Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Ten Storage Units

Hearing Big Quinn, Li Du hurriedly turned on the computer and went online.

Indeed, there was an online post of them at the auction; there was a high number of views, as well as many comments:

"A 'like' for this lady, for the courage to pursue love, cool!"

"This is Dr. Sophie Martin from Red Cross St. John's Hospital. Beautiful and elegant lady with a kind heart! So envious of that chap!"

"Does no one recognize this Chinese guy? He's Boss Litreasure hunter from Flagstaff! The maniac went from rags to riches, becoming a millionaire within half a year!"

Turning it off, Li Du sighed, "So I'm famous now? D*mn, won't the whole US know about my romance now?"

"You wish!" Hans mocked. "If it were so easy to become an Internet sensation, I would have done so already!"

Li Du was about to retort when he saw an email arrive in his inbox.

Retrieving the email, he saw it was from someone called "Phoenix Illidan." It said that he had ten storage units, had heard that they dealt in storage units, and that he wanted to see if they were interested.

Li Du frowned. "Someone sent us an email inviting us to take a look at his storage units? What's going on?"

Hans went over for a look. "Oh, it's very common. You know how we end up getting these storage units with no owners?"


"Sometimes it's because the owner has passed away and no one has inherited the units. When the rental period is over, they're auctioned off.

"But many of the units have actually been inherited. Most of those who inherit the units think the items are worthless, and so they get the storage companies to sell them off. Others don't sell them but instead look through the units themselves in search of valuables."

In an instant, Li Du understood what he meant. "Oh I see. If they search through the items in the units themselves, they may need treasure hunters to determine the value of those items?"

Hans nodded. "Yes, exactly. Looks like this fella's asking for our help."

Li Du shook his head. "I don't think so. Maybe he wants to sell us the units privately. Lookhe was asking point-blank if we want to buy, not whether we want to help him sort things out."

"Tell him we're very interested," Hans said. "Get him to leave his address. Let's go take a look."

The storage units retained by owners were usually more valuable. It was possible that the previous owners were well-to-do and had wanted to leave valuables in the units.

Phoenix wasn't far off, and they had traveled there quite often. Ten storage units was not a small numberthere was a good chance of them making money.

Li Du replied to the email and the man quickly provided them an address. He was not located in Phoenix but in Tempe, within the Phoenix region.

The timing was perfect; Chen Haonan had called two days earlier to tell Li Du that he had finished making beads out of the rosewood he bought. He invited him to drop by to collect them anytime. They could certainly make a detour to collect the beads during this trip.

Lu Guan stayed home while the four of them went to Tempe in the Iron Knight.

Hans was corresponding with the guy along the way. After a phone call, he frowned and pursed his lips. "This is a rookie. This time we're dealing with a rookie."

"What happened?" Li Du asked.

Hans said, "He actually asked us why we can't deal online? Interestingsince when do we deal in storage units online? Kids these days think the Internet can be used for everything."

Li Du chuckled, "Maybe he's looking into some features for the development of a new software. I think it would be good to have a storage auction software. What do you think?"

"Sh*t. I say, as long as there is money to be made."

The given address was in the vicinity of Arizona State University, a well-known public university in the US. It was known for its academic staff and was well-regarded among the universities in the US and even worldwide.

The school had several campuses: Tempe Campus, Mesa Campus, Northwest Campus, City Campus, and a few more. They were headed for the Tempe Campus.

Although the school was located in Tempe, it was near Phoenix, which was less than six miles away.

If they were to head north for another three hours, they would arrive at another city: Las Vegas, the ultimate place for all treasure hunters in Arizona to conquer.

They were on a famous northward road in the US, so straight that one would boil with anger and frustration driving on it for too long. Li Du looked into the distance and, try as he might, all he saw was a straight roadalbeit a very thin one.

He murmured, "This road doesn't lead to Las Vegas, but probably where the angels rest."

Hans said, "No, this road leads to Las Vegas. I take it all the time. The place where angels rest? You wanna see angels?"

"Yeswhat about it?"

Hans took out the bayonet hidden below the seat and smiled. "Let me stab you, and in a few seconds you can see angels."

Li Du flashed his middle finger at him. This bugger ruined my poetic moment.

It was not difficult to find the place; it was a known area within the university town. With some navigation, Hans arrived there quickly.

While Hans got out of the car and made a call, Li Du took a look at their surroundings. It did not appear that there were any storage units in the areamost people seemed to keep their bric-a-brac in their garages.

After Hans made the call; a young man ran out from one of the houses. He was pale and his clothes were disheveled, like a typical geeky university student.

"Are you guys here to buy my storage units?" he asked when he saw the both of them.

Hans greeted him with a fist bump. "Of course, of course, we're very interested in your storage units. But you've gotta have valuables in there. Otherwise"

"Don't worry, my storage units are definitely valuable!" He patted his chest as he spoke, looking very confident.

Both Li Du's and Hans' anticipation were heightened. What could be in these ten storage units?

"Let us go have a look."

"No problem, follow me." The young man gestured towards the back of the house.

Seeing that, a puzzled Li Du asked, "To where? Are we not going to view the storage units?"

The young man said, "Yes. So I'm asking you guys to follow me."

Seeing that he seemed very confident, the two of them followed him in confusion. Hans said, "Could be that someone converted the rooms to storage unitsI've ever encountered such a scenario."

After entering the house, Li Du still could not see any traces of the storage unitsthis was obviously an apartment building.

The young man opened the room door and invited them in. The room was a mess: his stuff and junk was all over the place. Hans whispered, "Doesn't this look like the inside of a storage unit?"

Li Du smiled. This was definitely not a storage unit, but a young man's bedroom instead.

The young man turned on his computer. "Come, please have a lookhow much do you guys think this is worth?"

Li Du looked at the computer. It was the interface of an online game. Bewildered, he asked, "What?"

The young man said, "Storage, and the things in ithow much do you think they're worth?"

Hans's face instantly blackened as he punched the air, "Sh*t!"