Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 549

Chapter 549: Cotton Candy

Ah Meow did not think that he was plundering food from the children. Alright, he knew this was not hunting, but for him, this was a reasonable way of getting food!

He traveled through the crowd and came back after making a round. He had been jumping around and snatching food the whole time.

When he came back, he did not forget to throw a contemptuous look at Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. You have claws and legs. Can't you get food by yourselves?

Watching how Ah Meow proudly strutted his way back to them, Li Du imagined he was watching a martial arts master donned in white robes.

There was only one sentence to accurately describe the ocelot's performance: A walk among the flowers yet neither petal nor leaf touch the body!

There were other people who had brought pets along as well. Ah Meow's haughty attitude infuriated the other pets in the park. A Border Collie dropped the Frisbee in its mouth and dashed toward Ah Meow to attack.

Ah Meow saw the collie out of the corner of his eye and was not in the slightest flustered facing the aggressive dog. He turned around casually and fearlessly and leaped!

The exceptionally fierce ocelot's jumping ability was too strong. While standing, he could jump over four feet high! He didn't need to run or anything in order to do so.

The Border Collie did not possess that kind of jumping ability. Even with a running start, it could only manage to jump about three feet high. And that was already pushing it.

And so as the collie leaped over, it landed right below Ah Meow. Ah Meow stretched his claws and dug into the dog's skin and fur; he landed on the back of the dog as if they were playing horseback riding.

Ocelots have sharp claws. The collie fell and writhed on the ground after letting out a miserable cry of pain.

Like a feather in the wind, Ah Meow's body stretched and twisted quickly. The ocelot landed with ease. He still possessed the demeanor of a cool and calm martial arts master!

The visitors who watched this stood speechless with their mouths agape. A little girl clapped her hands in delight. "Whoa! This cat is so awesome!"

"In the Animal Kingdom, there are two types of animals you should never mess with. The ones with 'perms' and the ones with 'tattoos.' This is so true!"

The skin on the collie's back was torn and the dog whimpered in pain. It scampered away quickly as it did not have the courage to continue fighting Ah Meow.

Li Du could see that the white fur on the back of the collie had turned red. Ah Meow might have gone overboard and created some open wounds on the collie during the short battle.

Li didn't want Ah Meow to hurt any more animals or any people so he called the ocelot back and carried him on his shoulders.

Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow ran back to Li Du when they saw Ah Meow on Li Du's shoulders. They circled around Li energetically; they also wanted the same treatment.

Sophie walked to a park bench with a puddle beside it. Li Du followed her. They saw someone selling cotton candy. Li Du glanced at Crispy Noodles, who was still being a pest by circling him, and bought a stick of cotton candy.

These three mischievous pets had not tasted cotton candy. The big, fluffy-looking, sweet-smelling treat attracted their attention.

Mr. Li split the cotton candy and held half of it out to Crispy Noodles. "Eat it, boy."

Crispy Noodles stood on his hind legs to receive the big piece of cotton candy. He was dazed with happiness.

Happiness is a fleeting thing. Crispy Noodles snapped out of his daze and quickly grabbed the cotton candy with his mouth. He scurried over to the ditch and dunked the cotton candy in the water to wash it according to the raccoon's habitual behavior.

Sophie wondered why Li Du had suddenly thought of buying cotton candy for Crispy Noodles. She turned to look at Li Du, who was sniggering. She instantly understood what he was up to.

Crispy Noodles was horrified. When his cotton candy touched water, it disappeared immediately.

This was just cruel. Happiness had come and gone so suddenly for him. He was bewildered. Where's my food? Where's the sweet-smelling food? Why is there suddenly only a wee bit left?

Crispy Noodles stared at Ah Meow and Ah Ow with wide eyes. These two pets always liked to steal his food. Crispy Noodles wondered if they were the ones who had stolen the cotton candy from him.

But the two of them were far away; they couldn't be the ones who had stolen his food.

As he looked around, his paws continued to wash, and as he did so, his paws felt lighter and lighter. When his eyes finally landed on his paws, the rest of the cotton candy was gone!

Crispy Noodles cried out in distress. This blow was too great. He didn't know what happened. His little paws slapped against the water in search of the vanished cotton candy.

Li Du broke into hearty laughter. Ah Meow looked on coldly. When Li Du was not looking, he jumped from his shoulders, tore off a chunk of cotton candy, and stuffed it in his mouth while he was still in the air.

However, the chunk of cotton candy was too big. Although he tried to stuff it into his mouth, due to the stickiness of the cotton candy, it plastered itself around Ah Meow's face instead!

Ah Meow suddenly couldn't see anything while in the air. He was shocked and couldn't make a steady landing. With a thud, the proud ocelot fell to the ground.

Ah Ow was attracted to the sweet-smelling and fluffy cotton candy on Ah Meow's chubby face. She scurried over excitedly and started to lick it.

The cotton candy was sweet and looked tasty with a variety of colors. It was a popular snack. Ah Ow was very pleased and satisfied with it.

But there was a problem with this snack. When it touched saliva it would melt into a small lump of sugar, which was really sticky. Ah Ow ate the cotton candy slowly, and very soon, a melted lump of sugar was stuck to her upper jaw.

Ah Ow was puzzled. Her upper jaw felt uncomfortable and she tried using her tongue to lick it off but she couldn't. She started to get anxious and restlessly ran around.

Li Du laughed even more heartily. The three naughty pets had actually encountered hardships due to the cotton candy. It was such a rare and funny sight!

Watching all this happen, Sophie quickly acted to save the pets from their agony. She removed the melted candy from Ah Ow and cleaned Ah Meow's face. She then glared at Li Du in disapproval. "You're a child, huh?"

Mr. Li chuckled in slight embarrassment. "But it's fun."

Sophie rolled her eyes. Crispy Noodles still chittered in misery. He couldn't figure out what had happened. He only knew that his big piece of food had vanished in a puff.

The lady doctor picked up the poor raccoon and bought a stick of grilled corn for him.

Crispy Noodles dunked the corn in the puddle for a wash. He was glad the food didn't disappear this time. He laid on his stomach with the corn in his arms and munched on it happily.

With the three little ones beside Li Du and Sophie, the carnival paled in comparison in terms of enjoyment.

For Li Du, this carnival was similar to the Michaelmas event not long ago. The difference was that there were more performances and activities with various exhibitions instead of only the Golden Bachelor auction.

It was Sophie's first time attending a carnival in Winslow. She was full of interest and took a lot of pictures with her camera.

Li Du accompanied her and they walked around the park taking pictures. Coincidentally, they ran into the group of hostile gem hunters they had met back in the Petrified Forest.

At first, the treasure hunters didn't notice him. But with Sophie's dazzling appearance and the three adorable pets, the group formed an eye-catching combination that caused people to inevitably noticed them.

Seeing Li Du again, Cyril's eyes almost burst into flame. He strode up to him and said, "Hey, Chinaman, you and your bulky friends come to this carnival as well?

"They didn't come," Li Du replied. "Why, you want to get to know them? If so, I can introduce you to them. But, both of them are short-tempered. If you want to know them, don't provoke them unnecessarily."