Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Whats The Situation

Li Du's skills insinuated fear in the local treasure hunters that gathered around. The man that was under his grip screamed in agony. "Let me go you son of a b*tch! You dare do this here? Chase him out!"

Flagstaff's treasure hunters stood united behind Li Du. It seemed like a clash was unavoidable; Hans refused to show any more weakness and stood in front of the group of Tucson's treasure hunters. "What? You want a group fight?"

Tucson's treasure hunters talked big but they wouldn't dare to participate in a group fight.

It wasn't the first time Li Du had gotten physical of others. This time it wasn't just on treasure hunters, but on gang members. He virtually never lost a physical fight.

The news regarding his martial arts abilities and other fighting skills had spread widely among treasure hunting circles.

His actions confirmed the rumors; he easily apprehended this treasure hunter, and his movements were so fast that the others could hardly react.

Big Quinn and Godzillatwo burly menwere under his command; Flagstaff's treasure hunters gathered around him. Even if Tucson's treasure hunters were tough, they wouldn't start a fight with this crowd.

This caused the atmosphere to become a little awkward. Tucson's treasure hunters had acted high and mighty and talked a lot of trash as if they were about to actbut no one dared to. This was very embarrassing.

In the end, Princeps spoke; he went to retrieve the man from Li Du and said, "People prosper with unity. Buddies, we're all treasure hunters. We should remain united."

The big fellow who was apprehended by Li Du looked back viciously. Ah Ow sensed the hostility. She immediately strode over to his leg and peed.

The big fellow was enraged and lifted his leg to kick Ah Ow. A figure shifted past and the big fellow's leg kicked nothing; Ah Ow was lifted away.

Upon kicking nothing, the big fellow cried, "F*ck!"

Ah Meow dangled Ah Ow onto the ground and looked back at the big fellow, both eyes filled with hatred and his long tail flicking around. He perfectly displayed the demeanor of a beast.

This confrontation took place even more quickly than the first and the treasure hunters could not witness it clearly.

After seeing Ah Meow land on the ground, they saw blood stains on the big fellow's leg, evidently left by the claw of the ocelot when he'd swept past him.

A person who was able to see it happen exclaimed, "D*mn it, this ocelot is so fast!"

The big fellow kneeled down and grabbed his ankle. "This d*mn cat! F*ck you! I wanna kill it! I wanna kill this b*tch!"

"You can try," Li Du replied coldly, "but I have to remind you that my ocelot has already been very courteous. He only scratched you and did not break your ankle!"

"Meow!" Ah Meow growled in agreement and revealed his sharp claws, which gleamed like sharpened knives.

The conflict between both parties increased and the auctioneer decided to interfere and say, "Everyone listen upI'm already pissed! If you still want to earn money under me, you all better stop or I will chase you out!"

Witnessing this, Princeps signaled to the big fellow. "Go."

The big fellow didn't want to give up but there was no way to retaliate; he could only hobble away and enter the crowd unhappily.

With the end of the exhibition, the auction began. After the demonstration of power from Li Du and Ah Meow, no one dared to provoke them.

The auctioneer raised his hand. "Those interested in this storage unit come up front so I can see you. Without further ado, the starting bid for this storage unit is 500 dollars!"

In the Tucson treasure hunters group, a youth shouted, "I bid 500 dollars!"

From the outside, the value of the storage unit didn't seem great. The only valuable item was the bow hanging on the wall but couldn't be seen from outside the storage unit.

Li Du wanted this so he didn't bid immediately; he watched the other treasure hunters, especially Princeps.

No one made a bid on Tucson's side. Everyone folded their arms as though they were just here to watch.

At this moment, the auctioneer raised his arm and swiftly said, "Okay, 500 dollars, the storage unit belongs to this guy!"

Li Du was stunned. He looked at the auctioneer and asked, "Hey, Mister, what did you say?"

The auctioneer didn't care about him. He looked at the youth's auction number, recorded it and proceeded to the second storage unit.

Li Du panicked. This was the storage unit he'd wanted to bid for. Even though there were many storage units here, few of them were valuable.

With the regulations of the auction, when times called for him to be firm, he had to be firm.

He stopped the auctioneer and said, "Mister, I am a little confused. The auction ended just like that? After one bid?"

"Yes," the auctioneer replied coldly, "It's over. He made a bid and no one else place any other bids. Isn't the auction complete after that?"

"Yes, well, maybe you haven't thought about it before, but maybe it's not that people weren't biddingthey were hesitating. I bet that if you increase your count, more people will be interested in the units."

Irritated, the auctioneer snapped, "If I increase my counting, this auction will last until Christmas!"

"You should have at least repeated the offer three times before announcing the final bid" But he didn't finish his sentence. The auctioneer became even more irritated and roared, "I know what I'm doing! I know how to do it! I don't know need you to teach me how to host an auction, okay?"

Li Du didn't want to sour his relationship with the auctioneer any further and opened his arms and said, "Fine, I"

"Shut up, don't speak anymore. Listen carefully, young punk, how long have you been in this industry? I've already done this for ten years! My dad was an auctioneer and so was my grandfather. I've been exposed to this since youth, you know? So I don't need you to speakthe person who speaks here is the auctioneer. What you need to do is raise your hand and bid. Don't sprout any other crap, understand?"

Hans pulled Li Du away. "Stop, let's prepare for the next unit."

Li Du wasn't able to suppress his anger and said, "Bullsh*t! What's his deal? Who hosts an auction like that?!"

"Many places do it like thatnow do you understand what I said? This is the Tucson Brotherhood's territory, even though there are many storage units to be auctioned, people are still unwilling to come."

Li Du was too frustrated to think and said, "I don't understand. Tell me what's going on."

Turis, who stood near them, said, "Very simple, the treasure hunters in Tucson formed an alliance. They partake in auctions and will proceed with a monopoly auction."

Li Du was dumbfounded. "Monopoly auction? No one governs this?"