Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 440

Chapter 440: A Fierce Confrontation

Li Du was someone who could be persuaded, but not forced. Of course, if he did not have equal capabilities to his opponent, he would have no choicebut since he had the little bug and the capability, what was there to fear?

Without batting an eyelash, he took a glance around and had a very acute sense of things.

This was the entrance to the canyon, and above them was the cliff of the canyon.

Li Du had long known that Antelope Canyon and the other narrow canyons were the samethey were soft sandstone formed by millions of years of erosion. For most narrow canyons, such erosion was caused by flash floods. Otherwise, it could be due to wind erosion.

In northern Arizona, there were often flash floods in the canyon during the windy season. Due to the sudden increase in the volume of rainfall from the flash floods, coupled with shrinkage of the river bank due to the narrowing channel, the strong erosive force caused a corridor to develop at the bottom of Antelope Canyon. The edge of the hard and smooth walls of the valley had a slight resemblance to the flowing water.

All year round, the mountain breeze hit the canyon's four walls continuously, causing the sandstone to soften and change its shape.

That was why the State Tourism Office did not allow any tourists to enter without supervision. Some of the rocks were very soft, and if tourists touched it, the sandstone would crack easily.

Even if untouched by people, as time passed, some sandstone would also drop off given the long-term exposure to rain and sun.

For instance, at their current location of the canyon's entrance, there was a weathered rock the size of a coffee table which looked as though it was about to fall off, hanging like a chandelier.

This weathered sandstone was now connected by a thin bar, only as wide as an arm. It looked like a chandelier hanging on the cliff; its surrounding areas had been demarcated as danger zones, and no one was allowed near it.

An idea struck Li Du when he saw this piece of rock.

He snapped his fingers to release the little bug, and it flew swiftly towards the rock strip before taking a rest on it to wildly absorb energy from it.

After he had released the little bug, Li Du became more confident. He looked at the Native American opposite him coldly, and confronted the crowd fearlessly.

Godzilla and Big Quinn were tough guys, especially the former. When he had first mixed around in Mexico, he had gained experience through bloody battles. Noticing that Li Du was so resolute in his attitude, the two of them perked up, and looked at the Native Americans fearlessly as well.

Hans had also gained some confidence. He took out his mobile phone, and called Turis for him to bring some men over, at the same time preparing to call the policethe situation was not looking optimistic.

The elder Native American looked at Li Du with interest, and said, "What did you just ask? You asked why we are forcing you? Well, I'll give you an answer. That is because this is our territory and we are stronger than you!"

Understanding that the other party was not going to retract, Li Du took out a crossbow from his backpack.

He had two crossbows in total: the first was a gift from Hans who had bought it when they participated in the Hoffman auction. It was the Pterosaurs' Rage that he was holding now.

The other was bought from the firearms store. Dubbed the "Black Mamba," it was bigger, heavier, and deadlier.

The Pterosaurs' Rage was handier, and even collapsible. He would usually keep it in his backpack. However, he could not carry the Black Mamba around and would keep it in a trunk in the HellCat.

Seeing that he took out this crossbow, the Native Americans were not at all perturbed. Instead, they laughed loudly.

The elderly man, who was initially impressed with his courage, laughed coldly, "Ha, I thought you were a tough guyyou were referring to this toy?"

One of the Native Americans took off his shirt and showed off his muscular body. Like a bear, he pounded his chest, and said, "Come, shoot me here, shoot!'

Godzilla's gaze became fiercer. He also took off his T-shirt, and as he clenched his fist, the muscles on his upper body became taut!

His chest was huge and muscular, even harder than the red rock of the canyon. It was rugged and indestructible like rocks that had been hit by waves.

At this sight, that Native American stopped shouting. In comparison, he was like a small rock, with no right to show even an ounce of arrogance before Godzilla.

Li Du looked at the crowd coolly, raised the crossbow and said, "Don't worry, I will not shoot at you guys. This is not a weapon for killing. However, once the arrow is shot, it will be scarier than being killed!"

The elderly man laughed, "Is that so? Then shall we have a look at it? We have seen guns, cannons and grenadesthese did not scare us, and you're trying to scare us with this small thing?!"

The rest of the Native Americans shouted together, "Fearless! Charge!"

Li Du laughed coldly and said, "Ha, pretenders!"

Hans whispered, "That's not pretending, buddy. The Navajos had really seen these things, but it was not that these weapons were used by soldiers to attack them. During WWII, many Navajos had joined the military."

Thinking about it, he added on, "You do not know the Navajos, then do you know the code talkers?"

Li Du did know this: during the initial period of WWII, in the Pacific War, the Japanese army would use all methods to decipher the US military's secret codeit had caused the US military much distress.

To change the situation, with the experience of using Choctaw Native Americans as secret coders in WWI, the US military enlisted hundreds of Navajos.

This was because their language was not known to those outside their tribes. The US military trained them to become special interpreters known as the "code talkers."

Even if one did not know this part of history, Li Du had also heard of this part of history in movies.

After listening to Hans, he asked in surprise, "These people are the descendants of the code talkers?"

The elder Native American nodded his head arrogantly. "Correct."

Li Du continued to sneer, "You've contaminated the bloodline of heroes! Or were the code talkers like you guys: people who liked to bully the weak?"

He almost drove the elderly man mad with rage while the other Native Americans were angered. "You have the nerve to insult our forefathers, lad, you are doomed!"

"Let's attack. Ahiga, give it to them!"

"B*st*rd! You've insulted our tribe! You've got to pay the price!"

Seeing that the Native Americans were agitated and could strike anytime, Hans's heart was heavy. He glanced at the road outside the canyon to check if Turis and the rest were approaching.

Li Du had also noticed that the situation was not in their favor. With a wave of his hand, he raised the crossbow and aimed it at the block of weathered rock that was hanging like a chandelier, and said sternly to the elderly man, "Don't you force me!'

"Haha, so this is what you're planning. Great, you can shoot your arrow. Let me see if your arrow's as powerful as a missile and can split rock?!"