Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 592

Chapter 592: The Appeal of Patek Philippe & Co.

Li Du finally arrived at Harry Winston, a place which, regardless of time and location, represented the world's most fashionable luxury styles.

Viewed from the outside, the building exuded extravagance and was shimmering from the glow of the jewels. Upon entering, the place was lacking in popularity, which was most important for a jewelry shop.

Even though Las Vegas had a lot of tourists, this jewelry shop did not have many patrons.

Nonetheless, the decorations inside the shop were very lavish. Immediately past the main entrance was a huge crystal chandelier with a glow similar to that of a diamond's. People standing under it would unknowingly be enthralled by it.

The spacious top floor of the jewelry shop housed both the lobby and display areas. It also had a cocktail buffet table and a bar. People could sit down anywhere on the top floor and enjoy their beverages.

The second floor was the place to go for buying jewelry. Li Du rode the huge glass elevator and very quickly, a fashionable jewelry world appeared in front of him.

The number of customers on the second floor was even lower. There was a labyrinth of corridors with display cases on both sides and gorgeous salespeople walking about. Once someone expressed interest in any of the jewels, a salesperson would immediately go over and proceed to introduce the jewel to them.

After bringing his two buff bodyguards to the second floor, many people promptly gazed at Li Du.

As soon as he stepped into the corridor, a tall blonde lady walked over smiling and inquired, "Hello, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Li Du went straight to the point and asked, "Do you guys buy raw materials for high-grade jewelry?"

The salesperson gently nodded. "Yes sir, we do have such a service."

Li Du responded, "I would like to meet your boss, or your manager, as I have a number of raw jewels I would like to sell. It's a batch of fire opals."

The salesperson directed him forward and asked him to wait a moment, before quickly walking toward a lady who was registering something using a tablet computer. After she had whispered a few words to the lady, the lady began walking over to Li Du.

"Hello sir, you have a batch of fire opals you wish to sell?"

Li Du nodded and asked, "Are you the manager here?"

The lady replied, "Apologies, I am the lobby leader. According to the rules, I am required to first check the gemstones you are selling before proceeding with the next step of the process."

With a wave of Li Du's hand, Godzilla walked over from behind. He opened up the case that had been in his hands and revealed 20 plus pieces of sparkling fire opals.

Compared to the brightly lit first floor, the second floor of the jewelry shop was dimmer to better enhance the jewelry in the cases. Each case also had a strong mini light, specifically to illuminate the jewelry.

When Godzilla opened up the case, a dim, orange-red glow appeared in front of them. The effect was the result of placing so many opals together.

After the lady put on a pair of spectacles and briefly shined a small flashlight on each opal, she took off the spectacles and said, "Please hold on for a moment. I will inform my director immediately."

Li Du was treated differently this time around. The waiting area changed to a high-class lounge, where he was served a cup of aromatic coffee and a tray of fruit.

Li Du initially thought the service of the jewelry shop was excellent. In the end, he realized all the food and beverages provided were meant for killing time as he really had to wait quite a while.

The lobby leader returned with an apologetic smile and told him to wait a little longer as their director was still attending to a few customers.

Li Du nodded, showing that he was fine with waiting. Nonetheless, he ended up waiting for 30 minutes.

He felt that something was amiss. After some consideration, he let out the little bug into the director's office next to him to check out the situation.

As he was carrying a few million dollars worth of gemstones, it was natural for him to be cautious.

There were four people speaking in the director's office, or more accurately, it was three people speaking against one. The person being spoken to was a black-haired, middle-aged man who wore a well-pressed suit, while the other three were different ages and dressed casually.

The middle-aged man wearing a suit was the director of the jewelry shop.He had a name tag on his chest introducing his identity, Director Roger Golden.

As the little bug has no sense of hearing, he was unable to hear what the people were saying. Despite that, he was able to see that Roger's face was weary while the other three were agitated.

After confirming that they were indeed having a meeting, Li Du recalled the little bug. He then rolled up his sleeves, picked up the coffee cup, and slowly drank the coffee.

When he rolled up his sleeves, the lobby leader, who was smiling next to him, suddenly became stunned for a moment.

However, she quickly came back to her senses. She smiled wider with more sincerity and said, "Mr. Li, please wait a moment. I will go and speak with my director again."

The wait was very short this time around. With the sound of footsteps and the gorgeous lobby leader leading the way, Li Du could see four people approaching the waiting room.

The director was very enthusiastic and extended a hand. "Hello, hello. Mr. Li, I am extremely sorry for making you wait so long."

Li Du shook his hand while smiling and said, "You are too kind."

After withdrawing his hand from the handshake, Li Du noticed that the other party was staring at his left hand.

With that, he thought to himself, What's so weird about my left hand? What's there that is worth the attention? It's only a watch, a Patek Philippe & Co's Trossi-Leggenda watch!

He had worn the watch ever since he had gotten it and for half a year, no one recognized the watch, let alone knew of its value.

Despite that, having just been at Harry Winston for less than an hour, the lobby leader was able to recognize it with one look. This was professionalism!

It was understandable as previously, Li Du mainly came in contact with treasure hunters and people of a lower social status. Moreover, his identity was also that of a treasure hunter hence, even if there was anyone who could recognize his watch, they would think that it was a counterfeit Patek Philippe & Co.

On the other hand, coming to Harry Winston while carrying a few million dollars worth of gemstones raised his social status. As such, when revealing his Patek Philippe & Co. watch, the other party would think that it was genuine.

Furthermore, Patek Philippe & Co.'s Trossi-Leggenda watch was very famous. Of course, all the top 10 watches in the world with such an exorbitant price were also very famous. As such, it was not strange for these people, who were experienced in the luxury goods industry, to be able to recognize the watch.

Roger invited him over to his office. While Roger was showing the way, he asked, "Leana said that you have a batch of gemstones that you wish to sell us. Is that so?"

Li Du replied, "Yes, a total of 58 pieces of fire opal, all weighing above 50 carats."

Roger's eyebrows twitched, a clear indication that the conversation startled him.

Nonetheless, he would have to be experienced to be able to achieve such a high position at Harry Winston. Consequently, he was not too startled and inquired, "May I have a look?"

With another wave of Li Du's hand, Godzilla and Big Quinn opened the case they were carrying and in front of everyone, revealed 58 pieces of fire opal.

Seeing the gemstones, Roger did not say a word. A Caucasian man, who was in his 60s, said in amazement, "Ah, so many fire opals. It is indeed such an eye-opener!"