Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 428

Chapter 428: A Septic Tank Truck

After Li Du spouted his story, a few of the security guards were stunned.

An old security said, "Oh my God, what this child said is true. When I was young, I used to watch movies here. The canteen and the storage were demolished when I was not more than ten years old. I didn't even know about some facts that he told."

"Why don't I know anything about that?" asked the head security guard.

The old security guard said, "Because you've only been here for two years, and you haven't seen the old photos about the storage facility. If you had seen the photos, you would know that what he said is true."

Li Du smiled. "My great-grandfather's family used to keep the old photos. Regrettably, a few years ago, we lost them when we moved. Otherwise, I could show them to you."

Everything he had said he'd only learned about yesterday through the "Relive the Past" ability of the bug.Everything he said was entirely true, so the security guards were speechless.

Hans shoved the security guard leader and said, "My partner came to pay homage to his ancestors and your subordinate allowed him to enter yesterday. What is the reason for you stopping us now?"

The leader looked back at the security room helplessly. Pickel was looking at him, waiting for him to drive Li Du and the others away.

However, he was disappointed: the head security guard made way for them. Li Du then went in with other treasure hunters proudly, in high spirits.

When Hans passed by the security room, he knocked on the glass and said, "Hi, are you going to resign? I think I need to ask your boss."

The leader hurriedly said, "No, please, he is here to resign. I am dealing with his contract. He will leave shortly."

The California treasure hunters then arrived. Someone asked the security guard, "What happened? Seem like those guys messed with you."

"It's none of your business," the security guard leader said angrily.

After entering the facility, Li Du smelled a bad odor. He frowned and asked, "What's going on here?"

Turis covered his nose and nodded to the truck in front of him. "Look, there's a d*mn septic tank truck. It is the cause of the bad smell."

Olly turned to the guards."Hey," he shouted, "did you do this to deliberately disgust us? What is the truck doing here?"

A security guard said, "The septic tank truck comes here once a week. Our company is far away from the town. We're not connected to the sewage system."

Olly said angrily, "We're in really bad luck."

"I'm warning you all," Dickens said, "stay away from the truck. Do you all see the pipe? It is used to pump the waste from the tank through the pump motor into the truck. If the pipe bursts, everything will spray out. By the time that ends, it will seriously be a tragedy."

After listening to this, other people laughed and joked about the septic tank truck. However, Li Du thought of an idea.

The storage company was large and had a lot of employees. There were a dozen security guards. Besides that, many customers were walking in and out of the company. As there were no other toilets nearby, everyone had to use the toilets in the storage company.

There was a lot of waste accumulated each week.

Yesterday, Li Du saw using the little bug that the location of the septic tank of the storage company hadn't changed since its establishment. The same location of the septic tank truck in the parking lot.

Even if there was someone cleaning it regularly, the septic tank was nauseating. Moreover, there wasn't actually anyone cleaning it properly: all the workers assigned to do it were lazy.

Seeing the California treasure hunters walking in triumphantly, he couldn't help but laugh.

Noticing his laughter, Stanley said, "Hey, Chinaman, you thought of some good news? Share it with us."

Hans showed him his middle finger. "Yes, come here, and we'll share with you the secrets of your wife."

Regarding the incident from yesterday, Hans was still enraged. He treated Li Du with sincere respect, just as he treated other friends. That's why he had a lot of friends in the first place.

Stanley narrowed his eyes and said, "Are you looking for trouble by deliberately provoking us? Want to make us angry? Hey, guys, complain about this b*st*rd!"

Both sides wanted to provoke the other side to start the fight so the troublemakers would be expelled from the storage auction. Thus, the chances of gaining something good from the auction would be increased.

Although there were many storage units today, there were even more participants in the auction. There were more than forty treasure hunters from Flagstaff and almost twenty treasure hunters from California. One side being expelled would be really good for the other.

Hence, other treasure hunters were crossing their arms and watching the fun. Moreover, they sowed discord between the two groups.

"Big Fox, I know this guy. He's tough. Are these California guys mess with you? Let's teach them a lesson!"

"Flagstaff treasure hunters are always looking for trouble! I really get tired of thema group of country bumpkins. Let's show them our power!

"Stop bickering. Let's fight! Arguing like girls won't solve the problem."

"Good, hands-on, let them know you're amazing!"

Li Du stepped backward with other treasure hunters and he put the bug on the pipe of the septic tank truck.

Seeing the Flagstaff treasure hunters stepping backward, the California treasure hunters stepped forward under the leadership of Stanley.

Ted felt something wasn't right. He said, "Do we really want to be so aggressive?" It was not because he was a soft-hearted guy or that he had any problem with picking on the Flagstaff treasure hunters. It was because there were too many of them; he worried that this would lead to a fight between the two groups.

Stanley glared at Ted. He said contemptuously, "No balls, sissy? Get away from me if you're scared! I must avenge Frank!"

The treasure hunter flattered him with an idea. "I've captured with the DV camera, and we can show to Frank and York how powerful we are with it."

The treasure hunters from Flagstaff had slowly made their way away from the septic tank truck and the California treasure hunters were getting closer to it.

Some Flagstaff treasure hunters were getting angry. Olly said, "Boss Li. What the heck! They are all sissies. I bet we could leave them like crying babies using our fists!"

Other treasure hunters supported him too. Li Du shook his head. "We will certainly deal with them, but not now. We'll wait until the auction is over..." As he spoke, he quietly paid attention to Stanley and the others.

By the time they reached the septic tank truck, he immediately arranged the bug to absorb the time energy of the pipe. He had strengthened its speed and energy.

The pipe of the septic tank truck and the septic tank were connected. Inside the truck, there was a pump motor using the pressure difference to transport the liquid stool and solid stool into the truck from the tank.

The quality of this pumping pipe was required to be very high because a lot of pressure was constantly applied on it. However, the pipe was old. The little bug absorbed the energy in the pipe. Under the intense pressure, it finally cracked and burst!