Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Counter-Encirclement

Seeing that the competition had not even begun and there were already internal threats happening amongst themselves, Li Du said, "Stop arguing. Rose, be mindful of your words. Come over, Big Fox will devise the battle strategy."

Hans squatted next to the laser guns and chuckled as he said, "No hurry Li, let them finish their argument"

"F*ck you!"

Having been reprimanded, Hans became serious and said, "Okay, okay, I will devise our battle strategy. Akkalou, you go in front to attract the shots while Rose and I will take them on from the center. The rest of you split into two routes and surround them from both sides."

"There's only a few of us," Li Du said, "is there a need to split up? I suggest that all of us to stay together, and win by force rather than wits!"

Hans peered at him from the corner of his eye and said, "Are you the commander or am I the commander?"

Li Du sighed. "You are. Alright, we'll listen to you."

Rose also sighed, then said to him, "Do you guys want to battle or play house? Look, what kinda dumb*s did you get as commander?"

Li Du said, "Blaming me?"

"Who else can we blame?" Lu Guan asked sulkily. "I already said I'm more suited to be the commander. Istudied war history when I was in college!"

Sophie giggled as she said, "Everyone stop arguing. The competition is about to start. Let's get ready to attack."

The competition was based on counteraction and not just offense versus defense; both parties were to attack, and the party that managed to surround the other party would emerge the winner.

Li Du whistled and Ah Meow, Ah Ow and Crispy Noodles dashed over.

He said, "Sophie and I will take the route on the left. The rest of you take the route on the right."

Luo Qun rolled her eyes. "D*mn, you guys are treating this competition as a date."

Sophie was embarrassed, and said in a tiny voice, "I'll team up with Rose."

Li Du pulled her away. "We're invincible when we combine forces. Ignore what they say.Go! Go! Go! Go forth and accomplish our goal!"

The competition area was pretty huge; the woods were full of trees such as beeches, pines and small poplars. Some parts were sparse while other parts were dense. Coupled with trenches and sandbags, it felt like they were in a real war taking place in a forest.

Li Du dragged Sophie along and hid with her behind a wall of sandbags. Sophie was about to poke her head out when Li Du quickly pulled her down. He shook his head and said, "Be careful."

Sophie whispered, "They couldn't possibly be attacking us here already?"

"Who knows? Come, close your eyes first."

Sophie stared at him with her big eyes, and asked him in confusion, "Why must I close my eyes?"

Li Du said sternly, "I'm performing a magic trick for you. Quick!"

Sophie obediently closed her eyes. Mr. Li instantly hugged her slim waist with his left arm, his right hand held the back of her head, and he kissed her.

Seeing this, Ah Meow wanted to join in. Ah Ow then gave a cry. "Ow!"

She was reminding Ah Meow: had he forgotten about the experience of being kicked the last time? It was f*cking obvious he was not afraid of death!

Initially, Sophie had tried to give him a small push, but she did not push him away. In the end, she gave up resisting, closed her eyes, and completely relished the moment.

Gunshots could be heard in the distance, and soon sounded more intense. Crack! Crack! Crack! They sounded just like the real gunscrisp and powerful.

Sophie pushed Li Du away, gasping for air as she said, "What are you doing? Quick, they're exchanging shots!"

Hans's voice could be heard diagonal from them. "Left route! Attack from the left route! Oh sh*t, the Playboy got shot! Protect the right route, I'll go drag him back!"

"F*ck! Left route? Where's the left route? We got tricked. D*mmit, who are those behind us? When did they take a detour to the back?"

"Turis, you're exposed! Run away quickly!"

"Take them on! Left and right routes join in at the center route. I'm Rose, follow me and charge forward!"

Li Du wanted to say some sweet nothings to Sophie, but heard the flustered screams of his battle mates.

"Sh*t," he whispered, "the situation's not great."

Popping his head in for a look, he did not see the opponents but instead saw the moving shadows of Hans and the rest in about 200 feet ahead.

Therefore, he released the little bug, who reached the battleground within two seconds given its extremely fast flying speed.

Then, he spotted their opponents in the woods.

These people were really quick on their feet; they had also split into two routes: one group took a false lead in front while the second team quickly surrounded them.

Although Hans and the rest had proceeded with caution, they neither heard nor saw their opponents. This was because they had leaves tied to their shoes and had their faces painted with war paint.

"We're facing off with professionals?" Li Du was stunned. Comparatively, they were a bunch of people here simply to add numbers to the game.

It was lucky that he and Sophie were making out instead of following the majority. Now that most of their team had been surrounded, they became the fish that had escaped through the net.

Lu Guan, together with two treasure hunters, ran toward the back but stumbled into the opponents' ambush. After a series of gunshots, the red lights on the trio's bodies flashed with glaring lights, while they lay on the ground trembling.

The reason for this set of CS competition outfits being so expensive was because besides having sensors all over them, they could also discharge electric currents. Once struck, the few electrodes would activate, and one would momentarily feel numb.

After getting a clearer picture of the battle scene, Li Du lifted his gun to aim but the distance was too far, and the trees and shrubs blocked his line of sight. He couldn't see anyone clearly, so how could he fire?

Lowering his gun, he whispered to Sophie, "Follow me. Let's counter-attack and catch them off-guard."

Sophie said softly, "Are you sure it can be done?"

Li Du was very confident. "Watch me. We'll be the ones appearing out of nowhere in this competition!"

Members of Hans's team shivered as they walked out from the crowd; the red lights on their bodies flashed, indicating that they had been shot.

As Li Du and Sophie bent down and crept forward, Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles, and Ah Ow behind some shrubs, peering ahead through the gaps.

As the opponents tightened their ring of encirclement, they did not defend their back.

Li Du and Sophie each aimed at an opponent, and adjusted their guns to bursts of three. Then, they pulled the triggers at almost the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshots rang; the two opponents trembled, and the red lights on their bodies lit up.

The rest of the people were alerted and instantly crouched down to the ground. Someone shouted, "Behind! There's someone behind! D*mn, they've run out!"

Li Du was still contemplating if he should fire more shots, but there was no one.The opponents were on the ground, and he was unable to aim well.

Someone turned around and stared their way as he listened carefully. Sophie unconsciously wanted to escape, but Li Du tugged at her and whispered, "Don't move, we'll be exposed if we move!"

Sophie was anxious. "If we don't move, we'll be blocked and get ourselves killed."

Li Du said, "Come, close your eyes, let me show you a magic trick . . . "

"You're still thinking of THAT at this time?" Sophie asked, panicked.

Li Du said harshly, "It's for real this time around. Close your eyes quickly!"

With no other choice, Sophie could only close her eyes helplessly and pouted her lips out of habit.