Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Change of Business

Li Du's words annoyed Ah Meow: What does he mean by 'you can't be more afraid than a cat?'

I'm a cat? Alright, true, but I'm no a normal cat. No, this cat is an ocelotan intelligent ocelot created by a mysterious power!

Victoria had received loads of encouragement; she clenched her fists and said, "Alright, as long as I have the courage, I will succeed!"

She grabbed a box of cookies and was about to walk forward. Then she thought about it, and asked feebly, "May I know if I can bring Ah Meow along with me?"

"Sure," Li Du said, "of course you can."

Ah Meow was even more irritated. If I can do the promoting on my own, why would I want to bring a loser teammate with me?

Victoria was about to leave when Li Du had a thought and said, "The first step in business is choosing your customer. Look, there is a couple over there. You should go over and promote to that ladygo ahead."

"Yes." The little girl nodded solemnly and walked over, carrying Ah Meow.

With each step forward, Victoria's courage diminished little by little.

Some children are just shy by nature; they just can't do some of the things that seem easy to adults.

As she stood in front of the couple, Victoria became embarrassed. She stared at them blankly, not knowing what to say.

The couple saw her cap and knew what was going on. The lady smiled and asked, "Hi, warrior girl, are you selling cookies?"

Victoria got nervous; her little face flushed red. She didn't know how to react and could only turn her head back to look at Li Du.

Ah Meow sighed. It's time for me to strike!

He had cleverly noticed that his teammate was performing badly. So he leaped a distance of four feet effortlessly, stretched his paw out and removed the little girl's cap from her head.

After landing on the ground, he put the cap on his head and used his paws to adjust its position. Then, he lifted his head towards the couple, opened his mouth and called out, "Meow, Meowww."

The couple was startled. "Wow! What a huge, amazing cat!"

"This is an ocelot, dear, hunter of the forest! But it seems very intelligent? It must have gone through remarkable training!"

Ah Meow called out a few times, and then repeated his moves. He then went over to dust the lady's calf with his tail before sitting down and meowing at her. With his big round eyes, and chubby face, the lady's heart melted instantly.

"I want this cat, I want this ocelot! Wow, wow, wow! It's too cute, too adorable. I want it!" The young lady caught hold of her boyfriend's arm and kept shaking it.

Ah Meow might be intelligent, but he was not human, and could not understand the situation well. He thought his performance wasn't good enough, and that he hadn't managed to capture the lady's heart.

Therefore, he rolled his big eyes and after some thought, shook the cap off his head. He then gave a flip in the air, and swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, performed three consecutive backflips!

Captivating pose; smooth moves; the difficulty level was off the charts!

Victoria couldn't help but clap her hands. "Amazing!"

The lady's eyes turned even redder. "I want this ocelotthis ocelot's just too brilliant!"

Ah Meow was unsure what was going on; he felt that this customer was not easy to deal with, thus licked his lips as he readied himself to display his ultimate skill.

Like an arrow, Li Du charged forward and carried him away. My young master, stop performing. If you continue, they'll grab you!

"Sorry, the cat's not for sale. He's part of my family. We're a family."

The lady grabbed his arm and her ample chest pressed tightly against him. As she shook her hands, her bosom wobbled as well. She then said coquettishly, "I like it very muchcan it stay with me? I will cherish it, I really will. Or can I go with you guys, we are family..."

Seeing that things were not going well, the boyfriend knew that, if this continued, he was going to lose his girlfriend.

He pulled his girlfriend away, and said, "Are you nuts? This ocelot is great, but it's not as cute as the Scottish Fold Cat and Siamese Cat, or even Garfield. I'll buy you one later, okay?"

Ah Meow was furious hearing this. What rubbish are you blabbering? Cuter than me? Fine, let me show you what I can doyour face will get all bloody.

Li Du felt him struggle and was well aware of his plan.

He quickly pinned the brat down. Stop struggling! If you continue struggling, others are going to grab you!

Ah Meow thought, Let go of me, I can still perform!

As the lad dragged his girlfriend away, Li Du said, "Cookies, buddy!"

They wanted to watch Ah Meow act cute for free? The "cuteness" was actually for saleone had to spend money to get it!

The guy left a five dollar bill and took a box of cookies.

"Let me get you the change."

"It's alright, treat it as a tip!"

Li Du took the money and looked at Victoria. "How was that? Promoting isn't that difficult, right?"

Victoria said unconvincingly, "Not difficult, but I was so worried someone would grab me along with the cookies."

Li Du said, "Don't worryI'm here. Go on to the next customer."

Ah Meow was there for nothing else but victory. The lethal combination of his little chubby face and his clever mind was like a fans magnet.

He and Victoria would look for potential customers, then he would howl a few times, jump about and twist his waist. Almost every person was instantly sold and bought cookies on the spot.

The ten boxes of cookies that Li Du had taken were sold in no time.

Victoria was so excited that her face flushed. This was the most glorious moment in her journey of being a Scout.

Someone came up and asked, "Buddy, give me a box of cookies, and allow your ocelot to come over to perform for the kids?"

Li Du said, "There aren't any more cookies left. Sorry, please hold on."

The pickup was in the parking lot; he was about to go and get more cookies.

That person said, "How about this: forget about the cookies, but let your cat perform. Just let my daughter pet it and take a photo."

There was another person who said, "Two dollars to pet and take a photo for my kid as well."

Very quickly, more than a dozen people began to crowd around; they all asked to take photos with and kiss Ah Meowan easy way to make two dollars.

Li Du was annoyed; he said, "We are workers and promoters, not entertainers. We aren't selling services, we're selling cookies!"

Ah Meow felt pressure from the crowd and quickly hid behind Li Du.

However, people stood behind Li Du. Many people stared at him, and some children stretched their hands out to touch him.

Crispy Noodles saw what was happening and quickly ran forward to the rescue. He threw himself over Ah Meow and covered his body as though he were making a sandwich, stuffing Ah Meow in between himself and Li Du's legs.

Instantly, someone said, "Yo, this raccoon is very adorable toois it trying to protect the ocelot?"

"This raccoon is really stunninglook at the patterns on its face. Lovely!"

"How much is it to touch the raccoon? Is it your pet too?"

Crispy Noodles lifted his head to look around and suddenly realized that leaving the cart had not been a good choice.

Blinking, he grabbed hold of Ah Meow and dragged him along using three of his legs. He quickly ran to the front of the small cart. Then, holding Ah Meow in his mouth, he burrowed into the cart, and then peeped out from his hiding place.

Ah Meow used his claws to push him away; his fat face displayed his displeasure. What is there to be afraid of? These human beings are easy to deal with; they won't dare harm us if we howl at them once or twice!