Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Rest Before Continuing The Battle

The discovery of the Overarching Sunset had put Li Du in an excitable mood. The approaching nightfall had caused his mindfulness to reduce, so he hadn't noticed the change in his energy levels.

He'd not only used the little bug continuously for more than two hours, he'd also made the little bug work at full power. The rate of energy consumption was extensive.

However, as he was overly excited, the adrenaline had suppressed all negative feelings in his body. His body was clearly worn out but his brain was still very alert.

Sophie was not just trying to scare him. If he had not been discovered in time and he'd continued using the bug in such a state, he could have very well died of heart failure.

However, after some rest, coupled with Sophie's supplementation of glucose and salt solution, he had recovered his energy.

Li Du stretched his body and asked, "How did you know I was awake?"

Big Quinn, who was at the door, said, "Lady boss has been opening the door every five minutes to check on your condition."

"Two minutes," Godzilla grunted.

Sophie glared at the both of them. "That's exaggerating. I knew he was awake when I heard Ah Meow's cry."

Li Du knew that she had been plagued with worry and so embraced her before giving her an exuberant kiss.

Sophie blushed shyly and pushed him away. "Go brush your teeth and wash upyour mouth stinks!"

Li Du was embarrassed.

When he walked out of the tent, he realized that it was already afternoonhe had slept for a full twelve hours.

However, this was considered a short sleep. In the past, when he'd been exhausted to this extent, he would need to take an entire day to recuperate. This shorter rest was thanks to Sophie who had given him glucose in time to help him recover his strength.

The weather was not warm anymore and the low shrubs in the woods made rhythmic shoosh sounds, which were rather pleasing to the ears.

Godzilla took out a portion of minestrone soup and some flatbread to go with it. A mouthful of the flatbread chased down by a mouthful of the spicy and sourish vegetable soupit was a tasty combination!

Li Du was indeed hungry now; as he wolfed down the flatbread and the soup, he said, "Well done. When did we prepare the flatbread and vegetables?"

Godzilla said, "I bought it, and lady boss made it. Stocked up on supplies."

Li Du nodded in realization. It was no wonder he had no recollection of bringing this type of flatbread.

After filling their tummies and quenching their thirst, he went to walk around with Sophie.

Sophie had wanted him to rest, and not wreck his mind and body over gem hunting.

In the end, after wandering around for a while, a familiar face appeared before themit was the artist who had previously given Sophie her portrait.

Upon seeing the two of them, the artist's face brightened and he walked over hastily. "We meet again. What a coincidence!"

Li Du said, "How coincidental indeed."

"Are you all here to sightsee?" the artist asked. "You don't really look it. I have the feeling that you're more like gem hunters."

"Actually, we are here to look for opals," Sophie replied.

The artist shook his head. "This isn't reliable, really. I know how rare opals are around here. It's a tough gamble to win. How about spending the time on something else?"

Sophie smiled. "Probably, but this is our hobby. We may find one if we're lucky."

The artist looked at them, then tried sounding them out. "Are you in need of money? If so, I could invite you to be my models. Don't misunderstand, I don't have any ill intentions. I'm just trying to see how I can help you."

Li Du said, "Neither of us are lacking money, but there's someone who is."

As he spoke, he waved to Godzilla and Big Quinn who were busying themselves some distance away, gesturing for them to come over.

Then he said, "The two of them need the money, and they are suitable to be models. I'd dare say there are none more suitable than they are."

The two huge men dashed over. They wore boots, pants with camouflage print and black singlets. Coupled with their build, defined muscles and appearance, they looked extremely fearsome.

"What's the matter, boss?" Big Quinn asked aggressively.

In actual fact, his tone was gentleit was just that he had spoken with a fierce expression.

"This gentleman here is an artist," Li Du said, "who's planning to help you earn some money on the side . . .Hey, mister, don't go. Why are you leaving?"

Staring at Godzilla and Big Quinn, the artist's expression changed and he left without hesitation.

Sophie shrugged. "Obviously, he was just being polite. Li, you're too gullible and believe what people say at face valuehee hee."

As she spoke, she could not help but burst out laughing.

After walking around the area, they saw some gem hunters near the gravel ground nearby. Li Du greeted them in a friendly manner, but these people gave him glares full of animosity in response.

The competition between gem hunters was not as intense compared to that at storage auctions; each person had a piece of land on which they searched for their own gems.

However, gem hunters did not have good relationships with each other. This was because there were no distinct boundaries on the gravel ground, and people would often cross boundaries to snatch gems, resulting in conflict.

Li Du neither wanted to antagonize nor build any relationships with them. As he noted that he was not welcome, he grabbed Sophie's hand and left.

With Crispy Noodles's help, he dug out the five opals he'd discovered last night.

Big Quinn and Godzilla were envious of Crispy Noodles's abilities; from time to time, the two of them would get together and discuss about adopting a raccoon. However, they were unsure which kind of raccoon had such amazing abilities.

Sophie was still unable to find an opal. Li Du had wanted to lend her Crispy Noodles but she turned him down, saying, "I want to use my own ability to find an opal for my fatherthen that will be my gift to him."

Li Du shrugged. Fine, you stubborn lady. He would have to find another way to help her out.

The number of opals within a hectare was not considered too small, but some were buried deep down, and could not be dug out without the help of machines. Li Du could only dig out those less than a few feet deep.

As such, after two days and two nights, they had a bountiful harvest. Besides the Overarching Sunset, Li Du had dug out another 35 gemstones.

There were both big and small gems, but the biggest was not even half the size of the Overarching Sunset.

Putting away these 35 gemstones, Li Du hopped into the car and brought the three of them to find a place to rest. They were overly exhausted from the past two days.

Winslow was about 25 miles away from the park, which was a little far away. Fortunately, there was a small motel near the park. He booked three rooms and they raced over.

The decorations in the motel were simple and elegant. Li Du took Sophie around to take a look. The rooms were very clean with a 24-hour hot water supply. Therefore, they booked the rooms for a day.

Upon entering the rooms, the four people didn't speak another word, and collapsed into bed.

When he awoke, the sky was still dark. Bleary-eyed, Li Du looked at the timeit was three in the morning. This job had messed up their biological clocks.

This was where gem hunters had it tougher compared to storage auction treasure hunters. Their biological clocks were all messed up, and in the long run, they might run into problems with their bodies.