Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Jealousy

To his surprise, the Martins knew this man as well. "Steve, you know Li?"

After hearing Mr. Martin address the man, Li Du recalled the man's name and hurriedly extended his hand. "Hello, Mayor Steve Jordan. I didn't expect to see you here. I'm so glad!"

Mayor Jordan shook hands with him firmly, and clapped him on the shoulder. "I'm also glad, my young friend."

He turned to the Martins and said, "Yes, I know him. Remember just now how I said my firetruck is now as good as new?"

Mrs. Martin smiled. "Of course. You said that two good people donated some fire-fighting equipment that revived your fire truck. They can't be Li and Sophie, right? They've never mentioned it!"

"You guessed half of it," laughed Mayor Jordan. "Li and his partner donated the equipment to the town."

"Actually, Sophie had a part in it as well," chipped in Li Du. "She taught me to always follow the will of God and help others when I can."

The three of them laughed.

Sophie was embarrassed and gave him a light slap on the arm. She whispered, "Was there a need to say that?"

Jordan laughed and remarked, "Thomas, looks like Sophie found herself a smart guy."

On the other hand, Mr. Martin's brows were knitted. "Why do I feel like Li is a veteran in love?"

Li Du felt abashedhe had been gilding the lily when there was no need to do so. I'm a recruit in terms of love. Can't you give me some encouragement? he thought as he looked at Mr. Martin.

However, Mr. Martin quickly said to himself, "Definitely not. Li is a good boy. He must have been mixing with that skirt chaser lad of the Fox family for too long and learned all these things."

"That child's a Casanova," laughed Mrs. Martin. "I remember when he was chased by the fathers of five girls riding on motorcycles. Do you still remember?"

Mr. Martin sighed, "It's so spectacular that I'll never forget that."

Li Du listened and thought to himself, Hans, that rogue, has such a glorious past?

Mayor Jordan helped Li Du by putting in a good word. "Although I'm not close to Li, from what I can tell, the child is good. Both of you know I have a good judgment of people".

"Yes, he's a good child," laughed Mr. Martin brightly. "Alright, you both go enjoy yourselves. We won't bother you."

Mayor Jordan shook hands with Li Du again. "When you're free, do come to Highland Town for a look. Especially now that we're preparing for a harvest, there is wonderful scenery and delicious food to enjoy!"

After they parted ways, Li Du took Sophie on a ride around the city with the Hellcat to relax.

When it was dinner time, they went to the Golden Aquitaine. Sophie thought it was rather expensive but Li Du insisted, "This is to repay you for 'buying' me earlier."

Sophie refused to go there after hearing Li's words, "No, I won't let you repay me the 1,260 dollars. Let's just leave it so that in the future if we quarrel, I'll remind you about this."

"It's alright," said Li Du. "We won't be able to eat food that costs so much anyway."

Sophie recalled Li Du's appetite during the day and had her own doubts.

When placing her order at the restaurant, she only ordered a salad and a small steak. She didn't want anything else, not even a beverage, explaining that she would just have the restaurant's Indian black tea, which was free.

There were some elderly people who were dining there and saw the scene. They said in appreciation, "What a nice girl. Anyone who marries her will be in luck."

Sophie smiled cheerfully when she heard that. Li Du was smiling too, but it was a bitter one. Sophie was treating the money he used for this meal as a deductible from the 1,260 dollars. She had ordered so little because she wanted to keep the amount as high as possible.

That night, Li Du went back to Pine Tree Tops. Luo Qun was watching TV on the sofa, shaking her legs. When she saw Li Du, she lifted her skirt almost right up to end of her thigh.

Li Du stared at her inexplicable behavior and said, "What's the matter? You're horny?"

Luo Qun threw a cushion at him and snapped, "Count yourself lucky that I just finished drinking my pot of soupif I hadn't, it wouldn't have been a cushion!"

Li Du asked, "So what are you doing?"

"Nothing. There's just one thing you should know," said Luo Qun, "I rent my house to you and you only, so you're not allowed to bring anyone else back!"

"Fine," replied Li Du flatly, "but last time, when I brought the fraudsters over, didn't you get the credit for it?"

Luo Qun curled her lips against her teeth. "Who's talking about the con men? I'm talking about your girlfriend. You're not allowed to bring your girlfriend back, not allowed to have sex with your girlfriend in my house, or you'll be castrated!"

Li Du was speechless. This woman!

"But Doctor Sophie must be really rich," continued Luo Qun. "She took out more than 1,000 dollars to bid for you just like that."

Li Du replied, "The way you say it makes it sound like I'm not worth that much."

"Right, you're only worth 100 dollars," Luo Qun said, holding up one finger.

Li Du wanted to give her a shove but he was afraid of the gun she carried around with her all the time.

"How did you know about all this?" He changed the topic to prevent himself from picking a fight with her.

Luo Qun chugged a mouthful of beer and replied, "All of Flagstaff knows about this. Someone uploaded the video to the Flagstaff forum."

Li Du was flabbergasted. "Really? D*mn!"

He quickly opened his computer to get on the internet.

However, when he accessed the forum, he couldn't find any post of this. He turned to ask, "Where's the post? Do you still remember the keywords?"

Luo Qun replied in a lazy tone, "Who knows where that post is? I'm just pulling your leg."

"Well, how did you know then?"

"I was on duty in the square today. I saw the whole incident, you're really brainless," remarked Luo Qun caustically.

Li Du sighed, "Fine, I didn't see you."

He was pondering whether to get some antihypertensive drugs. Every time he was alone with Luo Qun, his blood pressure rose.

"Of course not. You only have eyes for your girlfriend. Who else could you see?"

Li Du looked at her with surprise. "Why do I feel like you're jealous?"

"Yes," Luo Qun said, "I'm jealous."

Li Du looked at her in shock. It can't be true. Since when did I gain such great charm? he thought.

"Why does Doctor Sophie like you and not me?" continued Luo Qun. "Besides the fact that I'm a woman, how am I not better than you?"

Li Du was bewildered. "What do you mean?"

Luo Qun gave him a sideways glance then she turned off the television and walked back to her room. "Think about it yourself."

Li Du mulled that over for a whole night. That female cop might be a lesbian? he finally thought to himself.

The following day, he decided to look up Hans in regards to this matter. Hans was well-informed about a lot of thingshe should know what a lesbian was like, and what their characteristics were.

Hans asked a question after hearing Li Du out. "You suspect Sophie's a lesbian?"

"No," Li Du replied. "What has this got to do with Sophie?"

"Didn't you just become lovers with Sophie?" Hans asked. "How could it not be related?"

Li Du was stunned. "And how did you know about this? You were at the festival too?"


"Answer my question!"

Hans shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, I saw it on the forum."

Li Du didn't believe him. "Cut it out, it's not there."

"It is," Big Quinn chimed in. "This morning, the organizers uploaded the pictures and the videos of the festival."