Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Friendship as Priority

Once they realized this, how could the treasure hunters not go crazy bidding?

In this storage unit, some of the packages, boxes, travel bags, and other such items were messily thrown about and did not seem to be of any value. However, there could be valuable items hidden inside the boxes and packages.

The treasure hunters could not tell, but they believed that Li Du could.

In Arizona, Li Du was well-known within treasure-hunting circles to have acute observational and analytical skills. He could spot minute details and deduce that there were valuable in the boxes.

The last few storage units had yielded a high return because he'd been able to attain valuable items from within packages or cabinets.

The crowd trusted his acumen and once everyone noticed his interest in this storage unit, many followed suit in the bidding.

Hans bid 1,000 dollars and the price quickly rose to 2,000 dollars, 3,000 dollars, and the next time he opened his mouth the bid had already risen to 4,000 dollars.

With a nod from Li Du, Hans continued shouting, "4,000 dollars!"

The other treasure hunters followed closely to compete:

"Four thousand one hundred dollars!"

"Four thousand two hundred dollars!"

"Four thousand five hundred dollars!"

"Five thousand dollars!"

Li Du glanced at the bidder. It was the person who'd been competing with him previously in the line, Niko.

Upon witnessing this, he shook his head at Hans; the two of them withdrew from the bidding process and leisurely walked toward the next storage unit with their hands clasped behind their backs.

One treasure hunter asked, "What does this mean?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Turis asked back. "They gave up bidding."

"They gave up just like that? What's valuable in this? And with just a difference of 1,000 dollars?"

Turis turned back and replied, "Who said there was something valuable inside?"

"If not, then what's going on?"

"Ask god," Turis snorted. "Maybe he would knowwe don't know what's inside."

"Then what did Li Du say just now?"

"He said that the storage unit was worthless and that we should not bid for it."

Niko was astounded. "D*mn it," he snarled, "this scum cheated! This is fraud!"

Dickens nodded his head. "Yes, it seems so. But no one forced you to bid, right? You can only blame yourself if you suffer from this."

Big Beard Carl stroked his beard. "You tried to compete with Li Du for the last spot in line? You don't want what death feels like!"

The auctioneer shouted the price three times and the deal was sealed. The treasure hunters headed towards the next storage unit. A few of the guys patted Niko on his shoulder and said pitifully, "My condolences, pal."

"F*ck your mother!" Niko broke into a series of swears.

While waiting at the door of the eighth storage unit, someone said unhappily to Li Du, "Big Li, you shouldn't do this. You're making enemies for yourself."

Li Du replied curiously, "I'm making enemies? You sure? I just made a casual bid. If you are my friend, will you compete against me?"

"Fair competition, what's wrong with that?" that person answered.

Li Du said, "Yes, fair competition. So, on what basis do you think that I'm making enemies? I bid a fair price, you competed by making another bid fairly, fair competition. Any problem with that?"

The treasure hunters could find nothing to refute Li's words. Indeed, when they bid, they did not have good intentions and just wanted to rely on Li Du's acumen to take the storage unit from his hands.

Li Du understood that his trick had attracted quite a bit of attention and that it could create trouble for himself. But he had to bid in a random mannerif not, people would always follow his bid.

The bid for the eighth storage unit began. This time, he did not participate and it was successfully bought by Lu Guan for 1,600 dollars.

The next three storage units Li Du did not offer any money for, and they were successfully bought by other people.

The auction ended. The people who had not been happy with him became happier when they came over and asked, "Hey, Big Li, are you here for vacation? Why didn't you get any unit?

"A vacation's good as wellScottsdale is a great city for sightseeing and vacation. But you're here at the wrong time, pal. It will be better for you to visit next season."

Li Du laughed. "Participation matters more, friendship is first."

While he spoke, he walked toward the door of the eighth storage unit and squatted down in the shade. He waved his hand and called Big Quinn and Godzilla over.

Hans headed over to the office to pay. Niko was coincidentally behind him in line. Noticing Hans, he said in an unfriendly tone, "Eh, what are you here for?"

"Pay the fees. I can't be here for coffee right?" Hans's tone was rude as well.

Niko was stunned. "Paying for what?"

"Storage units 38 and 50. Those are the two we bid for, so of course we have to pay. You didn't really believe we were here on vacation, right?"

Hans handed the money over to the cashier, took his invoice, waved at Niko and said, "Bye."

Niko was stunned.

The group of treasure hunters at the eighth storage unit, number 50, was shocked too.

Lu Guan sat beside Li Du as he played with Ah Meow and Crispy Noodle. Everyone realized they had an alliance.

Turis was shocked and asked, "Hey, Max, since when are you on Li Du's team?"

Lu Guan replied, "Can't you call me Lu Guan? It's okay I guessmaybe addressing me this way is a little difficult for you guys. Anyway, I joined Big Li's team and I'm the general under his charge!"

"Is that true Big Li?" Olly asked.

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I formed a small company. Max is an employee in this company."

Lu Guan mumbled, "Fine, Max, Max, I'm still Max. No one cares about my opinion. I've already changed my name, okay?"

Hans came back with the invoice so they could carry on with work.

Olly and the rest who were gathered at the door asked Li Du, "Big Li, is your company still recruiting? I want to join you."

"Yes Big Li, let me work under you. I don't want to do this alone anymored*mn it, the risk is too big."

"If Max can join you, I should be able to join, right? I'll do anything you ask, and I'll do it well."

Li Du smiled. "You guys can talk to Big Fox. Human Resources is under his charge. I'm not an expert in this field."

Throwing the ball out of his court, he brought Big Quinn and Godzilla to work.

Godzilla tidied up the front of the unit and found a small antique box. Li Du retrieved the box and said, "Come, take a look at thisthis is our target."

Hans couldn't be bothered to argue with the other treasure hunters. He quickly walked over and asked, "What is this? What did you see? Oh, this is a humidor!"

Upon noticing that Li Du found something, the other treasure hunters gathered around. Olly said, "You managed to get a humidor? Big Li's judgment is great, pals. This box is definitely worth a lot."

Hans picked up the box and opened it up.

When the box opened, a voice cried, "Wow!"