Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Put It On Auction

Some of the men here were good with gunsGodzilla and Hans were among the best.

But it was not easy for them to put the gun together. It was too big, and each component was too big as well.

The onlookers were already dumbfounded staring at the unusually large-sized components. When Hans took out a golden bullet that was as thick as a toddler's wrist, the onlookers froze in amazement.

"Oh, f*ck, I feel like I'm in the land of the Giants. Is this gun a weapon of the Orcs?"

"What kind of animals does this gun hunt? Elephants? Whales? Dinosaurs?"

"Everyone, I hereby announce that we've found evidence of Bigfoot's existence: this very gun!"

"What can this gun kill? It's bullsh*t! The moment we pulled the trigger, we'll be knocked unconscious from the impact and turn into prey ourselves!

"It's not for single-person shooting. This could be considered a small caliber cannon?"

"Yeah. If one used it as a gun and fired a shot, they'd have to pay 150 dollars so they could locate their right shoulder that got blasted off!"

Listening to the discussion, Li Du laughed, "That's real funny, pals. I think what you've said is much more interesting than the gun itself."

"If you're willing to share this gun with us," quipped Olly, "we can say more interesting things for you."

Hans gave Olly a dirty look and said, "Don't even think about it, you rogue. Didn't I just give you money for the fishing machine? You must know that greediness will lead you to a bad ending."

The fishing machine had been sold but the amount for each individual was too small for Li Du to be concerned. The proceeds were split among everyone, so each portion was not a big sum of money.

The giant gun was eventually assembled successfully, and everyone came forward to take a picture with it.

The gun was heavyover forty pounds!

Hans was elated with the fact that they had obtained the Royal Danish Cigars and the huge, custom-made gun. This trip had been a fruitful onethey could earn a neat sum of money.

Stroking the giant gun, he said, "This thing is worth at least 200,000 dollars. Bud, this monster won't be found anywhere else! A lot of people will be obsessed with it!"

Li Du said, "Let's put it away first. We'll pack the cigars and go now."

"No need to rush," Hans said. "We have the gun, who cares about the cigars?"

"According to the price you found," Li Du said, "the cigars may be more valuable than this gun."

Hans cackled at Li's words. "Haha! How can that be? That box of cigars is worth less than 30,000 dollars."

"Who told you there's only one box?" Li Du asked.

Hans looked at Li in astonishment. "There's more than one box? Sh*t, sh*t, I didn't notice that!"

"There are a total of eight boxes. Let's go."

These cigars had been well preserved not only because of the smaller cigar boxes called "the cigar humidors" that had kept the cigars fresh, but also because the cigars were also kept in another larger box called "the cigar case."

One cigar case could hold ten cigar humidors. There were two empty cigar humidors in the cigar case. The remaining eight humidors were filled with cigars.

They returned to Flagstaff that day with their valuable finds in two vehicles.

Hans hugged the giant gun throughout the return journey and Li Du laughed at the sight. When they reached the old goods site, Li asked, "You like this that much?"

"I love it as much as I love God!"

"Okay, buddy," Li Du said without hesitation, "this gun is now yours."

Hans was not too surprised to hear that. He chuckled, "Li, meeting you and having you as my partner must be the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me in my"

"No," Li Du interrupted him without any hesitation as well. "You're lucky because Hannah helped me out even though she knew I was unable to pay rent. You're lucky that you have a kind-hearted sister."

Hans stretched out his arms in an exaggerated shrug. "Of course, Hannah is God's precious gift to me. I love her as much as I love myself!"

Li Du was speechless.

"Well, I can't keep this gun," continued Hans in a more serious tone. "Let's just sell it. We can earn a lot from it."

"We have enough to spend, Big Fox," said Li Du. "Life can't always be about earning money. It's not always easy to find something you really like. Don't give it up."

Hans patted the alien motorcycle parked near the cabin and said, "I already have something I really like, and that's good enough. Li, you've given me enough stuff. Let this gun find a more suitable owner."

"The dagger that I kept for myself is embedded with precious gems," Li Du said matter-of-factly. "It's definitely more valuable than ten guns."

Hans laughed. "You deserve that. In fact, you deserved everything, but I don't think I deserve this. Let me play with it for a few days, but I don't want to keep this gun."

"Really?" Li Du stared at him with a faint smile.

Hans nodded his head seriously. "Yes, I mean it. I don't like to collect things. Why would I do that? I prefer practical things like motorbikes and pistolsbut this? Nah."

As he spoke, he shook his head seriously.

Since Hans had said so, Li Du put him in charge of looking for the buyers for the gun and the cigars.

As there were many treasure hunters who had seen the gun, news of it spread quickly. The two of them were glad to see this happen. The more people who knew of the big gun, the more people who were interested in it.

Nonetheless, the first to look them up for the gun was not a potential customer but the auctioneer of Hoffman's Old Goods Market, Sayder.

Sayder drove a vintage looking car to Li Du's site. Li thought Sayder's car looked familiar. "Is this a Chevrolet Impala from the sixties? It's a good car, and expensive as well."

The auctioneer wore a proud smile. "No, no, no, this is not expensive. When I saw this car, it didn't look like thisit was real ugly. I exchanged a computer for this car."

"A computer in exchange for a car?" Li Du was really surprised by this statement.

"Yes," Sayder nodded, "but like I said, this car didn't use to look like this. I had to redo the body panels, give it a new coat of paint, change its tires, and give an overhaul of the engine and gearbox..."

"Wow," Hans laughed, "you built a new car by yourself."

This was rather common in the United States. There were many people who had old cars and were unwilling to scrap them. Most old cars were rundown or broken, so they did the repairs and remodeling by themselves.

Li Du gave a thumbs-up and said, "That's really cool."

"No matter how cool this is, it's still nothing compared to you two," commented Sayder. "My friends, a 'giant gun,' huh? How about letting me have a look at it?"

Hans brought Sayder into the cabin while Li Du stayed outside, sunning the cigars.

The cigars had been well kept but the boxes contained quite an amount of distilled water which turned into water vapor that resulted in excessive humidity. Once the cigars were damp, it would greatly affect the taste, smell and quality.

The giant gun was kept in the small living room of the cabin, and that made it look more magnificent than ever. Sayder's sighs of exclamation inside the cabin were heard by Li Du very clearly.

Both of them came out after a while and walked up to Li Du. "Sayder wants to put the gun on auction at the old goods market," said Hans. "He promised to help us fetch a high price for the gun, and the handling fee and commission fees will be waived."

It was unquestionably better that the gun go on auction. Li Du had guessed Sayder's intention when he had first shown up. Hence, he was not surprised to hear this from Hans.