Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Good Morning, Las Vegas

Of course, he still had another way of earning money, which was treasure hunting at storage units.

After leaving Harry Winston and returning to the hotel, he continued to rest in preparation for checking storage units the next day.

On the morning of the second day, he walked out the door, full of energy, before seeing Godzilla waiting outside.

"Hey, mate. The fire opals were already sold off. You don't need to guard the door anymore," Li Du teased.

Godzilla handed him a piece of paper and said, "Boss, Fox says he won't be going to the storage unit company."

Li Du had already anticipated this as Hans would have definitely wandered around Las Vegas all night.

He took the piece of paper and looked at it. On it was the rundown of the situation of the storage unit auction, including the number of units on auction. The number gave him a shock as there were 145 storage units!

Among the previous auctions he had participated in, having 14 or 15 storage units was already considered a large scale auction. Yet, the amount for this auction was 10 times higher!

While pinching the bridge of his nose, Li Du said, "Godzilla, my friend, this is going to be an uphill battle."

Godzilla clenched his fist. "Doesn't matter whatwe will overcome it!"

Li Du bumped fists with him and said, "Yeah, you're right. We will overcome it. Let's go. Call Big Quinn for breakfast."

"Big Quinn went to rent a car."

Li Du nodded. The two subordinates were great. Godzilla was loyal while Big Quinn was meticulous. As such, he was willing to spend large amounts of money on them.

When they reached the lobby, two tall Asian ladies with exquisite makeup took notice of him and stopped him in his tracks.

"Excuse me?" Li Du looked at them curiously.

A lady with a cone-shaped face and thick eyebrows said in a pitiful manner, "Hello, sir. Are you Chinese?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, what's the matter? Is there anything you guys need help with?"

The lady was delighted. "We are, too. My sister and I are also Chinese. The thing is, we would like to go to the casino on the lower level to have fun. However, we are not yet 21 years old . . ."

According to America's law, anyone under the age of 21 was not allowed to enter a casino. If anyone under 21 was caught entering, the casino would be closed down as a form of severe punishment.

Therefore, every casino checked their customers' age. Furthermore, known as the honor among thieves, there was an unwritten rule among casinos that no harm was to come to children.

Nonetheless, there would always be loopholes in the law. Even though by law, anyone under 21 was not allowed to enter a casino, many casinos had a large lobby reserved for people to relax in.

Although this area belonged to the casino's boss, there was no gambling equipment inside. As such, it was not considered a part of the casino and people who were under 21 could stay in the area and observe the gambling activities in their surroundings.

Consequently, many tourists who brought their children along on vacation in Las Vegas would bring them to such places for a tour. Not only was it lawful, it was also an eye-opener.

After hearing the lady's words, Li Du smiled and said, "You guys want to go to the casino on the lower level to have a look, right?"

Both ladies nodded in excitement. The other lady replied, "Yes. We need someone to bring us in. Could you help us, handsome? We will repay you after."

Li Du looked at both of them with interest and inquired, "Repay me? Repay me in what way?"

The lady gave him a shy glance and whispered, "Whatever you want, we will listen to you."

Li Du asked, "Listen to me, really?"

"Mmhm." Both ladies nodded simultaneously. The blend of youthful childishness and sexy, gorgeous style made it hard for any man to resist.

Li Du beckoned with his hand for them to come closer before speaking in a low voice, "I would like for you guys to go home to your parents' side and stay there obediently. Las Vegas is about to become a war zone. If you continue to stay at these kinds of places, be careful of getting caught in the crossfire!"

Both ladies were all of a sudden dumbfounded.

Big Quinn was waiting at the main entrance. He went forward to welcome them after seeing them come out of the hotel and seeing Li Du waving to him. Big Quinn said, "Boss, the car's outside. When are we going?"

Noticing the fierce looking Big Quinn and the full of vigor Godzilla, both of the ladies trembled. They quietly held each other's hands and ran into the elevator.

After waiting for them to leave, Li Du snapped his fingers. "No hurry. Let's go eat breakfast first."

With 145 storage units, the battle today was going to be a tough one. As such, he would naturally want to enjoy a good breakfast.

Tourists' first impression of Las Vegas was that of a gambling city, whereas Americans' first impression of it was a capital of entertainment and food. The annual Vegas Uncork'd was the best proof Las Vegas was a food capital.

Due to the Vegas Uncork'd event as well as a large number of tourists and their huge spending power, Las Vegas attracted many top chefs from around the world. As such, the whole city turned into a high-class food paradise.

As Li Du had awakened early, it was currently only 6 A.M.

For a 24-hour, non-stop entertainment city that never sleeps, there was another side to it at this hour, with the plentiful breakfast being the best part.

Li Du went to a very famous restaurant called Rivea by Alain Ducasse. It was the breakfast restaurant Hans has booked for him the night before.

The restaurant was located on the top floor of Las Vegas's Delano Hotel and had huge floor to ceiling windows which provided an amazing 180 degree plus view. The restaurant specialized in dishes that blended both French and Italian flavors.

When Li Du and the other two entered the hotel, someone verified their identity and phone number used for the booking before inviting them to ride the elevator to the top floor.

Even though Las Vegas was a city that never sleeps, most people had too much fun the night before and hence, there were not many people who woke up this early for breakfast. There were a lot of empty tables in the restaurant for Li Du to freely choose from.

As he did not have a phobia of heights, he chose a table next to the window. If he were to look down, he could see in one glance the gorgeous view of the Las Vegas skyline along with half the city.

The restaurant belonged to the world renown chef, Alain Ducasse. It was advertised that amid the rich American-style feast, the customers' palates would be awakened by the fresh flavor of the sun-baked Mediterranean sea.

Li Du ordered five pieces of the restaurant's specialty, smoked salmon pizza. The dish was one of the most sought after in Las Vegas. It was an absolute delight with its crispy baked pizza crust, coupled with rich smoked salmon and caviar.

Hearing the number he ordered, the waiter thought he had heard wrongly and blurted out, "Five pieces?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, five pieces."

"Each piece of our pizza is 13 inches. Will you need me to pack those up for you?" The waiter asked him thoughtfully. The waiter meant that they would not be able to finish those pieces.

Li Du laughed. With the two big eaters, Godzilla and Big Quinn, would they still need to go boxes?

Besides pizzas, he also ordered Mediterranean mutton with roasted pepper, large beef steaks with sauce, a whole roasted goose and bread with stewed foie gras.

Las Vegas was a place where money was squandered. The breakfast alone, main dishes only, cost more than 600 dollars, with the drinks not yet included.

However, the drinks were free of charge as the restaurant gave out free coffee, fruit juices and other similar beverages to each person who spent at least 200 dollars on their meal. This was done to encourage people to spend more.