Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 574

Chapter 574: Vacation Feeling

The little bug had also made great improvements to Li Du's physical health. One of the improvements was that it made him more energized.

Indeed, it made him much more energized.

If he did not use the little bug, he would only need to sleep three to four hours to be energized for the rest of the day. However, as he would normally use the little bug, which required energy, he easily became exhausted at times.

He awoke from his sleep that lasted from daytime to nighttime. Although it was still dark outside, he was fully energized and could not return to sleep.

Sophie hugged a pillow while still fast asleep in an interesting sleeping position. She slept with her body curled up, both hands closed together on the pillow, and her head gently resting on a bit of her arm.

Looking at her sleeping position, Li Du suddenly recalled a study claiming that people who slept in such a posture lacked a sense of security.

He remembered that the study had stated most children in an orphanage and soldiers who had seen war would sleep in such a posture. However, he'd thought that Sophie had lived a happy life since childhood, which made him wonder why she slept like that.

After thinking about it, he quietly climbed into Sophie's bed and carefully embraced her.

Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles, and Ah Ow turned themselves over, stood up, and blinked in bewilderment before curiously looking at him.

Li Du signaled for them to shush, followed by a downward movement of his wrist to motion for them to go back to sleep.

The little rascals pursed their lips. Crispy Noodles was the first to lie down, followed by Ah Ow who lay on his small stomach, while Ah Meow went one round from the outside.

The three rascals, with the help of one another, fell asleep.

Sophie slept until the latter half of the night and opened her eyes. She blurrily looked at Li Du and smiled sweetly. "My love, why are you in my bed?"

Li Du looked her in the eyes. "I was feeling lonely and decided to come over and hug you."

Sophie turned her body and hugged him, burying her face in his arms before muttering, "Yes, I feel lonely too. Let's get back to sleep."

It might be due to Li Du being oversensitive, but from the way she slept and the words she said when she was half awake, he felt that Sophie was a lady with a story.

After ten plus hours of rest, the four of them, who were all fully energized, assembled on the morning of the second day.

The breakfast provided by the Inn was the usual food that Li Du was uninterested in. As there were no restaurants nearby, he could only settle his meal by himself.

Sophie was prepared to buy a breakfast sandwich before Li Du waved his hand in disapproval. "I'll make breakfast so you'll have the real feeling of vacation."

Hearing those words, Sophie smiled expectantly. "That will be great. Do you need anything from me?"

"I only need your applause."

In fact, he also needed help besides the applause. However, he would not get help from Sophie and only wanted Big Quinn's help.

After receiving his instructions, Big Quinn went to find the Inn's boss. "Excuse me," he said, "could we borrow your restaurant's kitchen for a while to cook our own food?"

The boss was initially unwilling to, but seeing Big Quinn's fierce look and his well-defined muscles, he decided to give in. "Okay, okay."

Big Quinn politely thanked him and gave him a 100 dollars for the cost of using the restaurant and ingredients.

As Godzilla had replenished nearly all the food the previous day, the truck had a wide variety of vegetables.

Seeing red and green peppers, carrots, onions, and other ingredients, Li Du took some out. Li Du tasted the spiciness of the peppers and proceeded to dice them together with the rest of the vegetables.

Having noticed that the Inn's kitchen had kimchi, Li Du enquired about them before using some.

Possibly due to the 100 dollars, the boss was very approachable. He told Li Du to not stand on ceremony and that he was free to use everything in the kitchen.

Li Du did not require much from his kitchen as Godzilla, being a glutton, had stocked the truck with all sorts of food and vegetables, turning the vehicle into a market.

After similarly cutting the kimchi into cubes, he took two cartons of eggs and cracked them into a small bowl. He proceeded to beat the eggs and added some flour and salt.

He then poured olive oil into a pot and promptly poured the egg mixture in after the oil was heated, spreading the mixture evenly around the pot. He then drizzled some cooking oil along the edges of the mixture.

As the pot sizzled, the rich smell of the oil and eggs swiftly reached his nose.

Even without using a very big fire, the egg pancake settled not long after.

At that moment, he used a spade to roll up the egg pancake into egg rolls. While the egg rolls were still hot, he sprinkled some white sesame and black pepper on them, before waiting for them to fully cook.

The dish he cooked was Korean style egg rolls, which was suitable as a breakfast main dish. The egg rolls were fragrant and delicious and had very high nutritional values from the rich variety of vegetables in them.

Seeing that the truck had ham, he used some of that.

He first fried a few eggs before using the oil to fry the ham, which was cut into roughly the same size as the fried eggs. The fried eggs were then placed over the ham, completing the dish.

Inside the container of preserved vegetables, there was still some of the preserved bamboo shoots that he'd made. With the addition of the bamboo shoots and warm milk, a plentiful breakfast spread was completed.

Li Du went to find the boss to borrow Western dinner plates and plate covers, before bringing out the dishes. He placed the dishes in front of Sophie and opened the cover, which revealed a few delectable dishes and their delicious fragrance.

Seeing the egg rolls, bamboo shoots, and ham, Sophie was elated. The ham was covered by a piece of fried egg and had a smiley face, which Li Du had made with soy sauce.

Godzilla and Big Quinn were also served the same dishes but without the smiley face on the fried eggs. As such, Godzilla, after contemplating, squeezed a bottle of soy sauce to draw the smiley face.

Having noticed the smiley face's crooked eyes and mouth, Big Quinn said helplessly, "Could you not lose focus so easily? Is that a crying fried egg?"

Godzilla confidently replied, "It's going to be eaten. Why wouldn't it be crying?"

Big Quinn was left speechless.

As the breakfast spread prepared by Li Du was aromatic, some of the tourists took notice and asked the boss, "How much does their breakfast cost? Give me one serving."

"Sorry," the boss helplessly replied, "those dishes were made by them and are not sold in the shop."

"Then I will also make my own breakfast." The tourists were all unwilling to eat the restaurant's food.

The boss stared wide-eyed at Big Quinn and Godzilla before he firmly shook his head. "Sorry, the kitchen can't be lent out."

"Didn't they borrowed it?"

The boss replied, "If you guys were the same size and physique, then you could also use it."

He'd been afraid that if he had not lent the kitchen to Big Quinn, his shop would be wrecked. However, he was not afraid of the other ordinary tourists.

After eating his breakfast, Li Du still had to settle the opals in his possession, which was no less than 35 pieces. As there was no longer any reason for them to remain in his possession, it was best that they were sold for money.

Li Du gave Owen a call. "Hi, it's China Li"

"The amazing chap, I remember you. Is there anything I can help you with?" Owen asked.

Li Du replied, "I have a batch of opals I want to deal with. Could you take them over?"

This left Owen rather surprised. He knew Li Du would be able to find gemstones, but he did not think that he would find them so quickly.

As such, he hurriedly replied, "Of course, of course, I will be able to take over them. Ah yes, you mentioned a batch? I don't think I heard you wrong, but you didn't mean a single piece, right?"

"Yes, a batch. Around 30 pieces"

"Where are you at? I will come pick you up immediately!" Owen, who was pleasantly surprised, cut him off. "Mate, you are really an amazing chap!"