Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 524

Chapter 524: View The House

Li Du fulfilled his promise and bought a lot of food and booze for a party.

After she learned that Li Du and her father had built the siege tower, Sophie came to the cabin after work.

Li Du brought her to the top of the siege tower. "If there were a city tower here, you could change into traditional Greek clothing and become Helen of Troy. I would bring my soldiers to conquer the city and make you mine."

"Who are your soldiers?" Sophie laughed. "Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow?"

Li Du looked at the Ah Ow and laughed, "Forget it, then. If they are my soldiers, I might get myself into trouble here."

Ah Ow was not like her Mexican wolf ancestors. She was afraid of heights.

Li Du tried to pick her up just now but she ended up howling and peeing everywhere. It made Li Du sick.

Li Du figured she had peed because she wanted to mark her territory. But after he put her down at the top of the siege tower, she was still very terrified. Li Du then realized that she was afraid of heights.

The siege tower had become Ah Meow's new toy. Cats loved playing in cat towers, but Ah Meow wanted to try something more challenging. He climbed around the siege tower.

But this was not challenging for him. The heel of an ocelot could turn 180 degrees. Back in the jungle, they could jump and their claws could firmly hold onto branches, giving them leverage and helping them jump further.

An ocelot could even swing on the branches using one arm like a monkey.

Ah Meow climbed up and down the siege tower. For him, it was as simple as walking.

After one day, the news about the siege tower had spread.

In this informational age, interesting things like the siege tower could easily go viral.

The treasure hunters took pictures and posted them on Facebook and Twitter. Their friends were interested in sharing the news. Therefore, everyone knew about the siege tower in one day.

Most of them were from the treasure hunting industry. The story about Li Du and his team getting many storage units in Tucson was even more well-known than the story of him kicking Frank's and York's *sses in Los Angeles.

Tucson was a forbidden city for treasure hunters in Arizona. No one dared to mess with the Tucson gang because they could easily get themselves into trouble.

But Li Du hadn't gotten himself into trouble and had done a great job. He used strategies to get the siege tower from Princeps. This was amazing.

After the news went viral, everyone learned about the nickname Princeps had given Li Du. No one called him the "Cunning Chinaman" anymore. Everyone called him "Miracle Boy."

Only a few treasure hunters from Flagstaff had gone on this trip to Tucson. Other than Olly, Dickens, Turis and Li Du's friends, most of the treasure hunters hadn't dared to go.

They were full of regret, as they had missed a good opportunity to make a profit. They had missed valuable storage units and an opportunity to blackmail the Tucson gang.

Though they had run into some trouble, Li Du and the others had still made a profit. Their cars had been damaged but Princeps would get them fixed. Moreover, he had given everyone 10,000 dollars each.

Most of the treasure hunters couldn't make 10,000 dollars in a season!

The siege tower attracted mostly rich men and Native American tribes. Those rich men wanted the siege tower to decorate their villas, while the Native American tribes wanted to modify the siege tower and use it for tourism purposes.

Tourism was a very popular industry around the globe. Many Native Americans tribes made good use of the trend. They displayed their tribal cultures and lifestyles in order to attract tourists and make money.

According to the deal, Hans was in charge of the sales. So Li Du didn't interfere and he started to rest.

Seeing this, Big Quinn approached him and asked, "Boss, are you free?"

"Yeah, man. What's up?"

Big Quinn said, "Nothing, boss. I just want to ask you a favor. I want to buy a house and, you know, this is very important. Can you help me view the house?"

Li Du smiled wryly. "I would like to help you, Big Quinn. But I know nothing about houses. Actually, I've never bought a house before."

"But you are very observant. I need your help to see if the house has any problems. I can deal with the rest."

After he heard this, Li Du agreed immediately. "Alright, when do you want to view the house?"

"This afternoon."

"You waste no time, do you?"

If not for the siege tower, he would have viewed the house yesterday.

A house was very important to him, and this was like the Chinese. They had special feelings toward their houses and they loved good, reliable homes.

Bones Community was not a good place to stay. Big Quinn wanted to move but he didn't have any money. When he was a cleaning man, he hadn't even had enough money to pay the mortgage of the house in Bones Community.

Things were getting better now. Li Du gave them a lot of bonuses and Godzilla lent Big Quinn his savings. Therefore, Big Quinn had enough money to buy a new house.

Big Quinn had his eyes on Pine Tree Tops. Li Du said, "Are you sure? The houses in Pine Tree Tops are all condominiums. You don't have your own front door or yard. It might be less comfortable."

Big Quinn laughed. "Boss, even if I have my own yard, it wouldn't make much difference. I like the security here. Pine Tree Tops has very good security."

He was right. Li Du felt the same way when he stayed here. Pine Tree Tops was like a small haven.

Sophie had the day off. Li Du remembered that she had bought a house before, so she had experience in this area. Therefore, he brought Sophie with him and took the opportunity to hang out with her.

Sophie was very experienced. After they met each other, she asked Big Quinn, "Which type of house do you want to buy? Which T? "

Big Quinn remained silent but Li Du was confused. "Which T?"

Sophie explained, "There are five types of residential areas in America, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6. Different types of houses have different construction modes. I need to know which type of house you are interested in."

"What do they represent?" Li Du asked.

He had made a lot of money recently but he had no investments. He had decided to buy a house, therefore he needed to know as much information as possible.

Sophie said, "T2 is the rural area, T3 is the suburbs, T4 is the comprehensive urban area, T5 is the city center and T6 is the urban core area."

"I choose T5," Big Quinn said, "because Pine Tree Tops is in that area. I like the security there."

Sophie thought about it and said, "If you want somewhere with good security, there are a few other choices. There are many houses for sale at the T5 area in Flagstaff. The amount of people staying in the T5 area is decreasing."

The economy was better at the city center. The life at the city center was fast-paced and more convenient. But the environment was very noisy and the air quality was bad.

Many Americans loved living in the suburbs. The houses were cheaper and the environment was better. They didn't have to worry about transportation problems either, as most families had a car.