Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 455

Chapter 455: Declaration of Rights

As he drove to the entrance of the hospital, Li Du saw the yawning lady doctor who had a small bag on her arm. She was on the night shift and had only just got off work so she was fatigued, both mentally and physically.

Li Du got out to give her a warm cup of coffee. "Drink this first. Let me bring you back for a rest?"

Sophie put her hand over her mouth and yawned again and tried to look not as tired. "Thank you," she said, "but I don't think I need a rest."

However, the moment she finished her sentence, she yawned again.

Li Du laughed. "You need a rest now," he said. "Come on, get in the car. I'll take you home right away. Oh, rightwhere's Ah Ow?"

Sophie opened her bag; Ah Ow's head popped out, staring discontentedly at Li Du with her big beautiful eyes.

Li Du lifted the chubby puppy out from the bag, nudged her with his nose, and laughed like a happy daddy. "She's gained a lot of weight. Seems like she must be eating good food."

"She's still on goat's milk, but she has a really good appetite," grinned Sophie. "She can finish two big bottles of milk every day. This is considered a good sign though: the fatter she is, the stronger her body is." Sophie's eyes turned into a crescent as she smiled.

Apparently, she was very proud of the fact that she could take care of a puppy until it was a month old.

Ah Ow was unusually strong for a one-month-old puppy. Ordinary one-month-old puppies would usually appear frail. However, Ah Ow looked like she was already two months old. She looked smart, well-built, and was loud.

Li Du had only held her for a minute when the little thing's front paws were placed on his arm and she peed again!

Mr. Li was infuriated. This was not the first time Ah Ow had done that to him. Every time he went to see the mischievous puppy, she would pee on him. Has it become a reflex or something? he thought.

When Ah Ow finished peeing, Li Du hurriedly put her down on the grass. According to his past experience, the next thing the puppy was gonna do was poop.

As soon as she was put on the ground, her little tail straightened and she pooped.

Sophie was stunned by what happened before her. "Oh my, how can that be? She's never been like that with me."

Li Du smiled bitterly. "I don't know either. Perhaps she's too excited?"

Sophie hurriedly took out a paper towel to help him wipe the pee. She was half squatting in front of him, not realizing that the posture was pretty suggestive.

A passerby happened to see it and immediately whistled. "Wow!"

In that instant, Li Du hated that whistling passerby!

Sophie then realized what was happening. Her face quickly flushed red and she hastily opened the door of the car.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Ah Meow lying idly on the car seat. She stretched out her arms with joy. "Hi, Ah Meow, my little sweetheart, look who's here to see you?"

Ah Meow did not look at her; he sniffed the air with his nose, then his chubby face wrinkled and his expression did not seem quite right.

Sophie tried to hold him in her arms as she sat down on the seat but he started to struggle. Sophie had to let him go since he was struggling. She tapped him with her finger on his little forehead and remarked in a slightly annoyed tone, "Ah Meow is getting naughtier. I should give you a tranquilizer, then you won't be so naughty."

Ah Meow's body shook for an instant as if he understood what Sophie said; he licked Sophie's palm with his tongue and tried to please Sophie by mewling a few times.

When Li Du got in the car, Ah Meow stopped trying to please Sophie. He turned around and gave a sharp yowl, "Meeoooww!"

He sounded mournful!

Crispy Noodles appeared from behind the driver's seat. He stuck out his furry little head, resting his long snout on the shoulder of the seat, and blinked his small eyes, looking very confused.

Li Du was startled by Ah Meow's sudden cry. "What's up?"

Ah Meow did not answer, but leaped up, opening his mouth, wanting to bite Ah Ow, who was in the arms of Li Du.

Fortunately, Sophie was prepared and stopped Ah Meow by holding back him back.

Ah Meow struggled more intensely this time, Sophie couldn't hold him for much longer.

Li Du tapped his finger on Ah Meow's forehead and said in a stern tone, "Why? What are you doing? Ah Meow's being disobedient again?"

