Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Change in Operations

Li Du didn't plan on attending any auctions until October because it would soon be the end of September, and he had to accompany Sophie to Flagstaff's Michaelmas.

However, Lu Guan had just joined the team. He was filled with the desire to excel and went around listening to information before he told Li Du a few pieces of news:

"Firstly, The Vagabond Storage Company in Flagstaff is going to organize an auction, with a total of seven storage units that are going to be auctioned, Bossseven storage units!

"Secondly, in Scottsdale, Crater Storage Company is also going to organize an auction on September 27th, with a total of 11 storage units being auctioned.

"Also, in Phoenix, there will be an auction on the same day held by Fashionista Storage Unit Company, with a total of ten storage units being auctioned. What do you think? This stuff is big scale, right?"

Li Du asked, "You've heard about so many pieces of information, but what are in these storage units?"

Lu Guan shrugged. "Shouldn't you be the one going to see?"

Li Du's face darkened. "How many bosses do you have?"

Lu Guan thought that Li Du was testing his loyalty and instantly stood straight and saluted. "Only one, and that's you, Li Du! I will always be loyal to you, just like how the S.S. was loyal to Hitler."

While speaking, he did the Nazi salute with his right arm raised to a 45-degree position and his fingers placed together. He did this and shouted, "Heil Hitler! Heil Big Li!"

Li Du was annoyedwhat was he doing?

He replied, "Since you know that I am your only boss, what's the point in telling me so many pieces of information? Can I split myself into many parts? Can I attend so many auctions simultaneously?"

"Yes," Li Guan responded, "but I also managed to attain some insider information. Let me think."

He raised his hand and counted, "Tramp storage unit had a few juicers, yes, a few, not just one. This is definitely the truth, there were new juicers in the container.

"There seemed to be guns in the storage unit at Phoenix? But this news wasn't confirmed. I heard that the owner of the storage unit lost his gunthey guessed that it had been misplaced in the storage unit.

"Also, there were also guns in ScottsdaleI think it's like that, or did I mix that up with Phoenix? Anyway, you will find guns this time."

Li Du looked at him with annoyancewhat kind of messy information was that?

But seeing Lu Guan's eagerness, he still felt gratified. With so many auctions taking place, Li Du guessed that there would be some rewards, hence he decided to go take a look.

Phoenix's and Scottsdale's storage unit auctions were taking place simultaneously. Vagabond Storage's auction was taking place first, so he decided to start here.

The duration to of little bug's capabilities had greatly increased. Using this strategy, he could drive to different storage units until he found one that was valuable. Since the information had been obtained by Lu Guan, he brought him along. He noticed how Li Du always brought Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles along, so he ended up bringing his golden retriever.

The golden retriever saw the two furry friends and was extremely delighted; he jumped and tossed himself about.

Li Du's blood froze and he said, "Listen, the car is only so bigI can't bring along a dog. Can you let Little Plane down first?"

Lu Guan was stubborn. "You are bringing along an ocelot and raccoon, why can't I bring a dog?"

Li Du replied with frustration, "Because I am the boss."

Lu Guan straightened up this neck. "The boss can't bully his subordinates. This isn't fair. I want justice! I want justice!"

"F*ck!" Mr. Li, who hadn't used a curse word in a long time, couldn't help but spill it. He had to find a reason. "Ah Meow and Crispy Noodle are my lucky companionsyou know the fortune cat? The one from Chinese culture?"

Lu Guan nodded his head and Li Du said, "You should know that Ah Meow is the fortune cat."

"But Little Plane is my lucky companion too" he argued.

Li Du glared at him. "Why in the world do you need a lucky companion? You don't even need to source for a valuable storage unit."

Lu Guan finally gave in and let the golden retriever down from the car.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles instantly let out sighs of relief. The ocelot's chubby face became more relaxed too.

The golden retriever sat alone at the cabin, tilting his face and staring at them with his big dejected gaze.

Witnessing this, Li Du felt guilty and let out a sigh, "Alright, d*mn it, it looked so pitiful"

At this moment, Godzilla brought over a bag of jerky; upon seeing the golden retriever sitting alone, he whistled at it and threw a piece of the jerky.

The golden retriever regained his enthusiasm again and gobbled down the jerky before sprinting toward Godzilla, shaking its tail furiously and drooling.

Lu Guan was angered. "This little b*tch! What a traitor!"

Li Du seized this opportunity and stepped on the accelerator, speeding away.

They first went to Vagabond Storage. Li Du was already accustomed to this place and said his greetings to the security guards before entering.

There were quite a few storage units to be auctioned but after letting the little bug survey, there wasn't anything valuable, and it couldn't even find the juicers Lu Guan claimed were here.

But this didn't mean that there weren't juicers in this placemaybe the juicers were placed in some corner. After all, there were too many items here. Li Du not being able to find a few was normal.

Since there wasn't any valuable storage unit, he immediately changed location.

They drove toward Phoenix and there were ten storage units there waiting for them.

Lu Guan was very jumpy and after seeing Li Du coming back after walking one round in the area, he asked, "What does this mean?"

Li Du replied without any concern, "The meaning is simple. I don't have any interest in them."

Lu Guan was surprised. "But you didn't open them up and see."

"Who said that I didn't open them up?" Li Du replied. "I have people that I know and I asked them to do it for me."

Lu Guan sucked in a gasp of air. "That's cheating!"

"Yes, cheating, so what? You can't take it?"

Lu Guan excitedly exclaimed, "No, I like it!"

Li Du was speechless.

Even though Phoenix wasn't Li Du's territory, he had made a few trips here and was accustomed to this place. Once he reached the city and found Fashionista Storage, he gave the security guards a few beers and made his way in.

Lu Guan mentioned that there were guns here. He was very interested in this since guns that were in storage units were often older and more valuable. Treasure hunters like this kind of loot.

But obtaining loot in this industry wasn't easyit depended on luck, and sometimes the information obtained was not accurate.

He walked one round and finished looking at the ten storage units, but still did not find anything that attracted his attention. He then proceeded to Scottsdale instead.