Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Stop the Car for Investigation

Robert looked at Li Du, and Li Du indicated for Lu Guan to chase after the truck with the recorder. "These guys are more cowardly than I thought. Okay, after them."

Robert asked, "It's over just like that?"

"Of course not," Li Du laughed. "Let's chase after them so that we can finish the task."

He was not panicking because the truck was traveling along a small road behind the workshop, and it would not be able to travel fast on the muddy path.

A bald burly guy frowned as he walked out. "D*mmit. Robert, you n*gger, what are you up to? What's up with those three dudes?"

Robert said, "Those three are suspects. Don't thank me Billy, I helped you get rid of trouble."

Angered, Billy said, "F*cker, you're giving me a lotta trouble! What am I supposed to do with them when they come back?"

Robert said, "They haven't paid you for the modifications yet, right? You should hope that they return."

At this time, Li Du's phone rang. He indicated for Robert to continue talking to the boss of the workshop while he took the call at the side.

It was Hans calling. "Your three compatriots looked panicky after taking a phone call. They look like they are about to leave."

Li Du said, "Stop them, don't let them leave. The show is about to start."

After he hung up, he called Luo Qun to tell her where he was before walking back to Robert and gang.

Billy was still grumbling when Li Du went over. "Come with us and you can get a Ford truck. This is good business, right?"

"Where did f*ck did this guy come from?" Billy looked at Robert, without any change in his expression.

Li Du laughed, "My men will let you know."

He whistled and then waved, and Big Quinn and Godzilla emerged from the car.

Seeing these two ferocious-looking men, Billy wisely took a step back and changed his attitude toward Li Du. "Buddy, you gotta play by the rules, right?"

Li Du boarded the car and said, "I will play by the rules and leave you with the car. Hurry, or we won't get anything if we're late."

The two "police" cars went separate ways: one went along the muddy path while the other went by the main road, so they could intercept the truck and block it from escaping either end.

The small truck was in bad condition and was about to be scrapped. It only looked new because of the paint job, and could not go fast along the muddy path. Because of this, the two "police" cars succeeded by striking only after the enemy turned on the roadone chased after it while the other blocked the exit to the path.

The people in the truck knew that they could not continue to go forward. The heartless driver then swerved and drove the car into the wilderness.

It was even more fun now, with the terrain in the wilderness being worse than the dirt road. Not only were there large pits and puddles, there were small mounds that protruded from the ground.

The truck wobbled for about 300 feet before two front wheels fell into a big pit with a loud bang. The people in the car opened the doors and charged into the wilderness, dashing into the woods under the cover of night.

Li Du did not continue the pursuit. He went to open the trunk and saw a large solid wooden box before him.

Godzilla and Big Quinn carried the wooden box out. He released the little bug and it entered the wooden box, only to see some dismantled silver armor parts.

Feeling the little bug's eagerness to absorb the time energy, he smiled; mission accomplished. This was Frank and York's silver armor.

Lu Guan, who had been by his side the whole time, said upon seeing this, "Oh, those two California dudes are so screwed. They're too foolish, getting cheated by those three Chinese guys."

"What happened?" Li Du asked.

Lu Guan told him everything he had seen and heard at the bank and then added. "After they left, I went to ask the bank's staff. The two men who had received them were not even from the bank. The staff said they did not know them.

"These three Chinese guys are professionals. They actually arranged for people to masquerade as the bank's staff, wearing similar outfits, to be waiting at the bank for the Californian guys so as to cheat them.

Li Du said, "Frank and York are also experienced folks. To think they would actually capsize like this. Don't worry, the police will take care of them. Let's go back."

As Godzilla and Big Quinn were about to leave with the box, Billy's men reacted: a dozen young men walked over. With his men backing him, he had more confidence. "Hey buddy," Billy said, walking up. "What's going on now?"

Because of Godzilla and Big Quinn, he was more polite and nicer to Li Du now.

Li Du pointed at the truck and said, "The truck is yours."

"I'm asking about this box." Billy stretched his hand out to pat it but Godzilla pulled it away with a dark face.

Billy wisely retreatedhe did not dare offend the beefy Mexican guy who was two heads taller and many pounds heavier than him.

Another police car approached, with the siren howling and the lights flashing.

Billy pursed his lips. "You're deploying a lotta people, huh? What's in this box? Tell me the truth buddy, no matter how many come"

"It's the real police this time," Li Du interrupted him. "If your *ss ain't clean, then you better wear your pants." The police car stopped and some officers got out.

Some of the staff at the workshop recognized the police officers and rushed up to Billy. "Boss, they're the real the police. Lookthat jerk is Bruce, who checked on us last month."

"Sh*t!" Billy's face turned green. "Let's gotow this truck back. Let's go back, quick!"

Luo Qun, who was in uniform, stood valiantly by the road as she stared at Billy from afar. "This guy's bad news, how did you know him?"

Li Du said, "I'm here to look for fraudsters, but they ran away."

On hearing that, Luo Qun's eyes widened. "Ran away?!"

Li Du knew that she had misunderstood and so hurriedly explained, "Some ran away, but the main culprit hasn't. Come with me." With the pickup truck leading the way, the police car trailed behind it all the way to the cabin.

As they pulled in the driveway, Li Du got out of the car, only to see Ma Cheng trying to tear himself away from Hans.

He asked, "What's going on?"

Hans was about to speak; Ma Cheng was thrilled to see him. "Li, where have you been? This partner of yours is a crazy drunkhe's forcing us to have a drinking competition with him!"

Li Du went to pull Hans off; the drunk-looking Hans winked at him. No words were needed between them.

After ridding himself of Hans, Ma Cheng said, "Li, we've just been notified that an accident has occurred at the Phoenix auction and so we have to dash over."

"What accident?" Li Fu asked. "Can we help?"

Ma Cheng shook his head hastil., "No, it's fine, our company can handle it. You guys carry on with the drinkingcarry on!"

Without saying much else, Li Du saw them off in their car. It hadn't gone far when the three police cars at the barricade near the entrance to the road turned on their lights and sirens.

Rose was with her partner Bruce at the front, and waved at the Toyota to stop. "How are you? Could the three gentlemen get out of the car to assist with investigations? Someone has made a police report accusing you of performing fraudulent activities in Flagstaff!"