Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Big Brother Ah Meow

The Mexican wolf was an aggressive beast of prey, and when it went into hunting mode, it became even more vicious.

They could travel about 15 miles at an average speed of about 10 miles per hour. When chasing their prey, their speed could go up to nearly 30 miles per hour. When they were sprinting, each leap they took was incredibly far.

Li Du went online to check out information on this animal, and the more he read, the more he suspected that Ah Ow could be a Mexican wolf.

However, this seemed a little improbable. Since the 20th century, the Mexican wolves' population had dwindled because the lack of prey had caused them to attack domestic livestock, resulting in the government exterminating them. After being hunted by Mexican and Arizona hunters, Mexican wolves were rarely seen anymore. They had become endangered animals, even more rare than the Czech wolfdog.

"Compared to dogs, the tail of the Mexican wolf is short and never curls up. It always hangs in in between its hind legs. The wolf's fur is mostly dark-yellow and gray mixed with some black. It starts howling at youth" Luo Qun was still going on about some characteristics, all of which matched those of Ah Ow.

As she spoke, her hand unconsciously stroked her pistol and her gaze became more fearsome.

Ah Ow was not clear on the situation, but she was almost as sensitive and smart as Li Du. Luo Qun's gaze scared her so she burrowed into her bed, crying softly.

On the other hand, Ah Meow was fully-aware of the situation; out of the pets, he had spent the most time with Luo Qun, and understood her temperament the best.

Seeing that Luo Qun was fiercely looking at Ah Ow, ready to draw her pistol, he took action immediately. With a swoosh of his tail, he leaped up and landed in front of Ah Ow's bed, crying, "Meow!"

This act of his made Li Du laugh loudly. Ah Meow was a good big brother: he already knew how to play the role of a guardian.

Luo Qun pointed her pistol at him. "Ah Meow, move away. You have no idea what's behind you. Wait till it grows upit will eat you."

Ah Meow stared at the pistol in Luo Qun's hand, and did not move an inchhis glare was even more ferocious than the cop's.

"What are you guys doing?" Li Du laughed. "Luo Qun, please don't whip out your pistol whenever you feel like it. Can you act like a lady for once?"

Luo Qun said, "This is a Mexican wolf. Even though it's only a pup, it's still very dangerous. You've never seen one attack humans beforeit's horrifying!"

Li Du shook his head. "Maybe but that was a wild wolf. Ah Ow may be a wolf but she's been trained by me and will not be that vicious." As he spoke, he picked up Ah Ow, who popped her head out to look at Luo Qun. She then opened her mouth to howl, "Ow ow!"

Luo Qun glared at her, giving her such a fright that she retreated into Li Du's embrace.

The best way to verify Ah Ow's identity was to question the person who'd given him Ah Ow: Goatee Garter.

Li Du dialed the number, and Garter answered, "Hi Boss Li, to what do I owe this call? Let me guess: you have some good stuff for me?"

"Yes, but before working with you, I gotta ask you something. What was the breed of the pup you gave me? I asked a dog trainer, and he said it's not a Czech wolfdog but a wolf"

"What? What? Alright," Garter shouted into the phone, "hold on, I'll dash over." Then, a moment later, he told Li Du in a rushed tone, "Boss Li, sorrymy mom's actually in the hospital. I have to dash there. I'll talk to you later."

He hung up. Li Du was furious. He tried calling him again, but the phone had already been switched off.

This meant that Ah Ow's identity could be determined. She was a wolf, not some wolfdog!

Li Du thought about it and then called Sophie to tell her the news.

Sophie said, "Oh, I knew."

Li Du asked in disbelief, "You're not surprised?"

Sophie said, "Li, I've taken care of her since before her eyes even opened up until now when she can gnaw on bones. You don't think I realized her true identity?"

It then dawned on Li Du that it was no wonder Sophie had been so angry when her parents and he were debating whether Ah Ow could have been a wolf.

Sophie then said, "Li, if you don't like her, then can you give her to me? Although she's a wolf, that baby is smart and tamenot some ferocious wolf."

Li Du smiled. "How could I not like her? I brought her home. She's my responsibility. Besides," he added, "this is our first kid, darling. This is the first kid we have together."

Sophie giggled softly, then bashfully said goodnight before hanging up.

Ah Ow had perked her ears up to listen to Li Du's phone call with Sophie. She had heard Sophie's voice and started to look about for her, running about the room.

Luo Qun asked, "How old is she?"

"A little more than a month, but less than two."

Luo Qun said in astonishment, "Wolves are indeed different. A one-month-old little thing like this can run so much better than a three-month-old doglook at that strength!"

Despite making a round, Ah Ow could not find Sophie. She did not understand what was going on, and so sat in the doorway, feeling both depressed and confused.

Then, her pitch-black nose twitched and she started to walk around the house more slowly. After walking a few steps, she went back to the doorway, spread her hind legs, crouched, then, balancing her pelvic region, peed!

"Don't pee!" Li Du shouted.

It was too lateAh Ow had already peed. But it was just a little bit, a small puddle.

Li Du glanced at Luo Qun apprehensivelyshe did not look too pleased. He hurriedly went to get the mop to clean the floor.

As he walked out of the bathroom, he saw that Ah Ow had gone to the kitchen entrance and deposited another puddle of urine!

Luo Qun called out to him, "What's going on? Such frequent urination? Did you not teach her to pee at certain times of the day?"

Li Du knew what was going on. This is not frequent urination, this is Ah Ow marking her territory with urine!

Even though she knew how to spread out the mess bu urinating in a few different places, he did not think Ah Ow actually knew how to hold her urine.

In the past, where this matter was concerned, Mr. Li had no control over Ah Owhe had only asked that Ah Ow not pee on him. So as for the floor, he would just clean up if it happened.

Seeing that he was so nonchalant about it, Luo Qun became angry. "Tomorrow when I wake up," she cried, "if the floor is not clean, then cook me wolf stew!"

Ah Ow was now happily peeing everywhere. If she ran out of urine, she would drink some water and then start peeing again later on.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles started to panic. They had done something similar before, and the house had also reeked of the smell of their urine; all these animals marked their territory the same way.

When the two of them had first met, they'd had disagreementstheir decision to urinate in the house was the result of them settling their disputes. They had demarcated their respective territories this way.

Now, Ah Ow had come and peed all over, upsetting the balance that had been previously struck.

In addition, the scent of wolf's urine was very strong. It not only affected the splitting of territories between the ocelot and the raccoon, but it also affected their lives. Wolves were their arch enemies!

As long as the scent of the wolf's urine lingered, they would not be able to sleep or eat well. This had been determined by nature, and was written into their DNA through thousands of years of evolution.

Big brother Ah Meow was displeased.