Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Ah Ows Return

Despite Chen Haonan's refusal, Li Du still gave him the market rate of 1,000 dollars for each bracelet before choosing seven scented rosewood bracelets.

Hans and the other two were gifted a free bracelet each. Chen Haonan was a rich kid; he didn't care about this loss of money.

The beads he had made for Godzilla and Big Quinn were one-of-a-kind. For Big Quinn, they were shaped into many small skull heads, which were twice the size of the usual ones.

Upon seeing that, Li Du said, "I remember that more than a decade ago, there was an animated movie called 'Journey to the West.' The sand priest was wearing a necklace made of skull heads, similar to the one you have here."

"Yes, yes, yes,' Chen Haonan chuckled. "I got my inspiration from there!"

Big Quinn did not like the style, and shook his head. "This is too aggressive-looking. I am hoping for something more normal-looking."

Li Du knew that Big Quinn was conscious of his appearance and disposition. When Chen Haonan had put the bracelet on him, it accentuated his fearsomenesshe looked even more menacing.

Li Du explained the situation to Chen Haonan, and asked him if they could exchange the bracelet for a different one.

But Godzilla liked the style. He put the bracelet on and could not stop happily admiring it on his wrist. Big Quinn took the one meant for Godzilla, which had small grenades attached. Although it reminded one of explosives, it did not look as threatening as the skull one.

After spending the morning at the villa, they returned to Flagstaff in the afternoon with Chen Haonan in tow. Since he was finished carving the rosewood, he had nothing much to do, so he was delighted to accept the invitation to follow them back.

As usual, he drove his flashy Ferrari.

Back in Flagstaff, when they arrived at the cabin, he introduced Chen Haonan to Lu Guan. He added that Lu Guan's ancestor was Lu Ban, who had been in the business of woodwork and artwork, and that he was a true descendent practising his ancestral craft.

Lu Guan looked all serious, bowed to Chen Haonan, and said using his lame Mandarin, "Guidance await, master!"

"Huh?" Chen Haonan appeared confused.

Li Du played the role of translator. "Awaiting your guidance, master!"

Chen Haonan quickly nodded. "Okay, we'll learn from each other."

Lu Guan stood up and took off his shirt. Chen Haonan was frightened and retreated. "What's up with this chap? Don't tell me he likes men?"

Exposing his chest, Lu Guan pointed at the tattoo on it and said, "Its white feathers were floating on the water and its red feet were paddling under the water!"

This sentence was spoken very fluently in Mandarin. Afterall, he had said this frequently, and was extremely familiar with it.

Li Du burst out laughingthe two of them were indeed a match made in heaven!

He entrusted Chen Haonan in Lu Guan's care and went to look for Sophie. The two lovebirds' relationship was just blossoming and they wished they could spend every moment together.

As Sophie got off work and stepped out of the hospital, a yellow Ferrari drove up, suddenly braked, and then stopped beside her.

The lady doctor jumped and hugged Ah Ow tightly to her chest, as she glared at the Ferrari warily.

Ah Ow had smelled Li Du's scent and opened her eyes wide, howling nonstop.

The window to the Ferrari wound down, and Li Du's smiling face appeared. "Hello gorgeous. Can I have the honor of buying you a drink?"

Surprised, Sophie replied, "Where did you get this Ferrari? Didn't you say you were going to Tempe to look at storage?"

Li Du sighed, "Long storyhop in first. This ride belongs to one of my mates. I borrowed it for a spin. It's cool driving this around."

Sophie continued, "I thought you wouldn't make it back todayOh God, Ah Ow, don't pee!"

Li Du grabbed her scruff and held her out of the car window. Ah Ow raised her head and looked toward the setting sun with her small eyes. "Ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"Why're you howling? This is a Ferrari!" Li Du hollered in anger. "A million dollar Ferrari! If you pee in this and damage it, I won't be able to pay for iteven if I sell you off!"

After a month of Sophie's tender loving care, Ah Ow had grown stronger. Barely two months old, she was already as strong as a regular three-month-old puppy.

As he was driving leisurely along the road, Li Du told her about the matter of the online-game storage units.

Sophie was laughing hysterically. "You guys are so funny. Why didn't you call and ask properly beforehand?"

Li Du sighed, "Isn't this the fault of empiricism? Actually, it had nothing much to do with me. It's all Big Fox's faultthat *sshole said he has experience, and that many people do it that way."

Seeing Sophie laughing, Ah Ow also became delighted, and started to sit upright to howl away.

Seeing that, Sophie stroked Ah Ow's head and said, "Li, Ah Ow has been weaned off of milk, and has also been vaccinated. You can bring her home now." Her eyes turned redevidently, she could not bear to part with the puppy. Ah Ow had been under her care since before opening her eyes. Sophie had looked after her as though she were a real baby.

In the beginning, she would wake up four or five times every night to feed Ah Ow with milk. When Ah Ow had been that small, she'd needed to frequently drink milk.

The two girls were together almost 24 hours a day. When she was at work, she would hide Ah Ow under her desk or in the drawer. If there weren't any patients, she would play with her.

Now that they were about to part, it was natural for her to be sad.

Hence, Li Du said, "It's fineif you like, you can have her. Anyway, as long as I'm in Flagstaff, I will see you every day."

Sophie shook her head wistfully. "No, Ah Ow is bigger now. I can no longer keep her in my office. Besides, this kid likes to exerciseshe wouldn't be happy locked up in the office all day."

That was true; Sophie had to go to work and, given Ah Ow's size, she could not bring her to the hospital anymore.

Ah Ow seemed to sense the change in Sophie's mood, and quieted down. She looked up at Sophie, puzzled.

Li Du said, "Well why don't you keep her for a while more? And give her to me later on?"

Sophie shoved Ah Ow away and turned her head resolutely to look out of the window. "No, you better bring her back. But you will have to bring her over to see me every day.

Ah Ow cried out in pain. She had not been firmly seated when she was shoved, and now she was stuck in between the two seats.

The gap between the two seats was barely large enough to fit her head. She had fallen headlong into the gap, and now her head was stuck. Her two short hind legs were kicking as she pitifully howled away.

Li Du had no choice but to step on the brakes to pull her out. Ah Ow didn't look at Sophie anymore. She crawled between Li Du's legs and then laid down in her new position.

However, she got up soon after lying down. She then tried to reach upwards with her hind legs. Li Du sucked in a breath of cool air: F*ck! Brat!"

After he drove Sophie home, the two of them had dinner. Sophie then made some puppy food using warm goat's milk, and fed it to Ah Ow.

Ah Ow chugged it down happily. Sophie looked at her tenderly, and reminded Li Du, "Remember, you have to wake up twice to feed herat midnight and at four.

"If she burps, then give her some water. If her stool is loose, then don't feed her so much. Use hot water to make the goat's milk, but it needs to be cooled to about 40 degrees. Give her 80 milliliters each time"