Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 480

Chapter 480: Mans Two Pieces of Treasure

Once the box was opened they could see the cigars inside.

Humidors held cigars, which normally weren't a big deal, but these were exceptionally pretty. They were wrapped in golden paper and covered with small crystals!

Li Du had been shocked upon first seeing these. If they were ordinary cigars, he wouldn't have wasted the effort and money to get the unit. It was because the cigars were extraordinary that he had bid for it.

In America, cigars weren't a luxury good. Many ordinary citizens were able to enjoy them. They were usually made cheaply so the companies would make more money, to cater to the wide consumer base, and for the masses to enjoy.

One box of plain cigars, even one carton of them, wouldn't be of much use.

However, these cigars were extraordinary. Just looking at their packaging their value was obvious.

Hans took one cigar and slowly placed it in front of his nose to take a sniff. He joyfully nodded his head and said, "Very good. The smell of this cigar is very rich. They are still in good condition."

Even if they were contained in the box, if the temperature and moisture were wrong, the quality of the cigars would drop.

The humidor wasn't an all-purpose box. To maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity, there needed to be frequent maintenance to adjust the temperature and moisture of the environment.

No one knew how long the box had been in the storage unit. If no one had maintained it for a long time and the conditions in the box weren't right, this would diminish the quality of the cigars.

Usually, these containers couldn't be shut tight as there needed to be air flow, but that also needed to be controlled. The temperature should be maintained at 64 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity maintained at 65 to 75 percent.

Hans took one cigar and one line of words caught his attention. He asked, "What brand is this? Is it Trinidad or COHIBA? Or is it Gurkha Black Dragon?"

These three cigar brands were the most well-known luxury cigar brands. Gurkha Black Dragon was known to produce the most expensive cigars, Trinidad was the national treasure of Cuba, while COHIBA was the designated gift from Cuba's president, Castro.

Packaged cigars would indicate the brand. Hans quickly found it and said, "No, we are all wrong. This is from the Royal Danish!"

Some of them were confused after hearing this.

"What's that?"

"Royal Danish?"

"Cigars produced in Denmark?"

"Cigars are manufactured there?"

The person who understood cigars the most was actually Li Du because when he had inspected the unit with the little bug, he'd gone online to check.

Royal Danish was still a young company and wasn't yet that popular. It mainly catered to the wealthy so the masses would not have heard of them.

The founder of this industry was Jan Vistisen and he was deeply interested in cigars. However, he was not in this industry previously but had been a magnate in the social media industry.

However, because of his health problems, the doctor recommended for him to pursue something relaxing he enjoyed, hence he'd started producing his own cigars.

Cigar production wasn't easy and launching a brand was even harder. Jan was an outstanding businessman. He had decided to choose the unconventional method and launched a luxurious cigar brand.

So the "Royal Danish" had been born. The cigars produced were covered in gold foil and Swarovski crystal which looked extremely luxurious and big. But cigars were about traditions and this was seen as lack of culture and detail by many.

But luckily the world wasn't lacking in tycoons who fancied these, especially in the Middle East and Eastern Asia. They liked these big cigars, so Royal Danish gained a footing in the market.

The others understood that when they didn't know something, Google would help, and so they immediately took out their phones. In a moment, the identity of the cigar was confirmed and the price was confirmed as well.

Because of the gold foil and the Swarovski crystals, these cigars were priced very highly and each of them was sold for over a thousand dollars. There were a total of 28 cigars in this box, so this amounted to close to 30,000 dollars.

Of course, they could only sell them as second-hand goods and the profit would be slashed.

Hans was pleased and covered the box. "Even with a discount, we could still earn 20,000 dollars. Very good, this storage unit was worth it."

The treasure hunters surrounding were jealous. "D*mn it, why didn't I see this box? If I saw the cigar container, I would have definitely bid for this."

Finding cigars in this storage unit, Dickens shifted his attention to storage unit 38 and he asked, "Big Li, what did you find in that storage unit?"

Li Du smiled. "I can't confirm yet. We should open the door and take a look. If the information that I received is correct, 38 will be even more interesting."

After opening the storage unit, Godzilla was put solely in-charge of tidying up the place. Li Du, Hans and Lu Guan went to help. After removing some things, a steel box appeared.

"What's in this?" someone asked curiously.

Li Du said, "Someone told me that this storage unit had a gun. I thought that if anything could contain a gun, it would be this box."

There were locks on two sides of the box. Godzilla smashed them, open it with the back of a hammer and saw what was inside. His eyes widened and he proclaimed, "My god, what a big gun!"

Just like when Li Du had first seen the gun, Godzilla, Hans and those crowded behind were stunned.

Even though it was Li Du's second time viewing it, he still felt stunned. Looking at it through the eyes of the little bug and looking at it in person were very different.

The two thick and heavy silver barrels were beside each other. The box was fixed with some accessories, all of which were huge.

Hans rubbed his eyes, which revealed his disbelief. He exclaimed, "F*ck! What gun is this? I don't know! I've never seen this before!"

"There's a gun you don't know?" Li Du was even more shocked at this fact.

Godzilla carried the barrel for display, and it was like carrying a small cannon barrel.

The gasps of astonishment spread and could be heard from outside the storage unit.

After fiddling with the barrel, Godzilla said, "Boss, this is a custom made gun. Someone handmade this and it won't be found in the market."

Hans hurriedly took out a cigar from the humidor and placed it in his mouth. He snatched over the barrel and exclaimed, "Let me carry it. Let me. Cigar and big gun, very good, the two pieces of treasures for men."

Godzilla shook his headhe hadn't been holding the barrel because it was something cool to look at.

Hans placed it down and peeled open the next layer of the box and said, "D*mn it, wrong, this should be pieced together for a picture!"