Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Scout Activity

The next morning, Luo Qun was just as shocked to see the clean floor.

She looked at Ah Ow quizzically, who lied on Crispy Noodles. "This little one didn't pee wherever she wanted?"

Li Du said, "I've already taught her to pee and poop at fixed times."

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles stared at him, astounded. Someone so shameless actually exists!

Luo Qun went to change into her police uniform as she prepared to go to work.

She nodded with satisfaction. "In that case, let's just keep it."

She was actually pretty fond of Ah Ow. Compared to an ocelot and a raccoon, a wolf was more similar to a dog. As a cop with a lot of experience with police dogs, she preferred dog-like animals.

Ah Ow did not know this, but if she did, she would be in tears: I'm a Mexican wolf, how can you compare me to a dog? Aren't you belittling the wolf species?

Li Du was not going to keep her in the community; he brought the three of them to the car, and drove the Ferrari back to the cabin.

At the cabin, Chen Haonan chatted with Lu Guan. "A llama from the south had five pounds of grasshoppers in his hand; a mute from the north carried a horn on his waist..."

Li Du asked, "What are you doing?"

With a not so accurate pronunciation, Lu Guan said stiffly, "Learning Chinese tongue twisters!" Lu Guan had pronounced the word "Chinese" in a different tone. It sounded like he said "Korean" tongue twisters!

"Your tone is wrong. You use a harsher, shorter tone for this word!" Chen Haonan corrected him. "Are you learning Korean? Buddy, you must remember this: the Chinese language is extensive and profound, with 5,000 years of history and glory! We're not speaking Korean here! It's important that you pronounce everything the correct way."

Godzilla shook his head and sighed, "What a talker!"

Li Du noticed that Hans was not around and asked, "Where's Big Fox?"

Godzilla was concise in his reply: "Sell cigars, sell boxes, sell guns!"

Li Du nodded and then put Ah Ow down to let the three children play together at the cabin.

Upon seeing that his playmates had arrived, the golden retriever ran over immediately.

The usually domineering ocelot was terrified. Why the f*ck is this idiot still here?

However, with Ah Ow around, the golden retriever didn't want to play with them anymore. Upon seeing Ah Ow, who resembled him more than the other two, he dashed forward to lick her with his tongue.

Ah Ow cried out in displeasure; she wanted to leave. Soon enough, she discovered that the silly animal was licking her, and licking her dirty fur clean.

She was delighted with her discovery, and stayed put to let the golden retriever continue licking her clean.

The golden retriever was happy too. This little friend is very cooperative. Will she also be cooperate if I do something else?

Ah Ow was female, and so her urine had the taste belonging to a female canine animal. After licking her fur for a while, the golden retriever pressed her down onto the ground, pushed her bottom up and got on top!

Ah Ow was about to pee out of fright; she thought she was going to get sat on again. She howled at the top of her voice, "Owwoo! Owwoo!"

The wolf's howl was tender but shrill; it started to sound very much like a wolf's.

If he were an ordinary dog, he would be scared of a wolf's howl. But the golden retriever was a little loonylike his ownerand foolishly pressed Ah Ow down with all his might.

On seeing that, Li Du dashed over and pushed him off. He then carried Ah Ow, before hollering at Lu Guan, "F*ck, manage your Little Plane properly! D*mmit, if he goes near Ah Ow again, I'll gun him down!"

Lu Guan glanced at the innocent-looking golden retriever and asked, "What happened?"

Li Du explained, "My dog treated him like an older brother but he wanted to mount her!"

Lu Guan went over and gave the golden retriever a shove in fury. "In heat again? Didn't I relieve you in the spring? Why are you in heat again during autumn?"

Li Du, Godzilla, Chen Haonan and Big Quinnthe four of them looked shell-shocked.

"You relieved him?"

It was so shocking that Chen Haonan only managed to say these few words without providing his usual blabbering.

Lu Guan answered matter of factly, "Since the first time he was in heat, I've been helping to relieve him. Gotta give this son of a b*tch a good time, right?"

"Yes," Chen Haonan said as he looked down at his own hand. They had shaken hands earlier. Now he felt like something wasn't quite right with his own hand.

They were well into the autumn of October, when it was no longer that warm.

Li Du pulled a chair up and sat at the door of the cabin reading with his cat and wolf for companyan ideal way to rest.

At noon, two treasure hunters dealing in second-hand items came by to look for stuff. They needed a television set; coincidentally, Li Du had gotten two sets at the last auction.

"What are you using to barter for it?" Li Du asked.

The treasure hunters trading with him were a coupleSean and Penny. Sean said, "We have a TV here but there seems to be a problem with the CRT..."

Since it used a cathode ray tube (CRT), Li Du knew it would be an old-style television. He shook his head and pointed to the cabin. "I've got two in there. I don't need one."

Penny said, "Maybe you need some small carts? We have four very beautiful small carts here."

This Li Du would need; they moved things all the time here at the cabin and it would be handy to have the carts.

In the end, the carts that Penny unloaded from the pickup truck were too small. They were only a couple feet long and a couple feet wide. There were cartoon patterns on themthey were obviously children's toys.

Li Du said mockingly, "What's the point of you giving me these? For me to play house with my buddies?"

Big Quinn joked, "This cart's not even as big as Godzilla's fist."

"It is," Godzilla laughed, "but it's not as big as your butt."

Penny waved her hand dismissively. "Don't be this way. These are small carts for Scouts. Look, scouting activities are ongoing nowsomeone's bound to need these carts."

Big Quinn nodded. "That's true Boss, she has a point."

Li Du thought about it. "Wait a minute, let me make a call."

He gave Mother Mesa a call. He asked if any children there participated in scout activities.

Mother Mesa said there were, and they had all gone to sell cookies.

Hearing that, Li Du nodded and said, "Alright, we have a deal."

Four small toy carts for a television set. They would be useful for the children to push around when selling cookies.

In the US, scouting activities were highly-regarded. Their core mission was to help youngsters explore and build strong personalities, prepare for their future careers and allow them to assume civic responsibility.

Parents were always more than happy to allow their children to participate in this civic organization.

Big Quinn's children were Scouts too. There were different scout groups for the various ages, which undertook activities according to their capabilities. Selling cookies was one of the more common activities.

Scouts usually sold cookies in two ways: one was to make them at home, the other was to buy them from supermarkets.

Li Du brought the four small carts over to Mother Mesa's home. After his phone call, the black woman had waited at the door for him. She beamed when he pulled up. "Welcome, good son!"

There was a simple tent set up in front of the welfare home's door. There were many boxes there, all filled with cookies.