Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 551

Chapter 551: The Ball Game

The eight sets of weaponry did not only consist of guns and ammunition, but they also included bulletproof vests, sighting devices, medical kits, and radios for individual soldiers. There was quite a lot of stuff.

Li Du had no choice but to fork out money to buy a huge safe to lock this equipment up.

They were now responsible for the weaponry; if any of it got lost or stolen, they would be liable. This was to prevent them from selling off the equipment and using "theft" as the excuse of its absence.

After locking the equipment up, Li Du took a basketball out from the sporting goods he had just bought. He patted it and said, "Don't frown, don't we have other gains?Come, let's go play some basketball."

Hans grabbed the basketball from him and shouted, "God! Play?! These aren't ordinary basketballsthese are super valuable celebrity balls!"

"Yes," Li Du said, "but they're still basketballs and can be used for playing."

"What if the autograph wears off? Then the ball will not sell, and won't fetch a high price," Hans said in disagreement, turning into a penny pincher.

Li Du said, "Who cares! You gotta know that after these balls get sold, we won't have another chance to use such a ball with an autograph. Are you okay with giving up this chance?"

After some hesitation, Hans said reluctantly, "Alright. You're right in that I have never played using an autographed ball. But how about we play football?"

Footballs were thrown in the air. As the ball would not be bounced on the ground, the autograph was less likely to wear off.

Li Du shook his head; he didn't know how to play football, he only knew how to play basketball. Furthermore, they had an expert basketball player in Godzilla.

They didn't usually exercise together, and they hardly ever played ball games together. Even when they did want to exercise, they would go to the gym together. In actual fact, their jobs were already physically demanding manual work.

With a basketball autographed by a celebrity, many people were interested in playing.

Hans shouted and many of the treasure hunters who were drinking and chatting around the cabin responded. He also gave his future brother-in-law Stephen and friends a call to invite them to join in the game.

Lu Guan got in touch with an indoor basketball arena; there were many outdoor public basketball courts in America but the basketball could get damaged more easily on the cement ground.

They were not concerned with the basketball, but with the celebrity's autograph.

Li Du gave the Playboy a call; the other day in Winslow, Playboy had helped him chase off the irritating gem hunters and so he wanted to thank him personally.

The Playboy, who had just returned to Flagstaff, readily accepted his invitation. He said he would go to the sports arena to look for him.

They gathered more than a dozen people in no time and could form two teams to play.

Americans loved sports: football, basketball, and baseball were the three most popular in the country. Most people knew how to play these three most widespread sports.

Being tall and well-built, Big Quinn was made for playing ball gamesjust as Godzilla was. Before starting work, he had received semi-professional training and had played through his high school years on the school's team.

The group of them then drove to the basketball arena. Lu Guan had contacted a small-scale arena with two courts.

During this season, not many people played indoors. The autumn wind was cooling and the temperature outside was neither high nor low. The sun's rays were gentle. All perfect conditions for outdoor sports.

At the arena, Stephen and Hannah were already waiting there with energy drinks and mineral water.

Hannah snatched the basketball over and whooped, "Hey, Dwyane Wade! I like The Flash. Quick, quick, quicklet me take a few photos!"

Li Du counted: there were fourteen men. Along with the Playboy, who had just arrived, they could form three teams.

Li Du, Big Quinn, and Godzilla were on the same team. Dickens shook his head. "How can we play this way? No, those two need to be separated."

Li Du said, "I don't know how to play and so they're showing me how. Also, Big Fox is crap. How about we take Big Fox on this team?

The Playboy said, "I also don't know how to play. Count me in."

Turis said, "Who knows if you guys really don't know to play? No, gotta split you guys up."

Li Du wanted to play the punk, and so he held the ball, saying, "Okay, that's set then. You guys go form your teams. Who's starting first?

As she gave Stephen a pat on the back, Hannah said, "Let them be on the same team. My brother's really crap, while Stephen's the expert. He was the team captain back when we were in high school."

Hans rolled his eyes. He was so angry and annoyed that he couldn't utter a single word.

Everyone just wanted to play; the outcome of the game didn't matter. The other treasure hunters exchanged glances and then shrugged in acceptance of the proposal.

As Li Du entered the court, Godzilla threw the ball to him and said, "You wanna take control?"

There were five positions on the basketball court: one center, two forwards, and two guards. The two guards were split into one shooting guard and one point guard. The point guard was responsible for controlling the ball and coordinating the team's offense.

In terms of stature, the center was usually the tallest and most powerful while the point guard was the shortest but skilled and clear-headed.

Li Du could not deny that his skills were merely average, but as he was the shortest among the five of them, he was the most suitable for the point guard position.

He tried the ball out; it had a good texture, being made of calfskin. It had been sanded to a glossy and soft finish, with a slightly sticky feel when touched. This was a well-made ball.

For the first match, the other team was made up of members including Stephen, Dickens, and Lu Guan.

Li Du guffawed, "You've got a team of shorties?"

Dickens flashed his middle finger at him. "We're gonna run-and-gun, just like old Nellie leading his warriors. Just you wait to be gunned by us."

They had control of the ball and could attack first. They played ten points in a game.

With control of the ball, Stephen dribbled the ball between his legs skillfully, and exclaimed, "Great ball."

Hans shoved Li Du and said, "Go guard him. Be careful, Hannah was right, this b*st*rd's a basketball expert. I reckon my sister was won over by his performance on the basketball court."

Li Du moved forward, and said confidently, "Count on me."

As opposed to attacking, he was more confident in his own ability to defend.

Stephen's left hand dribbled the ball in a relaxed manner. Under his hand, the basketball seemed to bounce like an obedient child. He ran to just before the three-point line; he looked at his running teammate and then at Li Du in front of him. He laughed, "You're too far away."

Li Du spread his arms wide and said, "Then go ahead and shoot a three-pointer. I won't defend."

Hearing that, Stephen moved forward and grabbed hold of the ball. His calves pushed upwards effortlessly as he flicked his right wristthe basketball shot up at a rapid speed.

Whoosh! Li Du turned around to see the basketball fall through the hoop.

"So d*mn accurate," he mumbled gloomily.

Hans shouted, "Did I not tell you to trail him? The b*stard's an expert!"

Li Du turned back. "That was my fault. It won't happen again."

When he received the ball, he wanted to dribble and try some tricks with it. Stephen, who was next to him, moved quickly to smack the ball out of his hands.

Li Du could not respond in time; he felt the emptiness under his hands before realizing the ball was gone!

What the f*ck! Such a pain-in-the-a*s! All of a sudden he felt miserable.