Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Confrontation of The Experts

"Mexican wolf!" Big Quinn groaned. "D*mn it, who told me that there are only about 500 Mexican wolves in the state of Arizona? Such a big state with less than 500 wolves and there's two right in front of me now?"

Li Du responded in a soft voice, "You're sure they're Mexican wolves?"

"Without a doubt," Big Quinn replied. "Regardless, we're lucky that they're Mexican wolves. If they were North American gray wolves, we'd be worse off."

The North American gray wolf was the largest in size, having the strongest bite force, the fastest speed, and the most violent explosiveness amongst canines. Even the Tibetan Mastiff, who was known as unbeaten against wolves, would be considered to have had learned martial arts if it could last three rounds in a fight with a North American gray wolf.

Godzilla, being an impulsive person, was not very afraid, and raised the gun. "If it dares come towards us, I'll open fire. If I miss, be prepared to snatch the gun."

"What?" Li Du said.

Big Quinn explained, "What Godzilla meant was that if the wolf attacks us, he'll only have one shot at it. In case he doesn't hit the wolf, we must figure out a way to snatch the gun back from the wolf's mouth."

Li Du was stunned. "Do we have to go that far? Is this wolf really that powerful?"

"Boss," Big Quinn sighed, "you haven't seen the power of a wolf yet, right? Simply put, the wild wolf is the most fearsome amongst predators. It's feared not for its fast speed or strong bite force, but rather for its craftiness.

"I'm willing to bet that when it attacks us, it will first go after Godzilla before crushing his arm and snatching the gun away. It will then come after us next."

"Then can't we just shoot it down when it attacks us?" Li Du asked.

He was not afraid because he had the little bug who could slow time. The wolf's attack speed could not be faster than his. So, if Li Du became 100 percent sure that both of them were about to clash, the wolf would definitely not make it out alive.

On the other hand, Big Quinn was not at all confident. "Boss, I beg of you, that's a wolf. Do you really think we can just simply shoot it? It's not that simple! You have yet to see the speed at which it hunts . . . "

Hearing those words, Li Du used little bug's ability to slow time and leisurely took the shotgun from Godzilla's hands. He then proceeded to raise it and aim at the wild wolf.

After he'd completed this set of actions, the other two finally had the chance to react. Both of them were wide-eyed and exclaimed, "My God!"

"Trust me," Li Du casually said, "its hunting speed is definitely not as fast as mine. Let me handle it."

Experiencing firsthand the speed at which he'd snatched the gun away, Godzilla and Big Quinn had more confidence in his words and felt that he was pretty reliable.

However, Ah Meow and the other two had no confidence in him. Seeing the wolf approach them, Ah Ow opened her mouth and, with her teeth showing, let out a cautionary bark. At the same time, Ah Meow took a step forward and started walking toward it.

Witnessing Ah Meow walk forward, Li Du almost threw away the gun in shock and promptly shouted, "Ah Meow, come back! Come back!"

Ah Meow ignored Li Du, acting as if he hadn't heard him. He was completely focused on the wild wolf, with his four limbs bent, his center of gravity lowered, tail curled up behind his buttocks, and stare focused vigilantly forward.

The wild wolf noticed the ocelot but only glanced at him before turning to face Li Du once more.

It was staring at Li Du, but to be more accurate, it was staring at the one holding the gun.

Li Du anxiously waved his hand at Ah meow and shouted in a stern voice, "Ah Meow, don't go over. Come back!"

He had looked after Ah Meow for a long time and knew exactly what he was trying to do. He was preparing to strike at the wild wolf!

Even though felines were considered nature's number one predators, this only applied if their prey was in the same weight category.

No matter how the wolf looked, it seemed like it weighed over 60 poundsunlike Ah Meow, who was under 20 pounds. The two were in completely different weight categories!

Ah Meow continued ignoring Li Du and walked closer to the wild wolf with cautious steps. After walking halfway, he changed his method of approach from walking in a straight path to twisting his long body like a snake while proceeding forward.

