Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 496

Chapter 496: A Thrashing By Her Brothers

Li Du hid the water so this little b*tch couldn't continue drinking. Her motive for drinking water was to urinate so that she could mark her territory all over the house.

As he tucked her into bed before returning to his room, he said, "Be good, don't go out and pee anymore. If you do, I won't give you any milk."

Ah Ow laid her chin on the edge of the bed as she looked at Li Du woefully. Why are you putting me in an unfamiliar place?

Ah Meow was standing on the backrest of the couch with a sulky face, looking down on Ah Ow from a great height.

The room door shut behind Li Du as he returned to his bedroom.

Ah Meow was disgruntled. What's going on? Favoring the younger one? Why did I get a beating when I peed everywhere? This young thing can pee everywhere and not get a beating?

Ocelots and raccoons were wild animals by nature, and would pee in new environments to mark their territories.

Other than marking their territories, the urine also had another use: security. With their keen sense of smell, even if the floors were mopped clean, there would still be remnants of the scent.

Staying in an environment with their own scent made them feel secure. Otherwise, given their wild animal instincts, they would be on constant high alert and unable to sleep. This was why Ah Ow was peeing everywhere; Li Du knew that she was doing it by instinct and so did not punish her.

Also, Ah Ow peeing on the floor was much better than her peeing on him, so he couldn't care less about this new arrangement.

Both Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were very resentful. Why? Why did we get a beating and this little b*tch was spared?

Li Du had closed the room door, and both of them were brokenhearted. Was he determined to shield this hypocrisy?

Crispy Noodles looked up at Ah Meow, who was standing on the backrest. As Ah Meow overlooked the floor, he had the appearance of a lion lord peering over the jungle. As he wagged his tail, his brows gleamed in the light, adding to his domineering aura.

Ah Ow was very sensitive; she sensed the two fellas' animosity and jealousy. She tossed the two of them an arrogant glare, and as she felt the urge to pee, she climbed out from her bed to crouch at the bathroom's entrance.

Ah Meow pounced down like a hungry tiger coming down from a mountain. He leaped off the couch with his muscles tightened, limbs in motion, and as fast as a Ferrari!

Almost instantly, Ah Meow dashed over and slapped Ah Ow's bottom. The force on her bottom caused her to fly upwards.

"Owwoo" Ah Ow fell onto the carpet, but cried out due to shock rather than the pain from the fall. She called out only this once before Crispy Noodles had run over and sat on her head, silencing the pup halfway through her cry. Her two claws were wriggling vigorously but Crispy Noodles could not be moved.

Ah Meow strutted forward with authority. He used his claws to push Crispy Noodles away; an ashen-faced Ah Ow crawled out and opened her mouth to cry aloud.

Without saying anything, Ah Meow moved aside and Crispy Noodles sat on her once again.

The fur on a raccoon's buttocks was long and also very soft. Him sitting on Ah Ow's head would not squash her or suffocate her; it was just that she would not be able to breathe well or cry aloud.

After a while, Crispy Noodles lifted his bottom. Ah Ow had been squished; her tongue was hanging out and she looked a sorry sight.

In a way, young Ah Ow was much smarter than Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. She understood that if she cried out anymore, she would have to suffer Crispy Noodles's big bottom again. So when she got up, she stopped crying out and started to look around for Sophie in a panic.

Ah Ow had thought it through: she would complain to Sophie about them and let the doting doctor teach these two jerks a lesson!

But alas, she could not find her.

She went to scratch at Li Du's door instead, as Sophie's scent was on him.

Crrreek crreeek!

The sound of scratching could be heard; Ah Meow pounced like a hungry tiger once again, and with a slap, she tumbled over. Crispy Noodles raised his bottom and sat down on her once again.

The two furry creatures exchanged glances as though to say "good teamwork!"

At this point, Ah Ow was resigned to her fate. She stopped struggling and accepted the blow fate had dealt her in humiliation.

Feeling that she was subdued, Crispy Noodles lifted his bottom and walked away. He didn't go far in case Ah Ow got up to her nonsense again and he had to sit down on her quickly.

Ah Ow did not scratch the door again. She dejectedly walked with small steps, listlessly returned to the side of her bed, and laid down sadly in the dark.

Ah Meow licked his lips: Sista, is there nobody teaching you nothing? No problem, let me do it! Society will teach you what your parents don't!

Ah Ow was still young and needed a lot of sleep. After being tortured in such a manner, she was exhausted. After brooding for a while, she shut her eyes and slept.

With nothing else to do, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles looked at each other and then laid down on opposite ends of the couch. Before long, they were snoring away.

Within an hour, Ah Ow had the urge to pee again. She was still young and did not know how to hold her urine.

Ah Ow got up to pee. She peeped at the couch cautiously and saw that the two jerks were still sleeping. She then walked gingerly to the entrance of the kitchen and started peeing there.

As she was relieving herself, she turned back and saw that two pairs of green eyes were looking at her menacingly from the couch.

They gave the pup such a fright that even though she didn't have the urge to pee, some urine still trickled onto the ground.

This time, Ah Meow did not force her to hold her urine, but waited for her to finish.

Once she finished peeing, she turned and ranfaster than she'd ever run in her entire life!

But the ocelot was faster; a charging ocelot was like a tiger on a rampage. Shoosh! He caught up with her, and with a slap of his front paw, she tumbled a few times on the floor. The ocelot grabbed Ah Ow by the scruff using his mouth, then returned to the entrance of the kitchen where her small puddle of urine was.

Ah Meow threw Ah Ow onto the floor, and rolled her with both his paws as though he were rolling dough. When he stopped, Ah Ow was all wetlike a drowned mouse!

The doorway, however, was cleaned up.

Ah Meow strutted away and Ah Ow was left sitting there dejectedly. She looked down at the wet patchy fur at her chest, which had been beautiful and neat before this, and became overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness!

Dragging her lethargic legs, Ah Ow returned to her bed and snuggled in there all by herself, extremely depressed!

Crispy Noodles was about to go back to sleep, but after thinking it over he went up to Ah Ow's bed.

Hearing a sound, a frightened Ah Ow opened her eyes to look at him in fear.

Crispy Noodles laid down and stretched into a ring next to her bed. He then dragged Ah Ow into his embrace and fell asleep with her.

Ah Ow blinked, took a whiff of Crispy Noodles's scent, and felt the softness of the raccoon's fur. She sighed softly before burying her head into his belly and falling asleep.

Ah Meow had witnessed this scene with his head tilted to one side. He strolled over to the bed as well and then laid down with them.

Ah Ow opened her eyes to look at him warily. When she realized that he was not going to teach her a lesson, she returned to her sleep on Crispy Noodles's belly and started snoring away.

Li Du woke up at midnight to feed Ah Ow milk and food. After eating, she ran to Ah Meow's cat toilet to pee and then returned to Crispy Noodles's embrace to continue sleeping, like an obedient child would!

He was utterly dumbfounded!