Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Bite Force

Ah Ow howled and rolled away like a ball. She picked herself up and saw the fierce Chihuahua staring at her.

Chihuahuas were small dogs with bad tempers. Their faces looked angry all the time. When they stared at a person and opened their mouths, they looked as though they were about to throw a tantrum.

Ah Ow always played with Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles. She had met three different animals now. Other than the Samoyed and Chihuahua, she had encountered a big Golden retriever. All three of them had been unfriendly.

Mexican wolves were wild animals, but they still needed confidence to fight. They were usually encouraged by their mothers. When they were young, their mothers brought them to go hunting. This was how they became confident as they grew up.

But Ah Ow lacked confidence. She was even afraid of the Chihuahua.

When the Chihuahua saw the frightened Ah Ow, it took the opportunity and barked at her. It ran at Ah Ow and tried to bite her.

Although Ah Ow was small, she was a wolf with a tough skeleton and large muscles. Her size was similar to the Chihuahua's, but their bone density and muscle density were entirely different.

In other words, Ah Ow was heavier and she had more strength than the Chihuahua.

The Chihuahua failed to throw Ah Ow to the ground and tripped over itself instead. It turned back and tried to bite Ah Ow, but the wolf's skin was very thick. Therefore, the Chihuahua couldn't hurt her.

The Chihuahua was stunned. What's going on? Who am I? Who is she? Why am I afraid of her?

They stood in different positions now. In the beginning, Ah Ow had stood less confidently than the Chihuahua. But now, she understood that this fellow was not like Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles or the Golden retriever. She realized that the Chihuahua was not scary at all.

Her neck was fine after she was bitten by the Chihuahua, but her fur was sticky with its saliva.

Ah Ow ran toward the Chihuahua and threw it to the ground. She bit it immediately!

Both of them were canines, but the jaw force of a wolf was much stronger than that of a dog.

Among common dogs, the Rottweiler had the strongest bite force at 280 pounds. How about a wolf? A gray wolf had a bite force of 700 pounds. The Mexican wolf, which fought with the gray wolf for territory, had a bite force of nearly 600 pounds.

Although the size of Ah Ow was similar to the Chihuahua, her bite force was much stronger than it.

After Ah Ow bit it, the Chihuahua shrieked and started to pee.

Ah Ow didn't let go after she bit the Chihuahua; she pushed it to the ground and wanted to tear it apart. This was her nature.

Li Du was worried; he shouted, "Come back, Ah Ow!"

Ah Ow's mind had been modified by the little bug, so she was very obedient. When she heard the urge and anger in his voice, she quickly ran away.

But her teeth were stuck in the muscles of the Chihuahua. She couldn't let go, so she had to run with the Chihuahua in her mouth

Ah Ow was a genetically-modified wolf, so she was incredibly strong. She didn't feel tired carrying the Chihuahua around but she staggered like a child holding a toy around his or her size.

The terrified Chihuahua was in even more pain; it continued peeing.

Li Du stopped Ah Ow immediately. The shoulder of the Chihuahua was bleeding. The wound looked bad and torn.

Ah Ow let the Chihuahua go and the small dog ran away quickly. It looked at the ground and ran with its tail between its legs, very determined to escape.

Li Du stared at Ah Ow helplessly. "Look what you've done. You hurt the poor dog and I have to compensate its owner. Never do this again, understand?"

Ah Ow looked at him with her big, dark eyes as if she had been wronged.

"The Chihuahua bit Ah Ow first," Sophie said. "It was self-defense."

Li Du said, "Yes, it was self-defense. But she is a wolf. When she is an adult wolf and she defends herself every time she is provoked, things will be very interesting. Who could survive her attack?"

Sophie thought about it and said, "Ah Ow will be more mature when she grows up. She will not be provoked easily and she will not attack others."

Ah Ow wagged her tail; although she wasn't a dog, her actions made her seem like a dog.

Big Quinn was doubtful. "Boss, I don't think we should keep Ah Ow. After all, she is a wolf. Wolves and dogs are different. They can't be tamed"

When she heard what Big Quinn said, Ah Ow became very angry. She tried to push Li Du away and she wanted to bite Big Quinn. She looked snarly and hostile.

Big Quinn frowned and gave her a fierce glare. Ah Ow didn't dare challenge him anymore. She thought, What the f*ck? Is he a human? Why does he look scarier than a wolf?

The big war was over and Ah Ow was victorious. Li Du had learned his lesson too: now he understood that Ah Ow was not a dog. She was a beast.

As compared to the ocelot, the Mexican wolf was truly a beast.

Li Du waited for the owner of the Chihuahua. After all, Ah Ow had hurt the poor dog, so he needed to pay its medical fees.

However, they waited over half an hour. They didn't see anyone. When it was time to view the house, they decided to enter Block 10 first.

The house owner was a middle-aged white man. He looked polite and kind. He wore a pair of rimless glasses and spoke softly like a teacher.

When Li Du talked to him after he entered the house, the owner said, "From your voice, I don't think you're the man who contacted mewere you?"

This deal was not handled by an estate agent. Therefore, both the buyer and seller were being very careful.

Big Quinn walked toward him and explained, "The thing is, Mr. Murdick, I'm the one who contacted you on the phone. I contacted you on behalf of my boss."

When he saw Big Quinn, the house owner forced a smile. Obviously, he felt uncomfortable because of Big Quinn's looks and body size.

Li Du entered and viewed the tidy house. It was located on the top floor and there was an attic. There were three rooms and two common areas in about 500 square feet. The attic was smaller at about 400 square feet. It could be used for storage.

The structure of the house was similar to Rose's place. There was a bathroom in the master bedroom. There were windows in every room. The house was very nice and spacious. Because the living room faced east, the house was very bright due to the natural light.

Most of the furniture and electrical appliances had been removed but there were still a few items. The owner said the buyer could take everything for free.

In America, the price of the house was not according to the surface area. They sold a house as a whole unit. The total price of the whole unit was 650,000 dollars as the attic cost 150,000 dollars and the house cost 500,000 dollars.

Li Du and Sophie walked around and whispered to each other. Li Du had little bug look around carefully to see if there were any problems with the house.

He used Relive The Past to check. The community area was new and the previous residents had taken good care of the house, so it was definitely worth the price.

Sophie couldn't detect any problems either. The environment and the security were good and it was very convenient. If there weren't any leakage problems and the neighbors were nice, then this would be a good place.