"Boss," Big Quinn said to Li Du, "don't make any more noise and stop disturbing Ah Meow. He's trying to focus all his attention on the wolf."

Li Du also did not want to distract him, but he was afraid that Ah Meow would be killed by the wolf. He also didn't dare fire the gun as it was a shotgun. If he fired it, the bullet spray would be too wide and hit Ah Meow as well.

Ah Meow moved closer to the wild wolf in a gradual manner. His body powerfully constricted like a spring and with a swoosh sound, the ocelot darted forward.

Li Du had not seen him move at such a fast speed before. Without the use of the little bug's ability to decelerate time, he would not have discerned the trajectory of his path.

Godzilla and Big Quinn had also never seen him move that fast. Both of them could not help but exclaimed, "Sh*t! My god! "

Even though the wild wolf's reaction time was faster than the three of theirs, he still could not defend against Ah Meow's extremely fast attack. As it was still focused on the three of them, when Ah Meow moved, it immediately let out a howl: "Awoo!"

When Ah Meow landed nimbly on the ground, a cut appeared on the underbelly of the wild wolf. Its skin had been ripped, revealing some bright red flesh and making the wound look like an open mouth.

After letting out a howl, the wild wolf promptly closed its mouth and pounced toward the spot Ah Meow had landed on. With its lean body full of muscles, its pounce was as fast as lightning.

Ah Meow avoided the wolf and then gathered some stones in his paws. Failing to pounce on him, the wild wolf turned its body and pounced again. After it slammed its front claw on the ground, a bunch of stones flew into the air and fell, looking like a huge wave crashing against the shore or like a heaving heap of snow.

Although the wild wolf failed to pounce on Ah Meow, the stones managed to hit him.

Ah Meow swiftly ran and jumped a few times to avoid the wild wolf's attacks. With every step, the wild wolf closed in on him and finally caught up to him.

Seeing the sight, Li Du's heart skipped a beat, but Ah Meow did not panic at all.

He spotted the wild wolf closing in on him from the corner of his eyes and nimbly moved his body aside. With a twist of his waist, he pounced straight for the wolf's underbelly, as fast as a streak of light.

The wild wolf quickly rolled away. Ah Meow's front claw ripped viciously into its body, tearing open its skin, and leaving behind a nasty wound.

Li Du and the other two were astonished by what they saw. Both Ah Meow and the wild wolf had extremely fast reaction times. It actually managed to predict the target of Ah Meow's attack and rolled away. If it hadn't Ah Meow would have torn right through its thin underbelly.

The wild wolf stood up again, with more caution this time, as it dared not underestimate Ah Meow like it had earlier on. It was now much more cautious, staring at Ah Meow with ferocious looking eyes.

"Meow!" Ah Meow cried out softly.

The wild wolf straightened its neck and raised its head, before letting out a howl. "Awoo . . ."

When it straightened its neck, Ah Meow's four limbs forcefully gripped the ground and pounced from it with a whoosh before attacking it once more.

After letting out a howl, the wild wolf immediately withdrew its neck. With its mouth open, it turned its head toward him and bit at him with speed and precision.

It was a trick!

Li Du was shocked as it was his first time seeing a wolf's craftiness. The wild wolf did not at all intend to cry into the air. It purposely exposed its weak point to invite Ah Meow to attack it.

Ah Meow was tricked. At the exact moment when he saw he was about to be eaten, the long tail that had been curled up behind his buttocks straightened and swung forcefully.

Using the strength of his tail, he tilted his body while he was still lunging forward in the air. This promptly changed his trajectory and allowed him to avoid the wild wolf's giant bite.

However, as the wild wolf was already on the offensive, it conveniently turned its head and despite not biting Ah Meow, its mouth landed on his buttocks, swiping him off from the air and onto the ground.

All of a sudden, the situation became critical.