Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 559

Chapter 559: The Community Auction

Looking at her pouting red lips, Li Du was dismal. Could my lady give me some due respect? I was really going to show you a magic trick. I was not finding an excuse to kiss you!

Not able to explain himself, he looked toward Ah Meow and the other two furkids, and stretched his hand out, pointing diagonally forward.

Ah Ow thought he was calling her, and swiftly ran back.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles understood his intention; they blinked and ran diagonally toward him, causing the swaying bushes to make swish sounds.

Someone shouted, "Over there!"

The three of them appeared together from the behind the tree and fired at Ah Meow. Without hesitation, Li Du activated his Time Deceleration ability and instantly, his opponents' actions unfolded with reduced speed before him.

He aimed at one of them and pulled the trigger, then rotated the gun before aiming and firing at another person. He shot three times and all the shots hit their targets. Red lights flashed on the trio's helmets!

"Double kill!"

"Triple kill!"

Looking at this scene, Hans, who was about to withdraw from the area, started to cheer.

Turis, who stood next to him, gave Li Du a thumbs-up and loudly yelled, "Good job! The cold-blooded killer has arrived for the big kill!"

Li Du reprimanded, "You two stupid foolswhy the hell are you shouting?!"

Hearing their voices, the remaining opponents turned around and the barrels of a few revolvers were aimed at him.

Li Du quickly hid behind the tree; Sophie opened her eyes and exclaimed, "Triple kill?"

Those who played CS understood that triple-kill meant three successful shots.

"Yes," Li Du said. "How about thathow was that magic trick?"

Sophie nodded her head vigorously. "Amazing. I thought you, thought you . . . "

The lady doctor couldn't continue speakingshe blushed.

Li Du teased her on purpose. "What were you thinking?"

Sophie was shy but not reserved. She said graciously, "I thought you wanted to kiss me passionately in the middle of the gunfire, and then after the kiss, we would be killed in battle."

"Then we can kiss now?" Li Du asked.

From afar, Hans shouted, "You guys are still romancing? They've surrounded you!"

How could Li Du not know he was being surrounded? But what plan could he have? He would be killed if he were to pop his head out!

Sophie was also aware of this. With a determined expression, she said, "I'll go out there to attract their attention. You take the chance"

Li Du was alarmed and said, "Do we need to go to such an extent? Why does this seem like something from a movie!?"

As the two of them communicated behind the tree, Hans became jumpy. "My bro, stop romancing. Get out quickly and kill them all!"

Li Du was annoyed. At this time, gunshots could be heard behind them. A young man shouted, "F*ck, there's another person herea girl!"

Upon hearing that, Li Du knew instantly that Luo Qun had not been killed yet. She had instead launched a sneak attack on them!

Since there was Luo Qun there to attract their attention, then he shouldn't waste time, and should instead seize this chance.

Since Ah Ow was beside him, he clipped the army cap on her head, gave her a push, and then popped out from the other side of the tree to take a peep.

There were a few people standing out there with the red lights flashing on their bodies. They held onto their guns helplessly. They had obviously already been "killed."

Behind these people stood Luo Qun's silhouette. She struck a valiant pose as she held the laser gun, looking arrogant and cool.

Li Du asked, "Have you all been killed?"

"We underestimated you guys," the bearded man said despondently. "You've got yourselves a champion shooter here."

There was definitely a difference between using laser guns to shoot and actual guns. Once there was a chance to shoot, as long as the gun was used well, there was a high probability of killing many opponents within a short period of time.

After all, laser guns did not have recoil, and the trajectory could be controlled.Besides, they were battling within close proximity of each other, and so could shoot their opponents easily.

During the initial battle, while the bearded man had "killed" Hans and six others, his team had also lost three people. Then Li Du and Sophie had killed two of them, while Li Du single-handedly killed three more. Luo Qun killed another two, and hence wiped them out.

Having won this battle, Hans lifted his gun proudly, and signaled everyone to gather. "Come on, let's cheer! Wolfpack! Ow-ow-ow!"

Ah Ow heard him howl, and quickly raised her head with her mouth open. "Owoo! Owoo!"

Li Du hurriedly closed her mouth; this brat was probably worried that no one would know she was a wolf.

Hearing this, someone exclaimed in shock, "You guys are really serious! Oh my god, you even brought a wolf-dog here to take part in the competition?"

Li Du shrugged. "A wolfdog pup. I brought her out to see the world."

They left after removing their outfitsthe second round was about to start.

Hans came over to talk with Li Du. "How about this: let's not sell this equipment. Let's keep it for us to play with."

Li Du shrugged. "Whatever you say."

These outfits were not worth much, and they were not short of money.

There were many groups competing; the competition was held over two days, and the final was to be held on the second day.

However, Li Du didn't have time to participate in the finals. He had to attend the community storage auction.

On Sunday morning, he brought Hans to the neighborhood next to the sports arena.

Chalmers had convinced his neighbors to sell their storage units off during the auction.

Actually, these neighbors had been suspicious over his idea of the auction. They did not have any valuable items in their storage units. They were mostly household items or abandoned electrical appliances. Why would anyone be willing to spend their money to buy them?

These items were not valuable, and might even cost money to be disposed of. If someone were willing to pay them and then help them clean up, that would be best.

When these doubts were voiced to him, Chalmers, who was wearing white gloves, said confidently, "All of you will be riding on my coattails, because I have storage units that are valuable. They are all aiming for my units."

Someone questioned, "I still do not understand. If you know that there are valuable things in the units, then why don't you sell them yourself?"

"You're right. People will buy the units before they can sell them. They'll pay less than they're worth so there will be a profit margin when they sell. So why don't you sell them yourself? This profit margin could go into your pocket instead."

Chalmers shrugged and said, "I don't have any idea where to sell them, and they have better channels to do that as well."

After eight o'clock, people started to stream into the neighborhood on their pickups.

At this point, Chalmers's neighbors were full of admiration for him. Obviously, some people were interested in their storage units, and here was their chance to earn some money.

Li Du hung around with the other treasure hunters. But soon after he reached the neighborhood, he released the little bug to enter the storage unit filled with magazines.

God was good to him; the things in the storage unit were left untouched, and all the magazines remained in their original places.

At nine o'clock, Chalmers walked toward the crowd and, using his loudspeaker, said, "Good morning to all treasure hunters. What a nice, sunny day it is today. It's going to be a bountiful day. I shall be the auctioneer conducting this auction. Thank you for all your support."