"Meow, meowww!" Ah Meow mewled anxiously, his long tail lashing as if there were a small motor installed in his butt.

Li Du knew that he was unhappy with the presence of Ah Ow. "Calm down, Ah Meow. This is your little sister, she will be your little playmate and a member of the family."

Ah Meow stretched and tried to claw Ah Ow, who shrank her head away just in time to avoid the blow. Otherwise, his claw might have torn off one ear.

Li Du was enraged, and snapped, "What's going on? How did you get so disobedient? I can only have you, and can't have any other animals?"

When he first decided to keep Crispy Noodles, Ah Meow had been like this toohe had wanted all the attention for himself. Li Du didn't want to let Ah Meow have his way and develop this bad habit.

Ah Meow continued to caterwaul at Ah Ow; he was more aggressive than when he had seen Crispy Noodles for the first time.

Ah Ow was disobedient as well. She opened her mouth to snarl at Ah Meow while in Li Du's arms, letting out a babyish high-pitched howl: "Owwuuu! Owwwuuu!"

Ah Meow glared at Ah Ow fiercely.

Li Du gave Ah Meow a slap in the face without hesitation. "That's not the way to treat your little sister!" he reprimanded Ah Meow sternly.

As Ah Meow received a slap, his aggression towards Ah Ow dissipated.

With a pathetic-looking face, he stared at Li Du sadly and made a few more meowing sounds before trying to hide himself by continuously twisting his head in Sophie's arms.

Ah Meow realized that he couldn't hide himself and changed his tactic to hide under her dress. The lady doctor didn't expect Ah Meow to do that. Her skirt was lifted up by Ah Meow, revealing her beautiful thighs.

Li Du panickedhe stared at her thighs in shock without knowing whether to stop Ah Meow or encourage him to continue.

Sophie was even more flustered. She pulled him out and put her skirt down in a hurry. She was angry because of the embarrassment. "Ah Meow, you rascal kitty! I don't see you for a few days and you become a rogue?"

Ah Meow looked crestfallen. We don't see each other for few days and you don't like Ah Meow anymore either? he thought.

Because of this incident, Sophie's weariness faded a lot and she was no longer drowsy.

While Li Du was driving, Ah Meow suddenly raised his head and slowly climbed up to Li's leg. Li Du dragged Ah Ow toward the back and spoke in a serious tone, "Ah Meow, if you dare to act recklessly, I'll really punish you!"

Ah Meow did not look at Ah Ow, but he lifted a leg and Ssssss!

Li Du hardened!

Err no, Li Du was petrified for that instant!

He didn't know what to do at the moment. To shove Ah Meow away? No, he was in the midst of driving. Step on the brakes? No either, Ah Meow was still peeing.

At that critical moment, he was indecisive and had difficulty making a decision.

And so Li Du continued to drive, looking helplessly ahead of himself while Ah Meow peed without hesitation.

Ah Meow was now a fully-grown ocelot. He was not a little puppy that had a small bladder. When he finished peeing, Li Du's pants were wet. Ah Meow looked as if nothing had happened. The ocelot shook for an instant after peeing and returned to Sophie's arms.

Sophie was petrified as well. She stammered in a soft voice, "Wh-ha-at... wha-at... what's happening?"

Crispy Noodles moved from behind the driver's seat to the fronthe seemed like he wanted to pee on Li Du too.

Li Du finally made a decision. He slammed on the brakes and roared, "Crispy Noodles, don't you dare!"

The little raccoon was timid; he tucked his tail between his legs and darted back behind the seat. On and off, he would lift up his head and look at Li Du in a dissatisfied manner.

Ah Ow stood up. "Owww! Owww!"

She stood on Li Du's other leg and squattedshe seemed to be trying hard to squeeze something out, and two drops of clear urine fell

She was displeased with that little amount. Her tail straightened up and she now wanted to poo!

Li Du felt like smashing her on the windshield!