Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 552

Chapter 552: D*mn It, Dont Run

The little bug had the ability to decelerate time. If Li Du were to use it, no one would be able to interrupt his dribble. He would also be faster than anyone else, making it a piece of cake to seize the ball from his opponent.

But this was just a game; it seemed a bit excessive to use the little bug for this.

Hence, although the ball was seized by Stephen, Li Du could do nothing except look on helplessly as he charged down the court and effortlessly scored.

"It's two to zero! Oh yeah!" Hannah shouted excitedly.

The Playboy spread his arms wide and faced Li Du. "Do you want me to take over point guard?"

Li Du gritted his teeth and said, "No, I'll show you guys what I'm made of!"

He was just blowing his own horn; with the ball in hand, he jogged forward slowly.

Seeing that, Stephen chuckled and ran with him past half court, but did not try to snatch the ball from him.

Hans waved his hands. "Pass the ball, Li, pass the ball. Stop moving!"

Even if Li Du had wanted to pass the ball, he wouldn't pass it to him. Just like a basketball star, he stretched out his hand to point as he gave instructions. "Run up, run up. Akkalou, come over and cover me. Big Quinn, go in there, stand further in"

Godzilla stood in the paint next to Turis, who was the biggest member of Stephen's team.

But Turis was only a little over than six feet tall. Compared to many he was a big guy, but next to Godzilla he looked like a kid.

On hearing that Li Du wanted to move Big Quinn into the paint, the rest of them were at a loss. Dickens, who was on the court said, "Both your forwards are in the paint? Then how are we supposed to play?!

As the crowd stared at Big Quinn, Li Du quickly passed the ball to Godzilla.

Ball in hand, with no regard for Turis, who stood next to him, Godzilla turned around and leaped powerfully. As he raised his arms, the muscles on them bulged like wildfire spreading. Whooshit was a slam dunk.

Turis helplessly spread his arms wide. "How am I supposed to block him? If I could, I would be earning millions at NBA!"

Godzilla's fearsomeness was not limited to his big size and strength: he was also quick on his feet. Afterall, he regularly physically trained, which accentuated his God-given attributes.

In addition, he was formerly a professional basketball player in Mexico with far superior basketball skills than the average person. Who could possibly block him?

Luckily, Stephen was on Turis's side, and they were indeed adept at running and gunning. All five of them could run and shoot well, it was just that they could not break through to the basket.

Godzilla and Big Quinn were defending on the inside since their attack had been foiled and every single attempt had resulted in failure.

Turis and the rest were banking on Stephen for this and kept passing him the ball to go against Li Du.

Stephen broke out and tossed the ballscore.

Stephen turned back to do a jump shotscore.

Stephen shot a three-pointerscore.

Hans shouted, "Li, you're getting thrashed!"

Li Du turned back and flashed his middle finger at him. "F*ck, there's no need for you to point out. Isn't it frigging obvious?"

Although Stephen had trashed Li Du, Godzilla and Big Quinn had joined forces to thrash their entire team. The Playboy did as well; his basketball skills were pretty good and he could score from outside the paint.

The game ended at ten to five. Li Du's team won by a large margin.

The people watching were scared sh*tless. Their physique could not even match up to Turis's. Nobody wanted to step forward and get humiliated.

At this time, a young man wearing a Suns shirt walked over and said, "They're pretty good. Would you like me to join you?"

"How's your skills?" Dickens asked apprehensively.

The young man smiled confidently. "No one here's a match for me. See my shirt? This is a Suns internal training shirt. I train with the Suns."

Dickens and the rest perked up. This young man was an expert then.

The Suns was one of the 30 teams in the NBA, and the best professional basketball team in Arizona. He must be highly skilled to train with them.

Big Beard Carl stroked his beard and said decisively, "Okay, I withdraw. You go in and show these jerks something!"

The young man stretched his hand out for the ball. "I gotta warm up first. Please pass me the ball so I can try it out."

Dickens took the ball from Li Du and tossed it to him. The young man dribbled skillfully before saying, "This is a good ball. Nice autograph on it too."

"Of course," Hans said smugly. "It was signed by the real The Flash."

The young man dribbled the ball and then ran around the basketball court. His ball handling skills were impressive. Stephen nodded and said, "He's skillful indeed."

He ran from one end of the court to the other side, and then he sped up. His legs crossed as his left and right hands bounced the ball quickly. Like a butterfly, the ball bounced in between his legs and hands.

Li Du and the rest applauded. "Wow, way cool!"

The young man dashed toward the entrance of the arena, then pushed the door open and ran out. Ah Ow, who was running next to the court, chased after him, howling as she ran.

At this, Li Du said, "It was just a warm-up. Why did he have to go outside?"

Hans was stunned. "Why do I have the feeling that he's not going outside to warm-up but is instead running off with our ball?"


Li Du waved his hand. "Then why are we still standing here? Chase after him! What the f*ck!"

"D*mn it, don't run!" Lu Guan dashed to the window to take a look. He shouted, "That *sshole has run into the alley!"

"Block him with the carfollow me Godzilla!" Hans cried. This was a very valuable ball, and it was one out of the series of autographed basketballslosing it could affect the entire series.

Li Du flew outside but the young man was nowhere to be seen. Evidently, this guy could run really fast.

They were not likely to lose him. Ah Ow's howls led the way as she had continued chasing the young man.

The young man ran into a small neighborhood, with Ah Ow trailing ferociously at his heels. He thought the puppy was really fast and was difficult to shake off. Hence, he had a change in plan.

Li Du and the rest followed the direction of Ah Ow's howls into the neighborhood. They found Ah Ow but there was no sign of the young man anywhere.

Ah Ow kept howling at the few houses in the neighborhood but could not decide on which one to approach.

As he wiped his sweat away, Hans said, "F*ck, this *sshole must have gone into one of the housesor maybe he lives in one of these!"

"Which one? Or should we call the police?" Dickens asked.

Li Du released the little bug and sniggered, "Don't panic, let me have a look."

The houses in this residential area, which were mostly made of wood, resembled villas. They were not villas, however, but just regular houses like those commonly seen around America.

Each house was flanked by a garage and a storage unit. The storage units were different from the storage companies' storage units; like the garage, the storage unit had windows that people could open and climb into for hiding.

He released the little bug into one of the storage units for a look. It was filled with messy piles of bric-a-brac which were covered with dustthe young man was not there.

Hence, he went to another house with a few storage units outside it. The interiors of the units were filled with dust; there were, however, many cardboard boxes in one of the storage units.

Due to his occupational habits, Li Du got the little bug to enter one of the cardboard boxes and saw that it was filled with books.