Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 569

Chapter 569: The Wolf is Coming

The wind grew in ferocity as it blew across the vast emptiness of the National Park. When it blew past the obstacle-filled Petrified Forest, it gave off a howling sound.

Li Du was still fast asleep, accompanied by the howling of the wind. All of a sudden, he felt someone push against him.

He instinctively used the back of his hand to push back before hearing a soft, anxious voice. "Wake up. Quickly, wake up! There's a problem. Quick, wake up . . . "

While sleeping in the middle of the night, suddenly hearing a woman's voice in his ear shocked Li Du. Is this a female ghost?

He automatically opened his eyes and looked ahead fearfully. Using the light in the tent, he managed to make out Sophie across from him and saw her similarly terrified expression.

After a few seconds ofconfusion, he responded, "Oh oh, darling, you want to sleep with me tonight?"

"What?" Sophie was confused.

Li Du replied, "It's fine. I just woke up and am still dazed. What's the matter? Time to start work? How long have I slept for? Felt like I only slept a while."

Sophie nodded her head. "You did just sleep for a while, not more than an hour . . . "

"So why did you wake me up?" Li Du asked. Li Du, who was still unable to comprehend the current situation, asked in a perplexed tone, "You want a hug?"

Sophie was so angry she could die. She raged, "Want a hug? Are you crazy? Quick, get up! It looks like there's a wolf coming!"

Li Du was bold enough to say those words as he was still half asleep. However, hearing Sophie's words, he was wide awake and exclaimed, "There's a wolf coming?"

Sophie nodded her head seriously. "Yes, there's a wolf coming! I heard a wolf's cry. Also, take a look at the three kids!"

The three rascals were lying neatly at the entrance of the tent, sticking their heads out to take a look.

Li Du could only see their buttocks and was unable to see their expressions. Their tails were all tightly clamped below their behinds, especially Ah Ow, who looked like she was eager to stuff her small tail under her body.

He was puzzled by the sight. Normally, the three of them were used to being rebellious and spoiled. Consequently, Li Du had yet to see all three of them cower in fear at the same time.

They might not be frightened yet, but they were very anxious nonetheless.

Seeing how anxious they were, Li Du quickly stood up and prepared to go out to have a look at the situation. When his feet touched the ground, he realized he was barefoot and said curiously, "I remember I was wearing my shoes when I slept."

"You remembered wrong," Sophie grumbled.

Li Du responded, "Oh."

Sophie was left speechless.

Noticing he was prepared to go out after taking the flashlight, Sophie held him back and in a soft voice asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going out to take a look."

Sophie replied, "You want to go out there like this without any weapons? I'm telling you, I heard a wolf's cry!"

Li Du hastily slapped his face and said, "I'm still not fully awake and was in a daze. Right, where're my crossbows? I have two . . . darn it, they are both in the truck!"

The sound of footsteps could be heard. Li Du, who was unaware of the situation, hurriedly pulled Sophie closer to him and embraced her.

Ah Meow and the other two, who were sticking their heads out of the tent to have a look, jumped back in. Someone outside tapped on the door of the tent and said, "Boss, the situation doesn't look good."

Hearing Big Quinn's voice, Li Du came out of the tent and saw that it was indeed him. Nonetheless, seeing his fierce-looking face at night nearly made Li Du attack him.

"What's the matter?"

Big Quinn replied, "Godzilla heard a wolf's howl. We deduced that there are possibly wolves in the surroundings."

Even though there were wolves around, they had not entered their camp. Because of this, Li Du wasn't worried and swiftly went to the truck to retrieve the crossbows.

At that moment, Ah Ow suddenly jumped out, looked toward the north and howled, "Owuuuu! Owuuu!"

Li Du was shaken awake by the abrupt howling.

He turned his head and wanted to stop Ah Ow. Instead, he saw Ah Ow baring her teeth and staring out into the north with eyes that had never been that huge.

He followed Ah Ow's gaze and saw a ghostly shadow appear in his field of vision. He did not know when the wolf had appeared.

As there was still quite a distance between them, Li Du would not have noticed the wolf if not for Ah Ow's warnings. The wolf had been standing quietly next to a pile of rocks in the darkness of the night, not making a single sound.

Li Du's heart sank after seeing the wolf and said, "Godzilla, come back here."

Godzilla was adding firewood to the bonfire with the intent of reigniting it, as only two out of the five bonfires that Big Quinn had set were still burning.

Hearing Li Du's command, Godzilla promptly raised his head and saw the quiet, wild wolf.

After seeing the appearance of the wolf, Godzilla, with a shotgun in his hands, hurriedly raised his arms.

With that, Li Du was relieved as he had not brought any guns and only had two crossbows for emergencies. He had not foreseen that Godzilla would bring along a shotgun. Having a shotgun in hand, there was nothing left to fear.

Godzilla raised the gun and aimed it at the wild wolf in the distance while slowly backing up until he was beside Li Du and Big Quinn.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles jumped out from the tent and stared hawk-eyed at the wild wolf.

Li Du with a wave of his hand said, "Quickly, go back into the tent."

Sophie came out from behind and asked, "What's the matter? Ah Ow was crying just now . . . Ah, it's here!"

Li Du responded, "Don't be afraid, you have us here. This wolf is not enough to frighten us as we have a shotgun."

Big Quinn said in a deep voice, "Boss, don't underestimate it. Although we have a gun, it doesn't mean that we can fight it. In the wild, wolves are usually found in packs."

Li Du replied, "I know, but right now, is there any wolf pack around?"

Sophie obeyed his command and tried to bring the three rascals back into the tent. In the end, only Crispy Noodles listened to her. Ah Meow nimbly jumped out of her grasp while Ah Ow avoided her altogether.

"What's the matter?" she asked anxiously.

Big Quinn commented, "Ah Meow and Ah Ow aren't afraid of the wolf, and they are trying to protect us with their own methods."

Li Du gave a bitter smile. Those two kids are very brave and loyal. However, one of them is a wolf-pup while the other is a small sized ocelot. How could they possibly go against an adult wild wolf? Moreover, who knows if there are any wolf packs behind?

Both parties stared each other down for more than ten minutes. The wolf remained standing there, motionless. If Li Du hadn't confirmed that it was a wolf, he would have thought it was a statue.

After several more minutes had passed, the wild wolf moved.

Apparently, it had been scrutinizing Li Du and his company. It analyzed their combat capabilities and gathered other relevant information about them. It started to move only after being confident about the confrontation.

The wild wolf walked very slowly with a different kind of elegance.

It was as if the wolf was afraid of startling them. It walked slowly towards them with silent, gentle steps before standing close to one of the bonfires.

Under the light of the bonfire, the figure of the wolf became clear. The pair of wolf eyes, which gave off a glossy green glow and a cold fierce feeling, was even clearer.

The wolf was approximately 24 to 28 inches in length and had a grayish-white coat with a mane slightly behind his neck. Its mouth was wide and it had very small ears. All this made it look a little like a dog.

However, all it took was one look at it for anyone to know that it was not a dog. Its qualities and expression were terrifying.