Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 528

Chapter 528: Promotional

Li Du had somehow gotten his hands on two valuable items in Tucson.

One was a Siege Tower, which could definitely be sold. The other one was eight sets of equipment from The Marine Corps. These included the individual soldier radio, which was very important and high in value too. If this could be sold, the price would be higher than the Siege Tower.

The Department of Homeland Security hadn't sent their people to identify these items, but it didn't mean they didn't take this matter seriously. In fact, they had immediately contacted the police department in Flagstaff and decided to let them do the monitoring.

It just so happened that the case was under Luo Qun.

When Li Du saw Luo Qun lead a group of people into the site, he stared at her in shock. "Are you in charge now?"

Luo Qun was emotionless and answered him with a cold face, "What's wrong with that?"

"I don't think there's anything wrong," Li Du said quickly. "I was only shocked!"

Luo Qun glared at him and said, "Do you know how hard I've worked at this job? I should have been promoted a long time ago. But I was only leading a small team, so it wasn't a big enough deal."

That's true, Li Du thought, I can see how hard you've worked.

Li Du seldom went back home. Whenever he did, it was always very late. However, every time he went back, Luo Qun was up researching those cases.

After Li Du had gone to bed, she was still awake and doing her research. Li Du was very impressed by her work attitude.

Although there was the saying that "hard work pays off," the US police department seemed like they had never heard it before. Luo Qun, as a female Chinese officer, was sometimes discriminated against by them. She worked harder than the others, but she'd gained the least, and was sometimes mistreated as well.

But now, the situation had changed. Li Du had helped her build a good relationship with her coworker; Ericsson, a white woman with a strong personality, was her current partner. Since then, the mistreatment had decreased as well.

Luo Qun was there to check on the weapons. When she started checking she became shocked. "Where the hell did you guys get these things? Oh my, this is way too powerfulI strongly recommend that all of these be put in our police station."

Luo Qun was a tough woman. For her to say "too powerful" meant that these weapons were way too scary.

These weapons had once belonged to a tactics team. Besides the individual soldier radio, there were some machine guns, grenade launchers and so on. If all of these were used at the same time, they could wipe out all of Flagstaff.

Li Du wanted to speak but Hans beat him to it. "Now, besides your team, the Department of Homeland Security, and us, no one knows that we have this stuff. I think we can all agree that it's safe here."

They wanted to keep the weapons and equipment so that they could sell it all.

Even though the Flagstaff Police Department had no right to confiscate their stuff, they could always monitor them. Eventually, it all came down to the Department of Homeland Security.

After the checking, Luo Qun had her eyes on the real person SC equipment. She pointed at it and asked, "Those are f*cking props right? Please don't tell me that you guys actually have real military equipment."

"No," Li Du said, "they're props. Look."

Li Du picked up an electric M16A4, recharged it and aimed at the military uniform. The light bulb on the uniform shined immediately and the vibrator reacted too.

These props were all real person CS equipment with high quality. The guns mimicked and even weighed the same as the real ones; the only difference was that the guns shot out laser beams.

When Li Du fired the gun, it let out a bang like a real one too.

Luo Qun was very interested in these props and asked, "So these are from your cabin too?"


"What are you guys gonna do about it?" Luo Qun asked enthusiastically.

Li Du took the chance and asked her back, "Can you help me handle it? The prices are negotiable."

Luo Qun laughed and said, "Sorry, I can't do that. But, if you are not gonna do something about it now, maybe we can try playing with them. I love real person CS."

Li Du thought for a while and agreed, "Fine for me. Gather your people and we shall have a real person CS match."

"I don't have enough people for all of these, but hey," Luo Qun stopped suddenly and asked, "exactly how many costumes do you have here?"

"Forty-six sets, fully equipped and in good condition too. Why?"

Luo Qun thought for a moment. "You want me to dispose of these for you, right? I had a great idea. We can organize a CS match. We could set a prize and ask people to join. These costumes are in good condition, so you can sell them too."

Li Du exchanged a glance with Hans. Hans nodded with a bright smile. He tried to pull her into his arms. "Dear Rose, what a great idea you have here. How should IUgh, f*ck!"

Luo Qun rapidly twisted his arm and pulled him back while knocking his leg. Of course, Hans was no match for her.

"Keep your hands to yourself!" the female cops said fiercely.

Ah Ow immediately ran towards Hans and peed on his leg.

With this, the next thing was to organize the competition. Li Du had no interest in this, so he let Hans handle it by himself.

Meanwhile, outside, Lu Guan paced around and searched for information online. He actually found some useful stuff.

"Hey Boss, there's one storage auction at Winslow. I've got some exclusive information and we would definitely gain something big," Lu Guan said to Li Du mysteriously.

Li Du pushed him aside and said, "Speak properly. What kind of exclusive info? You want me to guess?"

Lu Guan laughed, "I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere. Alright, don't be mad. One storage company in Winslow is organizing an auction with 18 storage units. One of the units has a lot of sports equipment in it."

"Sports equipment?" Li Du asked. "What exactly is it?"

"A baseball launcher, some brand-new rugby and basketballs. Oh, there's boxing gloves too. There must be something valuable in all that."

Li Du was not interested at all. "Is there anything high in value? How much can this sports equipment sell for?"

"Baseball launchers are very expensive," Lu Guan said. "They can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. There's stuff for golf too. All of this is valuable."

Li Du checked online about that information and decided to have a look at there.

It was the fact that the auction was in Winslow that changed his mind. Winslow was a tourist spot with nice scenery. It was also near the Petrified Forest National Park. The scene was especially beautiful during autumn. Besides that, Winslow would have an interesting event coming up soon.

Li Du informed Hans about his plan. He brought Godzilla, Big Quinn and Lu Guan with him to Winslow. Ah Ow, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles came as well.

Hans went all-out organizing the CS competition. Not only did he do it for money, but he also did it for fun. He loved to play around, especially if he could meet some females during the event.

The prize for the competition was finalized: 1,000 dollars for first prize, 500 dollars for second prize, and 200 dollars for third prize. The prizes were rich so he believed that many people would be attracted to join the competition.