Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 525

Chapter 525: The Fight

Big Quinn had a different perspective. As a black man who grew up in a slum, the environment and security of a residential area were very important to him. He didn't care much about things like yards and front doors.

He wanted to move to Pine Tree Tops because the security of the area was amazing. Moreover, Pine Tree Topswas an upper middle-class residential area. If his children grew up in such an environment, their upbringing would be better than it would be in the slum.

They went to view the condos at Pine Tree Tops. Big Quinn also brought Li Du with him because he couldn't enter the residential area without Li Du.

Pine Tree Tops was a closed residential area. There were security guards and it was accessible using access cards only. If they were not accompanied by residents, they should check in at the security office before entering the area.

Ordinary people left their names and phone numbers when they checked in. Big Quinn, however, was very large and intimidating. Although he followed Li Du into the area, the security guard couldn't help but notice him. He stared at them both for a long time before allowing them to enter.

Big Quinn said sadly, "I'm afraid that when we view the house, the owner will refuse to deal with me because of my looks."

There were risks when it came to buying and selling houses. If the owners didn't get an agent to deal with potential buyers, they chose the ones who looked reliable.

Apparently, Big Quinn's intimidating face could exclude him from the list of reliable buyers.

Sophie thought about it and smiled. "Did you bring your sunglasses? Wear your sunglasses and pretend to be Li Du's bodyguard. I'll pretend to be his secretary. Li Du can pretend to be a rich man who wants to view the house."

Godzilla scratched his head. "He is a rich man."

Li Du laughed, "Is this really necessary? But she's rightif the owner trusts me, it will be easier when you deal with him later."

Rose's house was in Block 2 Unit A. The house which Big Quinn was interested in was in Block 10. Pine Tree Tops had a lot of woods surrounding each building, so the distance between blocks was very far.

Li Du had lived in this area for quite a long time, but he never wandered around the community area. He came here to sleep and when he woke up, he would go to the cabin for his daily activities.

They walked around. It was autumn and the temperature was very nice. The sun in the morning was warm, unlike the hot sun during summer.

The garden looked very colorful, and the flowers were blooming beautifully. Li Du didn't know much about flowers and only recognized the chrysanthemums.

Sophie described the different types of flowers to him. There was rosemary, hibiscus, yellow camellia, cymbidium and aster novi-belgii. These flowers bloomed during the beginning of autumn. They were everywhere in the garden.

The weather was very nice and many families took their pets for a walk. There were cats and dogs in the garden. Someone even had a python as their pet, and they sat with it enjoying the sunlight.

Ah Meow was the hegemon among the pets in the community area. Every time he came to the community area, he fought with the other animals and beat them all. Most of the animals ran away when they saw Ah Meow.

Li Du noticed that the pets weren't leashed. "Back in China, I read somewhere that Americans have to follow certain rules when they have a pet. They must leash their dogs when they take them for a walk. But it seems like that's fake news."

There were many dogs in the garden, and there were quite a few big dogs. They weren't leashed and happily ran around. But these dogs were not aggressive. There were Alaskan malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Golden retrievers and Labradors.

Sophie said, "They don't need a leash hereonly if they leave the residential area."

Li Du loved Labradors. They were very friendly. There was a milky-white one who wagged its tail when it saw them.

Big Quinn said, "If I bought a house here, I would definitely buy a Labrador. No, I would buy two of them. They are very friendlyregardless of your looks." He had been hurt many times interacting with people. Apparently a Labrador could mend his broken heart.

"There's a garden at your current place," Li Du said. "You could have a dog there, so why don't you?"

Big Quinn smiled wryly. "I've had dogs before. One of them was stolen. Another one was poisoned."

"Do you live in Bones Community?" Sophie asked sadly. "That area is terrible. It's difficult for people to survive there, let alone pets."

Big Quinn said, "That's why I must move out, no matter what it takes. Do you know what? Some of my son's friends like to abuse dogs and catscan you imagine that?"

Of course Li Du could imagine. The area in Bones Community was really bad and many of the parents who lived there weren't the best. They abused their children and their children's hearts were filled with violence. Therefore, they abused animals and lives that appeared inferior to them.

Bullying the weak was the nature of the beast.

Ah Ow had grown very quickly. She didn't like to be carried, so when they entered the community area Sophie put her down.

As the descendant of Mexican wolves, Ah Ow was curious about everything around her. She ran everywhere.

At first she followed around Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. She was protected by the fierce duo, so the other animals in the community area didn't dare mess with her.

But she started to go her own way and left Ah Meow. She went into a small garden.

The animal world was more complicated than the human world. The pets had their own territories in the community area.

When Ah Ow went into the small garden, a Samoyed became aggressive. The smiling angel turned into a raging monster and started to bark at Ah Ow.

As a wolf, Ah Ow was very fierce too. Especially when Li Du and Sophie were near, she was not afraid at all. She howled at the Samoyed.

The Samoyed ran toward Ah Ow quickly and opened its mouth to bite her. Ah Ow immediately ran away!

Their size difference was too large. Ah Ow was clever to avoid a fight with the Samoyed.

Ah Meow jumped onto a swing when he saw everything. He rolled his eyes and ran toward the Samoyed. He hissed at it.

This time, it was the Samoyed's turn to run! Ah Ow grabbed the opportunity to chase after it again. The Samoyed had very long legs, and Ah Ow was too small to catch it.

Then, Ah Ow saw a Chihuahua. Ah Ow got excited and howled at the Chihuahua.

Although the Chihuahua was small, it had a very bad temper. Its size was close to Ah Ow's. When it saw she was being offensive in its own territory, it didn't make any noise and bit Ah Ow right away!

Ah Ow was shocked. Wasn't this another dog? Why did it react so differently from the other one?

She ran away quickly and asked Ah Meow for protection.

Ah Meow was an honored ocelot. He never bullied the weak. He didn't mind fighting a big dog, but fighting a Chihuahua would be disgraceful for him.

When he saw Ah Ow running toward him, he kicked her away like a ball!