Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 438

Chapter 438: A Baffling Siege

There was only one viewing spot in Horseshoe Bend, but based on the degree of astonishment, it was unparalleled in the world!

As it was close to the Utah Plateau, there was a large quantity of iron and manganese elements in the surrounding soil. Hence, the soil here shined beautifully in shades of gold and red in the blazing sun.

Looking down from the viewing spot, the cut-out of the Colorado River was green, like a jade band. As such, the red land and the green river complemented each other. In terms of the color contrast, it was very pleasing to the eye.

In addition, this Bend was very curved, and had a beautiful shape. Filled with vigor, it was also very full and deep. As Li Du looked down from the viewing point, he could not help being filled up with pride.

He turned around and looked at Big Quinn, who was standing some distance away. He waved him over and said, "Come, come over here, the air is crisp."

Big Quinn laughed bitterly and shook his head. "No, I'm not going over. I've seen it many times. I don't want to see it again."

"Do you have a fear of heights, and don't dare go over for a look?" Olly laughed out loud.

Big Quinn said in jest, "Nope. Alright, a little. D*mmit, I can't tell you about thiswell, maybe I do have a fear of heights."

Seeing his embarrassed face, Li Du could not help laughing.

The tourists nearby kept their distance fearfully. To the tourists, Big Quinn's mannerisms at that moment looked extremely aggressive; they were afraid of being kicked should they get too close to him.

Departing Horseshoe Bend, the next stop was Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon was one of the world's most popular slot Canyons. It was also a popular place for photography. The terrain was divided into two separate parts, the Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

As they were driving a car, they could not enter the Canyon, because the entrance of the Canyon was only the width of a man.

In the car, Hans asked, "Do you want to go down and take a look?"

Li Du looked at the sky and said, "Forget it, we still have to go to Lake Powell, and the Hopi Village. We'll not have sufficient time if we continue to stay here."

Big Quinn said, "Boss, I suggest that you go down for a look. It's stunning here, really stunning."

Hans echoed him, "Yes, go down for a look, especially since it's almost noon. The lights in the Canyon are like a kaleidoscope, but only for a short time around noon when light shines through a few gaps into the bottom of the valley."

Li Du had heard of Antelope Canyon. When he'd gone to that disreputable school, the student groups had formed their own tours, and one of them went to visit Antelope Canyon.

This Canyon was the most beautiful canyon in all of North America, famously deep and serene. The distance was not great but as it reached deep underground, it looked more mysterious.

Like the soil at the Horseshoe Bend, the soil at Antelope Canyon was also red. It was not due to the element manganese, but was due to the naturally red sandstone.

Because the flash floods frequently flushed the rocks in the valley they had a dreamy texture. It was also referred to as an underground paradise, except that this paradise was not God's, site but the site of the Native Americans.

Entering Antelope Canyon, they needed to hire a Native American tour guide. This was mandatory, and was a regulation set by the State Tourism Board.

It was neither because the Native Americans were domineering, nor because was it for protection of natureit was for the safety of the tourists.

Due to the unique shape of the Canyon, whenever it rained, water would be flushed into the Canyon. In no time, the narrow paradise could become a hell filled with torrents of gushing water with no way to escape!

Restricted by physical obstacles, Li Du and the group parked their car a mile from the entrance of the Canyon, and walked over. As this entailed the paying of entrance fees and the hiring of a tour guide, the rest of the treasure hunters did not go along. They had either visited previously or had no interestnone of them were willing to spend any more money.

Li Du brought Godzilla into the Canyon; they were going to Upper Antelope Canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon was not opened; it stayed close for nine months out of the year so it was not easy to catch it while it was open.

Even if Lower Antelope Canyon were open, hardly any tourists would go in.

This was because this Canyon was located underground and one needed to climb metal stairs to reach deep underground. Mid-way, one might also need to rely on some ropes to complete the journey. It was dangerous, and while they wanted to make money, the Native Americans did not encourage tourists to enter.

The passage was paved with fine sand. It was oddly comfortable to step on the soft sand, but Li Du felt uneasyit reminded him of quicksand.

Entering the entrance of the Canyon, they paid for the entrance tickets, and hired a tour guide. The two of them were assigned to the front of a big, four-wheel drive car.

"You have to take the car all the way. Not allowed to get down, not allowed to walk," the Native American tour guide said sternly.

Li Du was shocked, and asked, "Can't even walk?"

The tour guide explained, "The temperature at some areas will be higher. When the sun shines on the red rock, the rays will end up being reflected to a few points. If you're not careful, you could get burnt."

Li Du was suddenly enlightened. In this case, he should keep a low profile and stay in the car obediently.

As the car was filled up with tourists, the tour guide clapped his hands and said, "Everyone take good care of your valuables. Keep them safe. Otherwise, if anything drops during the car ride, we won't have the chance to retrieve it."

As the tourists began to check their own valuables, Li Du remembered the two feathers that had signified friendship with the Hopis in his pocket. He then took them out, intending to keep them in his pants' pocket.

As he took out the feathers, the Native American tour guide suddenly pointed at him and shrieked, shouting two sentences in his tribe's language, while bearing a fierce expression.

Li Du could not understand what he meant and thought the other person was questioning how he had gotten hold of the two feathers. He tried to explain, "We got hold of these through friendship"

Upon hearing him, the Native American tour guide's face looked even more aggressive. He shouted and a few Native Americans who were maintaining the security around the area rushed over with similarly ferocious expressions.

The tourists on board were terrified; they had no idea what was happening. They could not help but shout, "What is that for? What happened? What do they want to do?"

"What are these Native Americans shouting? Are they trying to kidnap us?"

"Call the police! Come to me, Suyun, I will protect you!"

Sensing these Native Americans did not bear good intentions, Godzilla stood up and clenched his fists, while putting on a fierce and angered expression.

Li Du was equally angry: these people were coming for him, but he had not done anything. What were they referring to? Were they bullying him because he was yellow-skinned?

It was not known if Godzilla's stature had shocked the Native Americans or if they had decided to value their business instead. They still looked aggressive but did not make any movesthey only surrounded the two of them.

At this time, the tour guide spoke into the walkie-talkie using his tribe's language. Li Du had no idea what was going on but he also called Hans, "Not sure why, but these Native Americans suddenly want to attack us."