Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Seriously Eat Sh*t

Vroom vroom. The pump motor was working properly, creating strong pressure to transport the waste out of the septic tank in the ground.

As the pipe burst, all the blackish-yellow liquid suddenly sprayed out like water through a high-pressured water gun! An extremely putrid smell spread rapidly from the pipe. There was not only feces but also some sticky toilet paper mixed into the mess!

All of a sudden, everyone froze; no one knew how to react. The septic tank waste was spread everywhere and no one had time to react. Not only California treasure hunters, but other treasure hunters who had been watching on the sidelines for fun were also covered in the mess.

It became very interesting. Everyone was screaming and the sound of vomiting could be heard.

"F*ck. I'm gonna puke. Help!"

"D*mn it, get out of the way. God d*mn it!"

"Don't open your mouth stupid. It will get into your mouth!"

"Sh*t. I want to vomit. It's rancid. D*mn, gosh!"

The treasure hunters who had been watching for fun dispersed quickly. However, the California treasure hunters were nearest the truck and could not leave as fast as them.

The scene was chaotic as people were pushing each other. Someone shoved the person blocking his way and slipped on the wet ground. The situation was terrible.

This time the Flagstaff treasure hunters were watching the fun while Hans and the rest of Li Du's team were stunned.

Looking at this, Hans muttered, "Gosh, they're really eating sh*t like what I said in the morning. They're really eating sh*t!"

"They're pitiful. Oh my god, it's disgusting!"

"Dang, look at the guy. He's screaming his lungs out. Sh*t! Sh*t! Is that a piece of toilet paper hanging on his mouth?"

The security guards finally found the problem. The security guard leader shouted, "Fast, turn off the high-pressure pump! Hurry up!"

In the truck, there was a young man lazily listening music. For this reason, he didn't hear people yelling and screaming when the incident happened. By the time he realized there was a problem, the surrounding area was already a messa pan of nasty congee.

The young man jumped out of the truck and suddenly feces start spraying him. He screamed and ducked back into the truck immediately.

This made the security guard leader very angry. He shouted, "B*st*rd, go and shut down the high-pressure pump!"

The high-pressure pump was not equipped in the truck. It was in the septic tank while the switch was in the small room next to the septic tank. Eventually the security captain ran into the small room under the stinky feces rain to shut down the high-pressure pump manually.

Finally, the feces rain had stopped, but the affected treasure hunters were completely covered in the stuff. The treasure hunters just watching the fun had been very lucky while the California treasure hunters were wet all over like rats that had drowned in feces.

Several people were lying on the ground and vomiting crazily. Ted cried, "Where can I take a bath? I want to take a bath, my God. I'm going to take a bath!"

Stanley staggered and tried to reach for the treasure hunter beside him. However, the treasure hunter quickly stepped back so Stanley slipped on feces and fell to the ground.

Hans said, "It's okay. He's not hurt since there is so much sh*t on the floor acting like a cushion. There's also toilet paper and sanitary napkins. Oh, is that gauze and a dead mouse?"

"Stop talking. I'm gonna vomit. It's so disgusting. How could this happen to me?"

Godzilla asked Li Du, "Which was more miserable? Your encounter with them yesterday or them now?"

Li Du sigh, "Me. I was insulted by them directly."

Listening to these words, Godzilla strode forward without saying anything else. He kicked whoever wanted to run away from the truck back into the mess.

A security guard stopped him and said, "What are you doing?"

Godzilla said dully, "They tried to smudge me. That's why I'm fighting back."

"Stop fighting," the security guard said angrily. "Bring them out now."

Godzilla shook his head. "No no, they are too stinky."

Treasure hunters took out their cell phones, taking pictures of the scene. Someone laughed, "This gonna be a big news. It's interesting."

Full of regret, someone said, "My phone has no camera function. D*mn it."

"Is not there a DV camera on the floor? Pick it up."

"That's disgusting. This DV camera is broken. Let's throw it into the trash can."

"No, don't throw it into the trash can. It is too disgusting for the trash can."

The California treasure hunters felt like weeping but had no tears. They didn't know what to do. Some of them thought that all of this was an illusion. How could it happen?

The security guard leader led the treasure hunters to a place to clean their bodies. He said to another guard, "Hurry up, give them a rinse. Wash away the sh*t quickly."

"Bring them to the bathroom?"

"F*ck you, not the bathroom please. Do you still want to use the bathroom? Simply look for a place and rinse them with water!"

"I'm going to vomit. It's so disgusting. Sir, I can't do it. I can't do it. I'm going to vomit."

Seeing that his subordinates were unwilling to help, the security guard leader could only wave to the California treasure hunters, showing a disgusted at them. "Come with me. Let's go wash up. Sh*t! Hurry up! Yuck!"

The California treasure hunters, were out of their minds with disgust, left with the security guard leader. Li Du said, "D*mn it. I still wanted to beat them up after the auction."

"Actually, what's the conflict between you and them?" Turis asked curiously.

Hans sneered and he wanted to explain but Li Du gestured to him not to say anything.

Li Du said, "They are good friends with Frank and York, who have always been very unfriendly to me and the other Flagstaff treasure hunters. There's no personal conflict actually."

"I really pity them," Olly said, looking sympathetically at them.

Hans sneered, "'The hateful man deserves the hateful place.' They are also very annoying!"

More treasure hunters arrived afterwards. They shouted and wondered why the place smelled terrible, covering their noses when they entered the storage company.

When the auctioneer arrived, he quickly took a handkerchief from his pocket and covered his nose. He felt like he was choking; his eyes became red.

The septic tank had been in use for a long time. When the strong stinky odor was released, no one could withstand it. There were several California treasure hunters who had fallen to the ground and they had yet to stand up because of the smell. They all had that funky, nasty smell on them.

In spite of the unexpected situation, the auction was held as usual without being affected.

Of course, the California treasure hunters could not attend this auctionthe condition they were in was tragic.

Li Du wasn't sympathetic to them. They were not as miserable as today as he'd been when they humiliated him yesterday.

Particularly Stanley, who spat on him yesterday. Li Du was kind for not beating him up!