwise I will call the police!"

The treasure hunters were stunned. "Are you crazy?" Turis asked, shocked. "Why are you saying such nonsense? Of course we're here for the auction!"

After listening to this, the leading security guard replied to Li Du confidently, "You guys are here for the auction? D*mn, I thought you guys had other purposes."

Li Du said, "It would be better to call your boss. He will tell you the answer."

"But you might get scolded," Hans said, "as the auction is an opportunity for him to make money. You want to stop him from earning money. It is definitely not a good idea, man!"

The leading security guard said, "Don't bullsh*t us, boy. Of course I will not stop our boss from making money, but I think you're looking for trouble here!"

"Who is it looking for trouble?" the silent Ferris suddenly said. "We've participated in auctions many times. And this is the first time we've encountered trouble because of security guards. Obviously, you're the troublemakers."

In fact, the leading security guard was causing them trouble after receiving the boss's instructions last night. He was ordered to get rid of the bribable and troublesome Pickel.

The leader was very dissatisfied with this directive. Pickel was his subordinate. The security guards were like the army: they appreciated brotherhood. So he couldn't allow his brother to be fired without a proper reason.

After he'd learned the details from Pickel, he decided that he would cause Li Du and the others trouble even if Pickel didn't ask him for help.

Initially, he thought he wouldn't have to do anything because the young wolves gang was quite famous in Page. They were a group of powerful bullies.

However, these guys did not live up to his expectations and they fled after seeing the crowd. That was why, in the end, he had to do something.

After he learned that they were treasure hunters, the leader was not afraid as he had some experience dealing with auctions. He knew the rules of this industry: treasure hunters couldn't attend the auction if they fought with him.

Of course, it must be the treasure hunters starting the trouble. If he were the provoker, he would get himself into trouble. However, the leader did not plan on doing this, and had to think of a way to get the other treasure hunters to start a fight.

After he heard Ferris's words, he coughed, "Listen, I did not mean to get you all in trouble. I have a responsibility to stop you because I am the leader of the security guards. I am responsible for the safety of the company."

"What do you mean?" someone asked.

The leader said, "You are all temporarily not allowed to enter the storage facility because your Chinese partner secretly entered our company yesterday. I have reason to believe that you all have bad intentions!"

Hans sneered, "It seems that you are trying to cause us trouble. You knew it when we entered the company yesterday."

The surrounding treasure hunters were confused and asked, "Big Fox, what happened yesterday?"

Turis and Dickens knew the habit of Li Du. Every time before an auction, he would go to the storage company to survey the company. They rumbled out their complaints.

"What happened yesterday? Didn't you guys allow him to go in?"

"How did they threaten you all just by entering the storage facility? Let's call the Association to report this company!"

"Call their boss. What the f*ck! You all are really a bunch of idiots!"

"D*mn it, report them to the Association. They're purposely causing us trouble. Blacklist them!"

"Contact all the treasure hunters to quit the auction!"

Hearing their complaints, the leader became nervous.

He knew that Chinese people were often targeted in this industry. He thought he could belittle Li Du and the other treasure hunters would attack him as well.

He had intended to made Li Du the cause of this matter so other treasure hunters would side with him against Li Du. Then he would pretend to be kind and allow the others to enter the storage company.

But this result was not what he'd expected. The treasure hunters did not listen to him attack Li Du, but attacked him instead!

Li Du enjoyed facing his opponent with his followers, but he noticed that the California treasure hunters were arriving. Therefore, he didn't intend to continue this topic.

Li Du currently had the advantage as every treasure hunter here supported him, leaving the security guard leader alone without any supporters. But if the California treasure hunters arrived, they would attack Li Du with the security guards. Hence, the leader would be more confident and the situation would become more complicated.

So he quickly raised his hand to ask everyone to be quiet, and then he said to the security guard leader, "You know what happened to me yesterday in the facility. Your subordinate set me up."

The security guard played dumb and said, "Is it? I do not know about it."

"You don't know why I wanted to get into the storage company. I can tell you the answer now," said Li Du. "It's because my great-grandfather and elders lived here."

The leader of the security guards was stunned. "Huhh?"

Li Du pointed to the storage company and said, "It was a hostel provided for the workers who built the dam. My great-grandfather and many elders were involved in the dam. Some of the elders died during the project!"

All the treasure hunters were stunned. "Huhh?"

Li Du said, "I came to the storage company yesterday because I wanted to pay homage to them and see where they used to live. Am I wrong for doing that?"

A security guard behind the leader said, "That's nonsense. It's impossible!"

Li Du said calmly, "I do not talk nonsense. I have evidencesome photos taken by my great-grandfather. There were two bulletin boards beside the entrance. Beside the bulletin boards was an open-air movie theater out there. Occasionally, some parties were held in the theater, and there's a picture and I remember the first facility in front of the storage company was the canteen. The workers lived in other units while the middle storage unit was being used to put some tools and machines.

"The reason for this arrangement was because it was desolate here. There were many thieves stealing things. Later, the state government even sent the militia here. The storage behind the canteen was being used as their hostel"